The Tragic Real Life Story Of Beth From Dog The Bounty Hunter

Beth Chapman, the former star of A&E’s Dog
the Bounty Hunter, has experienced her fair share of ups and downs throughout the years. But her story took a life-threatening turn
in 2017 when she was diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer. This is her tragic real-life story. “So the news was bad, and the guy just sort
of blurted out, it’s cancer” Beth’s fight for her life began in September
2017, after she was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer. She wrote in a letter to friends, Vowing to fight the disease “like hell,” Beth
put up a strong front. But in November 2018, the cancer returned
after a period of remission. Duane admitted to The Blast that Beth was
not doing well after emergency surgery, a heartbreaking update given how hard she’d
been fighting. Beth made the decision in December 2018 to
return to her home state of Colorado. Duane told Us Weekly, “I’m gonna come back from this. And if not, then I want my children to be
able to see what a fight their mother put up” We’re wishing Beth the best in her recovery. Amid Beth’s cancer battle, she filmed a special
for A&E titled, Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives. On the show, when Beth asked Duane’s daughter,
Lyssa, to spend time with her in L.A. while she recovered from a surgery, and Lyssa couldn’t
make it, Beth told her oldest daughter, Cecily, “A family member in this family was in need,
right, and some true colors came out.” What probably made matters worse was that
Lyssa took to Instagram to vent about the matter after receiving backlash from fans. She commented: “I feel a little bit bitter about the older
kids not coming.” “But I do expect them to be there for their
father when he’s going through a very rough time.” No matter whose side you’re on, many of us
can probably agree that no one should have to deal with drama while battling a life-threatening
disease. Before Beth found love with Duane, she was
married to Keith A. Barmore. The exes share a daughter named Cecily. And although Beth hasn’t said much about Barmore
on the show, she might have revealed a troubling allegation about his life via Twitter in 2015. She wrote to a fan, Adding to the plot, Duane, who was childhood
friends with Barmore, talked about his pal’s addiction in his book, You Can Run but You
Can’t Hide. He wrote, If Duane’s claims are true, it sounds like
Beth escaped a dangerous situation. Things took a particularly scary turn in 2012,
after Beth and her family received death threats via email from an unidentified perpetrator. According to Radar Online, the emails were
explicit in nature, with one letter to Duane reading: Even worse, a few messages alluded to harming
the couple’s then young children. Beth, who isn’t typically unnerved by threats,
given her bounty hunter background, admitted on Today, “Yeah, you know over a 30 year career, ya
know, I’ve seen a lot of threatening messages, and things that are disturbing, but this really
sent a chill down my spine” Beth and Duane handed the emails over to the
FBI, and revealed in a family statement, via E! News, Losing a parent is never easy. And Beth suffered the loss of her beloved
dad, Garry Smith, in 2006 when he was 68, according to The New York Post. Smith’s death occurred only two months before
Beth and Duane’s 2006 wedding. Beth used to do everything with her dad, giving
him the title of “best friend” in a 2016 Facebook post. She wrote,

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  1. That WAS your mother! She needed you and you chose to put your business above your mother! SHAME ON YOU!

  2. I would like to say first, "My condolences to the Chapman family." Your loss is greatly felt. Six years ago my daughter lost her husband to Sarcoma. Leaving behind two ten year olds, a 4 year old and a 3 year old. My daughter became a single mom. It's been a struggle both emotionally and financially. Something I've been doing for 28 years. When he was diagnosed, I knew the end was near. Having a close relationship with him I wanted him to record a message for his family. Especially the kids. We discussed what we were going to talk about. He was a little shy type. He was afraid they would forget him and how much he was hurting inside. Not being there for them. I made him a promise that I won't let them forget. Till this day, as young as they were, they remember. Three days before we were going to record, he was put in an emergency induced coma. The tumor near his heart grew fast. It was a matter of time. That was the last time we spoke!! Anyone who has walked in these shoes knows the emotional pain. We all deal with it differently. I wouldn't cry in front of my kids or my grandkids. They asked me why, I said to them that if I start, I wouldn't be able to stop. I needed to be there for them. Behind closed doors, the flood gates open to this day!! So if you know someone going through this, a loss of a loved one, just let them know they're not alone. There will be good days and bad days for everyone. Just never forget the life they lived! Who they were. The best remedy are the memories!!

  3. They will live together eternally in the future. It gives me peace to know that both Dog and Beth gave their lives and souls to Jesus Christ. God Bless her soul and wishing Dog ? and praying for his peace.

  4. I have loved ,lost my mom,dad and fiance please know she is right there in your soul and it truly takes time you ❤️? have a amazing family,I love you and Beth , please keep your positive memories close ,takes time and I loved your show she is a your ?

  5. ⦁ When I first found that she had cancer I explained, rate here on YouTube that. If your makeup beauty supplies cosmetics clothing are not organic biodegradable then the leach into the skin pores get absorbed into the bloodstream overworking the right left kidney liver stressing out all the body's organs disrupting hindering the body's ability to be able to adjust adapt respond and recover. I also mentioned high sources of nutrition that would strengthen the blood teeth eyes hair and nails bones tendons ligaments muscles overall skeleton structure at the same time boosting detoxifying the liver which is the primary organ that helps the body cleanse itself from any harmful toxins. Think about this for most of the average person's life there bone structure is breaking down deteriorating that takes a lot of energy for the body to manage deal with just to stabilize. With the high sources of nutrition I mentioned one would be strengthening rejuvenating replenishing the overall skeleton structure allowing all that excess energy that went into stabilizing to be freed up for other functionalities within the body such as adjust adapt respond recover. When the doctor said the cancer was completely removed the started celebrating prematurely I mentioned this. For once a person has cancer their body is much more prone to having it reoccur. In layman's terms the best cure for any illness disease sickness is prevention. And that starts with clean air water high sources of nutrition fitness. Sad to say icing dog smoking cigarettes inside the house around his children. Secondhand smoke is extremely bad for when a person exhales they are exhaling depleted oxygen plus smoke. Equally as sickening everybody has a particular hair within their throat that helps the body filter air. Cigarette smoke kills these hairs and they will never grow back after the age of eight. one major thing that is truly upsetting to me! If 1 billion women are using makeup beauty supplies cosmetics that are made to the lowest standards of quality which are dangerous chemicals poisonous substances that never change their killing composition on a daily basis how many millions of tons of this poisonous toxic sludge do we have to manufacture mass produced to meet that supply and demand. As you know we don't use 100% of anything especially here in America! So where does all that excess poisonous toxic waste and up inner rivers lakes streams oceans burnt off into our airways atmosphere as a poisonous vapor back down onto our landscapes. There is nothing godly about promoting that type of outdated inferior man-made death.

  6. Love you Beautiful Angel your with so many more Angels one my mother she Loved You ? I Lost Her In November! Miss Her Dearly As I know your family missing you ?

  7. Why I don't like lisa..She should been there. Beth was there when she almost lost her oldest. Why dog don't follow her on IG. To me she had no right to talk on news after she passed. She chose to stay home. When parent has cancer the whole family has it. To call her mom on that interview after she died. Really? I never left my mom side. My dad had throat cancer also. I was there while time until end.

  8. Its BS the older kids actin like that. How can they sleep at night knowing she needed them n they didn't care …

  9. Beth May you be bounty hunting with the angels ? in heaven always in our minds and prays you were a great human being

  10. AS SOON AS we found out my mother in law had cancer we were there. My husband still ADIRES his mother even after death. Years later he still can't move too far away fron her in thoughts. Lisa words just showed she isnt as close as people thought

  11. Does it surprise anyone that Leeds flaked on her Dad and Beth? That girl changes men like socks, changes her clothes instead of changing the world like the 2 of them did. Leeds doesn't have that legacy drive in her like Leland. Bye Felicia.

  12. Having heard that Beth Chapman died in the Am in Hawaii made me cry because of hearing about the sad news I miss Beth Chapman Duane chapman so sorry for your loss of Beth Chapman Duane chapman I feel sad for your Family and friends and Fans who care about you You have to hang in there and I miss Beth Chapman Duane chapman hang in there for your Family and friends and Fans who care about you

  13. Oh yeah!!
    You have a job and kids!!?
    Couldn’t you put that on hold,your mother was dying she needed you..
    But karma is going to be knocking on your door some day (SOON)!
    And again R.I.P..Mrs.Bounty.???


  15. Beth your a light beyond all beacons… an inspiration so many ways! God picks the truest angels! Losing my babies father as she was only three is not easy! My heart breaks for all the ohana & those who didn’t see u through this unfortunate unfair path! Love ? to you above Beth! Kiss ? my family in heaven ur amazing

  16. Awe man baby lyssa is something else!!! I'm still trying to catch up on all of this bc I don't really watch tv much anymore or stay up to date so I wasn't aware any of this was happenong. I heard something about her getting sick awhile back but had NO IDEA it was life threatening so I'm pretty shocked by whats happened. ANYWAYS I heard her and baby lyssa had patched up their relationship right before she died but never would have guessed in a million years it was all bc Beth needed her help but she didn't want to do it bc she didn't want Beth's cancer to effect her family life/home! I'm not believing that shit! Who does that?!?!?!?! HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT TO HELP/ASSIST YOUR MOTHER THAT'S DYING OF CANCER????? And what's even more sickening is she's going around getting sympathy of others while acting like she actually cared for Beth in the first place! Why come out now and pretend you care after she's gone?! I honestly can't put into words how terrible it is to turn your back on your dying mother when she needed you the most!! And the fact that she even had to ASK her for help is mind blowing!! It takes a REALLY fked up person to do some shit like that then turn around after they're gone and act like you even cared to begin with …..that has my blood boiling!!! SERIOUSLY!!

  17. If ur mum needed u u would drop everything like if my mum was very ill sod my own life and sod my job I would go to her right away

  18. Rest in peace sweet sweet lady. You will always be remembered being such a beautiful caring woman. Alright people now what Lisa did when it's not right but I know that Beth would not be happy with the things you are saying. So people please stop bashing Lisa she is having a hard enough time and we'll have to live with her decision for the rest of her life. She doesn't need those people who are bashing her. Was this the kind of thing that makes some people commit suicide. Just think how you would feel if she did because of your words. God bless you dog and the whole family my prayers are with you.

  19. Rip Beth! Now her daughter feels bad because she was not there for her mom and now she is gone and no excuses !!Sad story

  20. Well nicki swift how fake are you like you care who are you money vampire capitalizing off sex slaves and devil worshipping celebrities stars ) you no different then they are giving your opinion as if it's facts this what the modern ages become how pathetic ) get your life together you have a past yourself) repent of your sins in Jesus name

  21. OK….MY OPINION BUT I AM SURE MOST WILL AGREE………………………therefore…………I am as I am sure most are, sicken by how Beth's older children /step children simply didn't have "time" to be with her ailing mother while in hospital. I was simply in shock, to put it mildly , when i had heard and viewed in a video i watched, that Lisa,,Dog's daughter, Beth's step daughter refused/did NOT have time to spend time with Beth ,while fighting cancer in hospital….What the FUCK!!!…Beth asked that Lisa spend time with her while in hospital & while in Los Angles and apparently Lisa simply did not have "time" ..Guess much to busy for anyone but herself!…Disgusted and in my opinion BETRAYED!..Now once Beth passed away……! am sure Lisa had time for the reading of the will and if there was any money for her…… and I am sure she was, in my opinion first in line at the lawyers office for the reading of the will.!…LETS FACE IT PEOPLE…….when there is the "almighty dollar" involved scavengers come out of their nests to see what can be devoured by their greed!…I am disgusted and I am sure more than not, Dog feels the same way!…Beth….This is to you…GOD BLESS YOU AND NOW YOU WALK WITH CHRIST ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN …YOU ARE NOW IN PEACE!…Sam July 18,2019

  22. There is no way I would want my kid to ruin his or her life if I'm dying. They would still have to go on after I'm gone. There's a possibility Lisa could've lost her business if she had left. That's just my opinion.

  23. Arrogance is nothing against cancer. I hated the dog the bounty hunter program portraying arrogance and bad ass wannabes.
    Hunted and hunter got one thing for sure….☠️

  24. I've lost several family members. Not once did I refuse to come when asked. Lisa your selfishness is uncalled for. You need to grow up and act like an adult instead of a child. Horrible behavior. The rest of Beth's family your in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.

  25. She was a strong women, a fighter to the end, she loved her kids and the Dog. (her husband) with all her heart

  26. She was an amazing lady and to do the job that she did with so much compassion. God bless that family. She will be missed.

  27. Family is fucked up …they come out when those are hurting..never to help…trogen horse dogggg..keep ur head up homie

  28. So when she wasn't feeling well she went to "hunt…she hunted and caught bad guys!" Cameras then pan to Black men!"smdh

  29. What did Dog to his skin?! His chest looks like fried baloney and his face! It's a wonder he doesn't have melanoma.

  30. So many people losing thier lives to horrible cancer. I know that Beth would have been there for Lisa if Lisa had cancer or were sick. I am thankful that Cecily was always there for Beth. I think that it was sad , . Beth was so brave and worried about trying to comfort and prepare Dog and the family. Beth fought a good battle. I hate cancer and pray to God that there will be a cure for cancer someday. Many people believe that it exists in some countries. If so, I wish that someone would find it and bring it to the USA.

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