The Top 3 People Foods Poisonous To Dogs

There is a decent sized list of foods that
we eat everyday that are really poisonous to dogs. Today, I’m going
to be talking about the three that put more dogs into the hospital
than any others. Let’s go! [Music]>>Meg: And now, the vet who listens when
you tell him to get down off the couch!>>Meg: Dr. Andy Roark! So what should we avoid feeding to dogs?>>Meg: Witches!>>Stephen: Very small rocks!>>Meg: A duck!>>Stephen: A newt! Please don’t feed your dog any of those things!
Still, they are not the most common causes of disaster. Let’s look at the top
three you should avoid. Chocolate! There is some confusion about this
because we’ve all seen dogs get into a little bit of chocolate, and then be totally
fine. How and why is chocolate so bad? Chocolate has two ingredients that make it
bad for dogs. Caffeine, and theobromine. These compounds
can cause…>>Stephen: But if you mix ’em with vodka,
then you got a party. So why do some dogs seem fine when they eat
chocolate? Well, some dogs are more sensitive than others, and not all chocolate is created equal, as
many of us may have learned when our boyfriends bought us gas station chocolate
for Valentine’s Day.>>Meg: That was told to you in confidence! Different types of chocolates have different
amounts of these compounds. The general rule is, the darker the chocolate,
the worse it is for dogs. Semi-sweet chocolate is particularly bad,
and baking chocolate is the worst. So what do we do if our dog eats chocolate?>>Stephen: Reverse mouth-to-mouth! If it’s been less than two hours, we can make
them vomit, and try to get as much back out as possible. Beyond that, we’re probably
going to want to hospitalize them and provide supportive care and treat symptoms
as they occur. Xylitol is number two on our most common list,
and most people don’t have any idea what the heck this stuff is. Xylitol is a
natural, sugar-free sweetener that is in all kinds of products, and is growing in its
use. Some of the products you’ll find it in include… Like Chris Pratt, this stuff is everywhere
right now. Here’s some scary news. It doesn’t take much
of this stuff to do very, very bad things to dogs. For example, a 20lb dog
that eats one gram of Xylitol will have life-threatening low bloodsugar 10-15 minutes
later. After the low bloodsugar part, if the doses
are higher, we’ll get death of the liver and liver failure. This stuff is terrifying. Like that movie
Tremors. Here are the signs of Xylitol poisioning… They’re also the signs you might have accidentally
adopted Keith Richards. If you’re seeing these signs, you might be
almost out of time. Don’t mess around with anything at home. Get
to the vet right away. Who knows what condition grapes, and their
dried relatives, cause in dogs?>>Meg: Acute kidney failure.>>Stephen: There’s nothing CUTE about it. Seriously, pet kidneys can be severely and
permanently damaged by grapes and raisins, and we don’t know why.>>Stephen: It does no good to WHIIIINE about
it. Get it, WINE? HAHAHA… We have figured out that toxicity doesn’t
seem to be associated with the type of grape, whether it was organic
or not, whether it was sprayed with pesticides or not, whether it was home grown or from a farm,
or any of these sorts of things. As best we can tell, the toxicity comes from
something inside the grape itself.>>Meg: Why is a grape so angry? Is it a GRAPE
OF WRATH? That’s it. No more puns.>>Stephen: Ahhh…you’ll be VINE. Ooooh…NO MORE PUNS! We also don’t know how much needs to be eaten
to cause a problem. We think that raisins are more toxic than
grapes, but everything really seems to be widely different between individual
pets.>>Meg: So it varies GRAPELY? Signs of grape or raisin poisioning are really
non-specific. Often, the first sign that pet owners see is vomit with pieces of grapes
or raisins in it. Signs of severe kidney disease don’t show
up until one to even three days after grapes or raisins were eaten. And by that
point, the damage is already done. This is the worst part of the poison. The
worst part of the band Poison was Bret Michaels. This lag time unfortunately leads to a lot
of people regretting not doing more back when they had the chance. Just like with chocolate, if we can make the dog vomit in the first two hours, we might be able to do some real good. Beyond
that, it’s supportive care in the vet clinic to keep those kidneys as healthy and happy
as possible.>>Meg: Yeah, those vet clinics are really
RAISIN the standard of care. Get out. Thank you for watching! As always, please
help me to help pets, by subscribing to this channel, and sharing
the word about the Cone of Shame. If you have topics you’d like to see me cover,
I’d love to help you out! Just leave them in the comments section and
I’ll do my best. And until next time, let’s be the people our pets deserve. [Music]

10 thoughts on “The Top 3 People Foods Poisonous To Dogs

  1. Dr Roark is doing such a great service to pet owners with these videos!! People need to watch, listen and follow his advice.  Plus, I really like the Monty Python reference.

  2. Fish Oils?  Fish Oil saved my dog from lameness!  Now I am SO worried about continuing this health supplement!  He was nearly lame on one of his back legs, we put him on chondro something and he rebounded for another year and while we were 'shopping' surgery prices a vet of our neighbors suggested we try Fish Oil and it brought him back completely and he walks on the let just fine!  WTH?  

  3. LOVE IT! 😀
    Been seeing an increase in chocolate calls lately… and it's not even easter yet :/ 
    I didn't realize some fish oils had xylitol in them. Yikes. 

  4. Hey Andy, I know this is an older episode but I wanted to tell you that your closed-captioning is really, really good. I know what it takes to do that as we trained instructors on how to caption their videos for classes. Great job and great topic.. minus the puns…Grape Job!!

  5. Pleeeease help… I read from a valid website that it isn't necessary to give your dog heartworm medication. It's an industry ripoff & the side effects can be deadly. The best way is preventing mosquito bites in the first place like a light spraying your dogs coat with home made lemon spray. Anyway, my vet makes me feel ultra guilty & that I don't truely love my pet if I don't give her heart guard meds ( especially if it's from their facility). I really need closure in this issue.

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