"The Tiger Next Door" (tiger documentary) – a film about private ownership of wild animals

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27 thoughts on “"The Tiger Next Door" (tiger documentary) – a film about private ownership of wild animals

  1. Tigers owners attempting to put 5 tigers cages in our residential neighborhood – horse barn within 200 feet and 4 kids on the east line. Tigers are what they are and to be so misguided into thinking these predators couldn't be instinctual at any moment is irresponsible and well, stupid. If you have two minutes, please send an email voicing your opinion.This is predator vs. prey issue, not a check off the box permit issuance. Thank you. Email should be sent to: [email protected]

  2. @DogsneedpIeasuretoo I can tell. I know quite a bit so maybe you should educfate yourself. Both of those people owned tigers and they were neglected and they have quite a bit of money.
    If we weren't breeding these animals to be sold as pets we would not have this problem.

  3. @Fleefles Paris Hilton and Mike Tyson have money but they couldn't (or wouldn't) take care of their tigers.

  4. @Weloveanimals4565 I saw the shortened version. If you have netflix you can rent the full one. I wrote my thesis on "US Legislature on Endangered Species as Exotic Pets". It was very interesting and appalling but since I have written it there have been a lot of changes made in the laws. (Not thanks to me, I mean thanks to current events, I wrote that thesis paper just a couple of years after the Harlem Tiger).
    Plus this guy is just one example of many people across the country.

  5. @DogsneedpIeasuretoo "People are" not "people is". Most drug dealers are not people just trying to make ends meet some are in facf I suspect the man in documentary did it out of desperation to feed his tigers but most are scum who don't care about anyone but themselves.
    Also you must be on drugs if you think that there are any tigers in captivity because the mom died in the wild.
    I support ethical zoos but not private ownership with tigers as pets. Look at Mike Tyson and Paris Hilton.

  6. @DogsneedpIeasuretoo Learn grammar.
    Is it fair to be breeding these animals and selling them for money? Is it fair to take an wild animal (a tiger is never tame!) and try to make it go against it's nature and instinct?
    There are tiger mills the same way there are puppy mills! Most of these breeders are former drug dealers who go into because it's just as much money and less legal problems!

  7. @Medusa0999
    The only solution is an outright ban. Big cats are not only a danger to their owners, but to their neighbors and family as well. There's such an overpopulation of tigers in the US that the rescues are full, leaving most of these creatures to face death either by a needle, by the cops or a canned hunt.

  8. @4unanu
    The wild population might be around 5,000, but that's dwarfed by the figures held in captivity by zoos and private owners. In the US alone, the estimates are around 15,000 tigers. They don't have much of a life though and cannot be introduced to wild populations because they're hybrid tigers. Hybrid tigers are useless for conservation efforts, and are referred to as "generic tigers."

    "Generic tigers" are the ones that wind up in rescues (if luck) or are sold for "canned hunts."

  9. @lemurdue Actually the world pop. of tigers is 5,000(year 2006) down to 3,200(year 2010).
    First of all lets tackle the concept of "white Tigers". They are inbred, meaning brother with sister. The first white tiger was found in india. She was bred with a normal tiger. When she had her first cubs they had a regular coat. So, these sick people bred one of the male cubs with its mother and long behold, white cubs were born.

    Tigers kill humans. They do so when humans interfere

  10. @Fleefles
    BS argument. You cannot compare dogs to tigers because there are over 70 million dogs in America and just around 15,000 tigers. It's not the killing of people that's the problem, more often, it's the tiger themselves that are killed, either by their owners or by authorities. The exotic pet lobby also doesn't bother to mention the sheer number of people injured by captive big cats.

    Also, the tigers bred in captivity are useless for conservation. They are mostly mixed tigers.

  11. My feelings ; I am not strictly against people owning exotic animals. However the authorities should check on the living conditions every number of weeks to make sure that the animal is happy, living conditions are good and no one is at risk. I also think they should check conditions before the owner gets or has just gotten the animal. If the animals are well looked after, happy and healthy i have no issue. However most aren't.

  12. Not all owners of exotic animals abuse them. If some person with money wants to turn their property into a tiger enclosure, why not let them? More people are killed and maimed by German Shepherds every year than exotic pets. There are more tigers in the hands of private citizens than there are tigers in the wild. The continual assault against private tiger ownership and tiger farms by AR groups is going to make them extinct.

  13. The way I see it, if you have to chain and animal up and lock it up in a cage because it would rip you to shreads if it was loose, then you shouldn't even have it anyways. Keep them in the wild.

  14. Disgraceful. Treats them "like his own kids?" Would he sell his own children? What an idiot. Disgusting. Tigers and ALL WILD ANIMALS belong in the WILD, not to be exploited and abused for profit. Shame on Dennis Hill.

  15. Until We Humans end our domination over animals and see them as the sentient individuals that they are. Nasty humans like this will always exist. They are out there every where.

  16. That's very sad to hear. In the trailer it seems like he loves his cats but if he loved them he would be treating them better. Look at his disgusting, filthy house you see when they are feeding the cubs in one scene. That's no place for an animal or a human to live. He needs to be shut down. Thank you to The rescue group who takes his cats instead of euthenizing them.

  17. I live near this scum-sucker, he's a delusional meth-cook who is has repeatedly been imprisoned for cooking, selling and using meth. The state of Indiana repeatedly removes his cats due to abuse and inhumane conditions. The Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point IN has dozens of his former cats – one of which this man had so severely inbred, her retinas were not attached and she is totally blind! He should be in prison for this travesty, not still allowed to have cats!

  18. An excellent documentary and very well done. It made me see things that I hadn't given very much thought to. It not only brought things to mind…it made me stop and think. Hats off to alll involved with this film.

  19. A very well done documentary about the captive tiger in the US. It lets you see inside the exotic owner world and lets you form your own opinion.

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