The Three Rs and Animal Use in Science: join the MOOC!

Can we do science without using animals?
This is the question we would like you to bring to the classroom.
This topic is not only about animal welfare or biology. it’s also about our
challenge to undertake reliable ethical and sustainable science. in this course
you will find out that this real-world challenge is perfect for a critical
thinking lesson in your science statistics philosophy ethics or
citizenship class. Many substances are tested on animals before they can be
used by humans. But animal use can be costly and the results may not be
predictive of the situation in humans. It can be effective in animals but not in
humans or vice versa. Using animals for research also raises ethical questions
and the use of animals can be an emotional issue. In 2009 the European Union
banned animal use for cosmetics testing and since 2010 it has been committed to
implementing the three RS which involve the replacement
reduction and refinement of animal use in science and eventually developing
better and more reliable science using animal free methods. To achieve this goal
we need to engage with young people who are our scientists and critical thinkers
of the future. In this course you will discover the principles of the
3 R’s first introduced by scientists Russell and Burch in 1959. Replacement
means to replace animals with other methods wherever possible. Reduction can
involve optimizing research methods so that animal testing uses fewer animals.
And refinements can involve minimizing discomfort and suffering for lab animals
that still need to be used through for example pain relief better housing or
better handling. The 3 R’s MOOC will also showcase some of the promising new
technologies that can replace animal testing and provide you with ideas and
examples on how to explore the 3 R’s in your classroom. You will discover new
ways of enhancing your students critical thinking skills and develop their
science literacy. If you would like to help your students
discover a new STEM career, explore scientific innovations for animal free
alternatives, learn how to identify fake news or bad science, conduct research
collect data and draw graphs and develop debating skills, then join us on the
3r’s MOOC the course will launch 13th of January see you then

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