The Thorn Birds Scenes – 55. Ralph dies

My Meggie. I knew you’d forgive me. I knew. All your life… I’ve watched you
wage your battles against God. Yet you were always closer
to his desires for us than I. In the end… you’ve always been able to love. For all you’ve lost… you’ve never lost that. Somewhere in me… I must have known from the first
that Dane was mine. But I didn’t want to know. I wanted to be Cardinal de Bricassart… more than I wanted our son. More than I wanted you. Of all the wrong I’ve done… the worst is that I never made a choice… for love. Half given to you, half given to God… but really given to my own ambition. I knew it… and I did it anyway.
I told myself it was meant to be. Long ago… I told you a story, a legend about a bird… that sings only when it dies. The bird with the thorn in its breast. You said it pays its life for that one song. But the whole world stills to listen. And God in his Heaven smiles. Driven to the thorn, with no knowledge
of the dying to come. But when we… When we press the thorn to our breast… we know… we understand… and still we do it. Still… we do it.

100 thoughts on “The Thorn Birds Scenes – 55. Ralph dies

  1. Mein Leben…. man sollte nie jemanden verschweigen was man für ihn fühlt sondern man sollte es leben denn irgendwann ist es zu spät ich habe die dornenvögel geliebt heute weiß ich warum

  2. Я в шоке,в ужасе была..это мало сказать..Главный герой,актер Чимберлен ,был педик..все фильм не смотрю..хотя и книгу читала и фильм несколько раз смотрела.как отрыгнуло от фильма.фу,мерзость

  3. This movie teaches that you have to make a choice in this movie he didn't have the courage to choose love above all his ambitions were stronger but at the end gain nothing but useless pain.

  4. Bellissima storia d'amore. Richard e Rachel superbi!!!!!! E della colonna sonora ne vogliamo parlare? Non mi ricordo e credo non ci sarà mai una serie televisiva più toccante di questa. Quando la guardo mi metto sempre a piangere a dirotto!!!Quanti bei ricordi.

  5. Esta hermosa serie !!! La recordaré por siempre ….!!!Una historia de amor única ….y colmada de sufrimiento y pérdidas como toda gran historia de amor …!!!?

  6. I still remember watching this as a teenager, in northeastern Italy…..even if I was a boy, I used to like sitting in the living with my family and enjoy this. It was (is) a sad story. And the music is wonderful, so touching….

  7. Una istoria bellissima di più belle del mondo ,mi sto facendo male ogni volta quando l'ho vedo!!L'amore tra di loro sara sempre Una istoria d'amore eterna!!⚘???

  8. Oh!!! I have seen this movie when I was a little girl, but when I know what love is ? I can feel such a beautiful and intense love❤️Maggie has loved Ralph so deeply, the couple act so well !!! Thanks for sharing this video.I loved this Film so much ❤️?

  9. Richard was 49 when he made this movie. He looked 20 years younger. He is in his 80's now and he still looks amazing. He is such a masterful actor and such a genuine soul. I wii love him forever

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  11. The best miniserie, I bought the movie cause I can’t stop watching this movie, I’m obsessed with father Ralph and Maggie. What a love story. I cry and cry watching this movie I just finished watching last night. I have the movie with me for ever❤️❤️❤️❤️?????

  12. Even though he died… I think Meggie found some peace once he was gone. You can see it on her face, a strange sense of contentment even though she had just buried her son and then lost her soul mate and love of her life… she’s free. Call it closure or whatever you prefer but I just know there would have been no more suffering for Meggie after this moment. She had her mother and her daughter, she had previously had Dane and Ralph was always in her heart. I’m 29 now but I first watched The Thorn Birds when I was 11 years old. Quite a strange age for someone to fall in love with this story but I did. I fell in love with Ralph and Meggie’s story before I even knew what love was and if I’m being honest… I still don’t, not properly. I despair with my own generation and it saddens me to know that the chances of me ever experiencing true love like this are pretty close to impossible, simply because of the type of people my generation consists of. It’s not hopeful.
    The Thorn Birds was my childhood, which is somewhat ironic because I wasn’t even alive when the series was first made and yet… I still loved it, I got swept up in this fictional world and for years it was my escape. I remember one of the first times I watched this final scene, the chills it gave me and how it moved my soul to the point where I couldn’t even begin to find the words to explain.
    I’ll never forget The Thorn Birds and will always keep on hoping that I will someday find my very own Ralph.

  13. 5:32 This moment is one of the most touching ones ever. Jesus he was such a bleeding gilt. I could have hit him with a wooden board. 1d1ot. What's a Cardinal anyway? A bishop called to Rome as Ambassador and/or Advisor to the Pope. A bunch of cold-blooded hounds running the world and giving even the Pope a hard time. How I know? My own father had been one. Yes. And as for Ralph: This arrogant git doesn't even realise at the end of his life that he even now doesn't get what he as a Cardinal should have known, and as a priest and bishop should have spread and taught: to forgive himself. That is one of the highest goals you can achieve but he still doesn't.

  14. If he chased me on the beach ,I wouldn't have run so fast ,the most romantic series ever ,loved him since I was a child ,and he was Dr Kildare ,guess I missed my chance, Shirley h Darlington england ?

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  16. This and the Winds of War. When people nowadays ask me what was so great about miniseries in the '80's, these are the two I point to.

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  18. Shittiest mini series.didnt even look like australia.
    Changed the book.
    Richard Chamberlain was not at all suited to the role.too old .not handsome enough
    It was about power .power of the men .power of the Catholic church, run by men.the powerlessness of woman .he had his cake and he ate it too.
    He loved power more than meg .
    Tim was a far better written book .

  19. Oh my god….I have loved Richard chamberlain since Dr. Kildare….especially when he fell in love with the beautiful surfer girl with epilepsy…he was just a sensitive real actor….I hope he had a good life and a happy one…luvXXXXXX


  21. I remember watching this great mini series years ago,they don't make them like that anymore. Evergreen wad another great one.

  22. Qué amor Yo vi la serie y me impactó drama tristeza amor emoción intriga es una película o una miniserie hermosa Richard Qué será de él jamás lo he vuelto a ver película pero se votó en ésta donde el amor triunfo con todo y sotana

  23. My mother and I used to watch this. I have dvd. She would make me say…poor Ralph….poor Cardinal deBricassart! Over and over. ?. She died in 2016. This is the first time I’ve been able to stand watching…….just now getting a grip.

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