The Thorn Birds Scenes – 33. Paradise Lost (love scene)

When Justine was born… You said I still saw you as a child… or a some ideal image. And it was true. How else could I fight you? To see you as you really are,
with a body that molds perfectly to mine… and a soul that lies open to me… would be to lose my soul. and now, you think you have lost it… just by being a man. What kind of God would shut men
out of Paradise for loving women? A God I still can’t give up for you. I know… I know. But now you’re here with me. And while you’re here, you’re mine. What will you do now? I have the house for two months. And then? – I’ll write to you from Rome.
– No. I don’t want letters. I may never see you again. – As punishment for this?
– My punishment… is never to be sure again… that I love God… more than you.

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  1. Очень хочу просмотреть весь фильм и желательно на русском языке! Помогите найти пожалуйста!

  2. The thorn birds is a fantastic programe. I have watched it many times and still love every bit of it. Richard was so good and Rachel was brilliant too. Its a programe which never seems to date. Xx

  3. He has an unresolved oedipal complex and why he cannot love a woman completely and runs to the church. he said he never wishes to remember his mother and why he joined the church….

  4. ''My punishment is never to be sure again that I love God more than you''-but you definitely love that red robe more than her..and you destroyed her life over your ambitions..

  5. Its not all Ralph's fault she got what she wanted and now she is blocking him out she should have told him about the baby to give him a choice like the other priest did

  6. The Thorn Birds was the best mini series ever made. A masterpiece. Still watch it on DVD and love it. This was a very sad scene always cry when I watch it. Richard Chamberlain was stunningly so handsome perfect for the role and Rachel Ward was amazing. They had great chemistry between them.

  7. I don’t think he loves god more than meggie, I think he thinks he does and he’s still battling with that so he leaves and goes to Rome, so dam sad that he can’t just choose meggie, he loves her

  8. I think also that he’s looking at staying with meggie as some sort of failure, that he chose meggieover god and he can’t choose that, he will always love meggie, when you love like that, it never dies

  9. The thorn birds was my mother and my aunt's favourite.My aunt watched it and returned to India.My mother came back after several months.My aunt wanted my mother to tell he the episodes she had missed .

  10. Perché non parlano in italiano io non capisco l'inglese però mi piacciono tutte le puntate di uccelli di rovo per favore le potete trasmettere in italiano grazie tante

  11. Este Padre acabou com a vida dela ganância pelo dinheiro. Ele nunca a amou.ela sofreu nas mãos dele.distruiu toda sua vida..coitada da Maggie..

  12. Im starting to think Thorn Birds is the best love story ever written. I read it every year and I cry like it's the first time! These two really did it Justice.

  13. There would probably be a lot less corruption in the Catholic Church… if Priests were allowed to marry..

  14. i love how he thinks he can go back to being a priest after everything, like you're not a priest at this point, so stop tormenting yourself and meggie by going back to the church.

  15. No dude, only actions show in the tangible way what a person really is. You took her for granted since she was 18/20. Words remain words, especially in some moments of intense passion, but the reality comes right after those moments, and you are always ready to run away. What a dangerous coward you are. Narcissists are lives destroyers and they always play the victims, just like you.

  16. It is hard to serve God and not have a woman to love. But most priest got it wrong. God said go and multiple.. God don't want anyone to be alone…

  17. I saw this being filled back in 1981 on Kei beach in Kauai, Hawaii!….they used to kick us off the beach to film…. wonderful memories!

  18. ?♥️fatelo vedere ancora in TV, e così struggente e bellissimo e un peccato che non si vede più, sono tantissimi anni che non va in onda, come Disperatamente Giulia un'altro capolavoro che non si è più visto, ?♥️

  19. This movie is a condemnation of Religion. I don't have a religion and I know nothing about religion. I agree and disagree celibacy. It is easy to commit one's life to a religion, in the old days, when life span is ~40 years. Nowadays, a person can live beyond 80 years old, this commitent is very difficult. We are human anyway. However, when priests take a vow to serve God and fellow human beings during war, plague, natural disasters, …. They cannot have a family when they are called upon to serve. The priest portaited in the movie is a very unfortunate man. The women who were in love with him were in different stages of his life. The breaking up of older man and younger woman relationship happens all the time. It is as painful as the forbidden love in this movie. For those who has a simple life is a blessing.

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    و این هم یکی از دهها سکانس زیبای این فیلم بود ??????❤???

  21. Ralph summed it up just before he died. Yes he loved God, he loved Meggie but he loved his ambition and status more. If he had to go back, what path would he have chosen? This scene tears at my heart each time, you can feel their pain of parting. Best best miniseries ever.

  22. 3:19 to 3:57:  I swear I can almost hear their thoughts.  "I never want to leave you.  Don't leave me.  I love you so much, but I have to leave.  I love you, but may never see you again.  I cannot look at you anymore because it's killing me."  Concluding with, when she grips his hand on her shoulder:  Don't leave me, stay with me, WE an be together forever.  BUT…I must go back to being what I've always been–a priest."

  23. When I get depressed & missing the ones who have gone on before me, I watch Thorn Birds. I cry a great deal for a day or so, then I feel better. Yes, this makes me cry & reminds me of the love I had/didn't have just like the Rachel character. And I cry the tears I always try to keep inside. May be a bit goofy, but it is what it is.

  24. If Maggie had said to me, while you are here you are mine, I would have been on the phone to The Vatican saying where do I turn in my uniform? Maggie was a beauty.

  25. I knew about “ The Thorn Birds” when I was a child. I knew that a movie version existed, but never watched it. My S/Os family invited me to go to the beach with them. I said yes. They had a book room where you could take what books you wanted home. The Thorn Birds was there. I remember reading it on the balcony in the mornings while waiting for my S/O to wake up. A few months later his father passed away. This book will forever be important now.

  26. Qdo eu vejo o filme Passaros Feridos eu me recordo do meu amor,qdo ele foi um padre e ele era 25 anos mais velho que eu e nós éramos amantes, e ele largou batina pq descobriram que nós nos encontrávamos na sacristia e eu era casada, marquesa de familia nobre e fomos descobertos. Eu fui excomungada da igreja, deserdada e fui proibida de ver meu filho, a ele. nada aconteceu, mas largou toda a carreira dele por mim.Saimos ds França e fomos pra Áustria que era o país dele. Tantos desencontros… mas ainda conseguimos ficar 2 anos juntos…foram os mais felizes da minha vida. Mas terminou muito triste…bem quem sabe um dia, contarei a ele o desfecho desta linda e verdadeira história e sei que ele acreditará em mim.

  27. I was 12 when I watched this for the first time. That scene had my face saturated with tears. I have always kept the movie and when I need a good cry, I watch it from start to finish. The later scene with Justine when Meggie comes to terms with how she has treated her throughout the years, their forgiveness scene is tear jerking too.

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