The Thorn Birds Scenes – 25. Meggie’s letter

– It’s been a long time, Father.
– Welcome home. Thank you, boys.
The place looks wonderful. We’ve had some rough phases.
But I think she’s coming up right along. – Fee.
– Hello, Ralph. I should be kissing your hand
now that you’re an archbishop. Fee, not you. How are you? You never tell me a thing
when you send me your financial reports. – Where’s Meggie?
– Still in Queensland. At least I guess she is. Haven’t heard a word since Christmas,
and that’s been six months. Queensland? Whatever is she doing there? They’re settling there, you know. Although we’re all wondering
if Luke will ever buy a place. Luke’s work takes him away
most of the time, I gather. So Meggie stays with some friends of his. Luke? Meggie’s husband. Ralph, you didn’t know Meggie married? Little Meggie? And no one told me? – Blimey, did she never write to you?
– Luke’s not Catholic, you see. Meggie wanted to tell you herself. You wanted her to marry. In fact, you’re quite good
at getting what you want, aren’t you? Mary Carson’s been dead, how long? And here you are, an archbishop already. What kind of man is this Luke ‘Neill… that he roams about and doesn’t even
make a home for Meggie? The ambitious kind.

72 thoughts on “The Thorn Birds Scenes – 25. Meggie’s letter

  1. Ahah! What kind of man is this Luke o neill? The same man than you Ralph! The ambitious kind. Well said Fiona! She understands everything and always knew the intentions and secrets of Ralph.

  2. It was absolutely dreadful, the story , the acting, the accents, the creepy priest falling in love with a little girl. Yet it is re-running here and I am watching it. Oh the power of chick lit. Must get round to it myself.

  3. The worse is that Mary gave an option to Ralph and he chose money and a padded way into the Church with conniving substance, he was all charismatic selfishness, and he was pierced by the best reflection of himself that Dane was… ashes to roses.

  4. The worse is that Mary gave an option to Ralph and he chose money and a padded way into the Church with conniving substance, he was all charismatic selfishness, and he was pierced by the best reflection of himself that Dane was… ashes to roses.

  5. My god Richard Chamberlin was one gorgeous muscular tall dark and handsome eyeful! You can melt in his beautiful blue eyes and cut glass on his cheekbones! And he was a good actor too.

  6. I know Fee took some perverse pleasure in telling Ralph about Meggie's Marriage. Ralph has no right to pass judgment on Luke. They are both "ambitious" but Ralph refuses to acknowledge he got his success under ruthless and questionable circumstance.

  7. What's so eerie is that Ralph is in the Same Room that Meggie first thought that God lived there. It's too much for his ego to know that Meggie found someone else and doesn't make him the center of her universe.

  8. Sr. Atchung es Ud. Muy amble de estar pasando a traves de YouTube la serie EL PAJARO CANTA HASTA MORIR . Por favor le pido tema subtitulo que sea en idioma CASTELLANO. Desde ya muy agradecida

  9. He’s one of the last renaissance in men. Acting is just a small part of his talents and achievements. Read about him and you see what I mean.


  11. Ralph had no right to be upset. He told her he'd never marry her or leave The Church for her. It kind of reminds me of Degrassi: The Next Generation when Shane sees Spike and discovers that she Married Snake, he's upset that he wasn't told but he wasn't around to raise Emma nor did she get any help from his Family.

  12. Not sure what father Ralph expected, he told her countless times he could not be a husband to her and even told her she would find a husband, but father Ralph still loves Maggie no matter how hard he tries to fight it, such a beautiful story told here, I truly feel for both father Ralph and Maggie, I feel more for Maggie worse, to not have something that your heart wants is horrible

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  14. Ralph queria que Meggie se casara, cuando regresa y se encuentra con que ella se caso, pensar que ella esta con otro hombre el esta sufriendo unos celos terribles, se ve la angustia que tiene alli en el wool room.

  15. First he refuses her. She gets married. Then he wants her. But after he refuses her again. Ralph has very clear ideas. ??

  16. Tous les ans je regarde cette série avec autant d'émotion .Je souffre avec elle , et je pleure pour elle .le grand amour ..Je rêve .

  17. He wanted Meggie to pine for him and that wasn’t fair to her. He was punishing her for loving him and he wasn’t honest with himself.

  18. The look on Ralph’s face is priceless after he finds out that His Meggie is married and gone! Why is he so upset?

  19. Ralph was so sad that Meggie was gone and it was obvious that he would go to her Ralph and Meggie were meant for each other

  20. Ralph's heart broken without a word to let her God Father aware of her marriage ,a bad marriage, no money, no baby, no, self,no privacy,no house, no …,no real husband side by her, none with her,…., she just been used by advantage taken.

  21. Fee did get some perverse satisfaction in seeing Ralph so upset with Meggie marrying. I thought he was going to expire right there and then cuz he was really breathing hard and he looked close to tears but gorgeous. OMG that man …. playing the part of Ralph was tailor made for Richard. He and Rachel must have been so emotional making the series. I'm sure they must have cried sometimes, these scenes must have stayed with them even after filming.

  22. Jackie Little got it right. If Ralph had been homely and lacked charisma then the story would have been about a "creepy priest." However, Hollywood knows how to dress up the story so that we all cry for Maggie and Ralph.

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