The Thorn Birds Scenes – 13. Search of Paddy and Ralph’s return

Daddy? Daddy? Stu! Stu, where are you? Meggie. You’ve come back. Darling Meggie, don’t cry. The world hasn’t come to an end
because of a fire… no matter how terrible it was. You’re safe. That’s all that matters. I was so worried. Harry Gough called me
and I flew right out. Imagine… Then you don’t know. Father, Daddy and Stuie… they’re dead. No. Daddy died in the fire,
and Stuie found him. And then, there was a wild boar… and it killed my Stuie. What is it? The plane bogged in the mud when
we landed. I must have bruised my side. Let me see it. Oh, Ralph! – You rode all the way from Gilly like this?
– I hardly noticed it. I was worried about the horse
making it through all that mud. I borrowed him… in Gilly. Oh, God. Don’t. Meggie, don’t. No! Meggie! What have you done to me? What might you do to me if I let you?

77 thoughts on “The Thorn Birds Scenes – 13. Search of Paddy and Ralph’s return

  1. Oh noooooooooooo! The saddest scene in the series.Paddy is dead and Stu is killed soon after by a boar..Horrible! Poor Stu,paddy,Fiona,Meggie and her brothers..A disaster! Poor meggie.Ralph is so hypocritical.He cuddles Meggie,kisses her on the forehead then her lips,accepts to be kissed on the chest than pushes her!Come on Ralph! What are you playing at?

  2. "Meggie, what have you done to me? What will you do to me if I let you?" That's right, Ralph. Blame the distraught, grieving girl – much younger than you. So much easier than taking responsibility for what you are doing … Interesting, I never saw it that way when I was younger, but this guy has issues.

  3. What an arsehole Ralph was for doing that to Meggie. I always hated him when he made it her fault, not a fault in his own character.

  4. Beautiful, tragic, bittersweet movie. They used to show it on TV every few years and I looked forward to it every time. Those days are gone. Glad to see little snippets here on You Tube again to remember those times.

  5. I was early 20's when I saw this 4 the 1st time, my son was baby, watched it on Easter Sunday all day long in between cooking and being a host, my Mom and Grandmom could barely be extracted from the living room to come to eat @ the kitchen table cause they didn't want t miss any one scene 🙂 we all loved Richard C since the Dr, Kildare days but in this mini series we fell madly in love with him just as Meggie and Mary Carson did!
    R.C is such a beautiful man, perfection!
    Now that my Mom and Grandmom have passed I can barely watch this anymore without crying my eyes out. This scene is so sexy but also very sad, I wish Father Ralph would have shown Meggie more compassion being she just lost her Dad and Brother, I know ppl like his character who's life ambition meant more to them than the ppl they loved and loved and learn, sometimes to late though, the last scene in T.B. when he actually confesses that he was selfish and has always loved her still makes the tears flow every time. Best Mini Series ever!!
    RIP Mom and Grandmom I miss you both so much xoxo

  6. So very passionate naked gorgeous it's just the way the book was written Richard Chamberlain played this part so well he couldn't change it for it to be the way we wanted them to be but he played the part to perfection

  7. There's only one way to help comfort this young girl and satisfy his godly duties: he must thrust his priestly scepter deep within her heavenly grotto…again and again and again, over and over until God grants His release of Ralphie's holy seed.

  8. Am I the only straight female that thinks it’s one of the great wastes in life that Richard Chamberlain is gay….I hate that fact.


  10. Richard Chamberlain… There is something incredibly attractive and magnetic in that man. Not even just physical look.. but Something hard to express by words..

  11. This is a short fleeting life.I feel like this life is flying with too much speed, .Nostalgia is all around me.Just do the things your heart desires as long as they are righteous.Don't try to please your family and society and ignore your own desires and longings.God forgives you for all your shortcomings.Don't live your life for others or let anyone influence you.You will only end up cheating yourself and you will feel regret which you can never reverse.DO THINGS YOUR WAY.

  12. Back then when this was made the Catholic Church raised hell about this movie. But what they don't understand is that everyone is capable of over the top ambition, and that includes religious officials or anyone else out there. It teaches the lesson that loving ourselves more than God other people will eventually cause our downfall.

  13. Bless me Father for I have sin my
    Last confession was last week
    Every Sunday's Consecutively,
    My sins are only a short term
    I'm in love with someone but
    We ended with hatreds.I don't
    Know who's right or wrong.
    Someone loving me, but I don't
    Love them. There's only one
    In my entire life that I'm falling in love with someone inside my heart no other than who hates me
    Too much that like Diamond u
    Couldn't chopped off…

  14. Richard Chamberlain is a beautiful looking handsome man ever. Even now that he is older has never lost his looks. Loved him and Rachel Ward in the best mini series ever made. They had great chemistry between them. Such a handsome couple. Still watch the Thorn Birds on DVD love it.

  15. Love comes very naturally because Ralph and Megie are human beings. But Ralph is a priest, he have had his vow in front of God and Community. It is very difficult to follow his vow in this situation.

  16. Meggie just lost her dad and studied, Ralph tries to comfort her but she’s in love with Ralph, so he puts him and her in a awkward position, he kisses her forehead, then her mouth, then he tells her about his injury, he lets meggie look at it and so what does Ralph expect, she’s upset and Ralph istherefor her but he blames her when he started kissing her,

  17. This scene is mythical!! Meggie worries about Ralph's wound and treats him with her kisses. He is completely annihilated.. Nice shot, girl!! ??❤❤❤

  18. Blame the grieving woman. Throw her away like a sack of potatoes. She was right to get up and walk away from him and find some one else.

  19. Ralphs could have torn up marys will leaving all to the church. His ambition or whatever it was made him turn over the will. He knew by turning it over he would become important in the church. He loved Meggie but in the end he loved himself more. If he had truly loved her he would have torn up that will.

  20. Ralph sex on legs. I swear Richard Chamberlain looked so hot I dont know how Rachel controlled herself. He is so handsome. His eyes and his voice. And he is such a sweet person. You guys were brilliant

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