The Terrier’s Terrible Bite! | Terry’s Safety Squad

(majestic music) – [Narrator] Deep in the
heart of urban America, in the city of St. Louis, a little lawyer baby noticed
the dangers of the world. Encouraged by his loving parents and dedicated to helping others
avoid the world’s pitfalls, he’s grown up to form
Terry’s Safety Squad. Together with his
friends Charlie and Ruby, he’ll thwart the ideas
of the Bad Idea Bandit and help kids and families
everywhere stay safe. (eerie music) (birds chirping) A perfect day, a good little girl, but then, a perfect
opportunity for a bad idea. – Ah, cute, a little puppy. (sighs) I wish I had a dog. – Yeah, go ahead kid,
why don’t you pet him? It’s like he’ll be yours. He’ll probably like you. – (gasps) A stranger, who are you? – [Bandit] I’m the Bad Idea
Bandit, kid. (chuckling). – Well, it sounds like a good idea to me. – Yeah, doesn’t it? I mean, just look at his cute little eyes. And his cute little face. And his cute little fleas. All he needs is a nice
little girl like you to reach out and pet him. What do you say? – [Girl] Oh, great idea. – Wow, what a day. I better finish this up here and there. (phone ringing)
What? It’s the safety signal. – [Computer] Sir, there’s
a risk of dog bite near Forest Park. – A dog bite risk, oh no! The Bad Idea Bandit. Well, not today. Charlie, Ruby, dog bite risk in progress and Bad Idea Bandit’s
already up to his old tricks. Kids, I need you to handle this situation. I’ll be there as soon as I can. – You’ve got it, boss. – We’re on it. – It’s Terry time. Suit me up. I’ll be there as soon
as I can get this darn tight costume on. – [Computer] Sir, are you on location yet? Have you found the park yet? – Oh, I’ve found the park, and guess what else I’ve found. I think I stepped in dog poo. (quirky music) (chuckles) No one will recognize
me in this tree disguise. – [Man] Oh, hey Terry
Crouppen in the tree. – [Terry] I should’ve been a shrub. (tense music) – Not today, Bad Idea Bandit. – [Ruby] Watch out, kid. – What? The Safety Squad again? Why, I oughta. – Afraid so. It seems the Bad Idea
Bandit here’s giving you some bad ideas when it comes
to dogs you don’t know. – I have three easy tips for dogs. Number one, get the owner’s permission. – [Ruby] Hello, are you the
rightful owner of the dog? And if so, may we pet the dog? – (chuckling) Why, sure. Go on and pet him. (gentle music) – Number two, approach
the dog slowly and calmly. Let him smell you and see
your hand before you pet him. And don’t put your face near his mouth, that’s how he bites you. – Like this? (chomping)
(screaming) – Number three, if a dog looks
ready to bite, stay cool. Just relax, back up slowly,
and use a calm voice to say things like no, down, or go. – [Park Ranger] Bad Idea
Bandit, we told you stay out. What, with you, giving
kids, you know, bad ideas. – Wow, you guys know your stuff. Who taught you all this? – Oh, that’s easy. Terry Crouppen. – Yeah, where is Terry? (majestic music) – Aha! I was here the whole time. Great work team. Another citizen kept safe
and another bad idea foiled. – [Announcer] Thanks to
Terry’s Safety Squad. – [Terry] Hey kids, thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe for more episodes of Terry’s Safety Squad. And remember kids, be safe.

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  1. lol say man i cant lie this lowkey litt came across this after i watchd tha batman video had me weak by tha way good shit guys str8 up✊

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