The Story Behind the Brand

On November 22nd 2013, Henry
Clay died after losing his long battle with cancer. Later that same afternoon Henry’s mom,
Melissa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Throughout the 21 months of cancer
treatments there were times when Melissa’s cell counts were infection
fatal – meaning she got sick her body would not be able to fight off infection.
Melissa’s Dr. mandated a strict germ-free zone which included frequent
dog washes for Henry’s siblings and visiting 4-Leggers. The increase in the
frequency of dog washing and the onset of dry dog skin focused our attention on
ingredients. We discovered the “all natural” dog shampoo we were buying had the same
ingredients as the dog shampoos we were intentionally trying to avoid. Worse, we
paid more for the privilege of purchasing the greenwashed product. Fast forward a few years – Melissa’s
cancer is a remission and 4-Legger is a reality! 4-Legger’s mission is to
change the pet grooming industry by educating parents and by providing safe
and non-toxic products that are so natural they are USDA Certified Organic to Food
Standards. Do we think the greenwashed shampoo contributed to Henry’s cancer? We absolutely do. And while it likely wasn’t the only
factor it was a contributor. Using 4-Legger certified organic products is an
easy step you can take to keep your dog healthy.

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