The South Florida Wading Bird Report Explained

Wading birds are an ultimate reflection
of the health of the Everglades we’ve really seen that we can get these birds
back again if we get the water right again
so the wading bird report is is a repository of all the information we
need of these wading birds in South Florida so what it consists of is the
nesting information of foraging information that we need about wading
birds to help us restore the Everglades so that can include numbers of nests
where the birds are nesting what time they start their nesting all these are
useful indicators that are reflective of a healthy Everglades ecosystem wading
birds are really important indicator species for a number of reasons one of
the main reasons is they’re extremely easy to see as we were flying around in
the helicopter you saw just how easy it was to spot these large white birds in
the day from 400 foot up in a helicopter and because they congregate in large
foraging flocks and and in in colonies tens of thousands of birds strong we
know where the birds are we know how they’re responding to hydrologic
conditions and that provides us with a big picture of all the information we
need for these wading birds on how to manage them particularly in the
Everglades and so what we need to understand how to restore the Everglades
as we need to understand how the wading birds respond but we need to know how
these wading birds are responding over the long term we need to understand how
they’re responding to every different year because hydrologic conditions
change every year and their nesting and foraging responses are reflective of
historical condition prior to drainage of the Everglades we
can use them to help teach us how to restore the Everglades so if conditions
aren’t right for the birds we know that the conditions aren’t right
for the Everglades

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