The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Veterinarian Official Gameplay Trailer

in the sims for cats and dogs become a vet build and run your very own clinic and strive to keep Rendel tunde's fluffiest patients healthy welcome to the pretty paw paw clinic uh-oh noodles looks a bit under the weather right this way little fella at the exam table your sim in diagnosis sickness and discover the proper treatment an examination is stressful for pets keep them calm to ensure a proper exam mouth moths uncontrollable drooling and stinky bird PU diagnosis mild Repub nightís a healthy dose of parasite killer will clear that right up over time your vet skill will improve you'll be rewarded with new abilities objects and a healthier business waiting room empty advertising is a great way to attract new patients look it's getting crowded in here you'll want to keep an eye on your star rating ambience bedside manner and pet stress levels are some of the factors that will affect your clinics ratings a performance breakdown will let you know how your clinic is doing and areas where you can improve one and a half stars add more exam tables to reduce wait times improve your star rating to unlock gameplay perks as an owner it's critical to keep your team on their a-game you can train your employees praise them critique their performance and even promote them with proper training your team can create medicine and special trees making surgeries and exams easier at the surgery station scan patients to quickly diagnose and even cure afflictions please glow nose I see fur milk Bucky here is in for a little preventive surgery the old snip-snip walk it off champ in the sim sport cats and dogs build own and run a vet clinic

49 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Veterinarian Official Gameplay Trailer

  1. ayyy i have been talking with my momma for a while now about to buy this, and since it's currently 50 percentage of she said i could buy two! wohoo imma buy Seasons and Cats and dogs 🙂

  2. I wish you can have it on any tablet I know you can but that's the free play and I like the Sims 4 let's a lot more so please try your best to I love the simsssss

  3. Should I get Sims 4 seasons or cats and dogs and plus when does it comes out June 22 2019 or June 22 2018

  4. I grew up on the Sims but after the Sims 3 I stopped because they just made it wayyy to complicated and not at the the same creating your sim. It was way to complicated for me, different controls, too many different detail features, ECT. Sure, it was cool but just took to long creating your sim before I was to excited starting a life I wanted for that sim. So, the only way I will buy the next generation of the Sims 5 is if that simplify and condense the actual features before you start playing with your sim. Even the house are to complicated to build. I'm not a builder and need simply help in the game to make cool houses☆☆☆☆

  5. I hope they make cats and dogs on ps4 because If they do Ima steal my mom's credit card just to buy it!! LOl

  6. make a vet clinic

    and your sims cannot sit in the chairs

    what's the fricken point of putting chairs in if your sims won't sit in it

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