42 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Official Launch Trailer

  1. I wish there where more stuff for puppies, 'cause there are so much stuff for kittens. I mean so many poles for scratching.

  2. I wish the homeless cats and dogs could appear somewhere in San Myshuno. It would look sooo cool

  3. I have this pack but one huge ass problems I can't edit my pets without it having crash. Anyone know why????? Please help cause its annoying.

  4. Where can I find the cowboy ghost with the Captain Whitaker puppy? Is the cowboy ghost in any SimGuru's gallery?

  5. Urgh I’ve had the Sims 4 for over a year the only packs I have r the two free ones I’m not allowed any but I WANT THIS ONEEEE!!!

  6. I’m so excited to get this pack soon. I see some great gaming videos coming! I’m so excited

  7. okay i get seasons is already out, but how did we not notice that the puppy in front of the christmas tree was hinting that????

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