The Sims 3 Pets: Unicorn Abilities and How to Find Them

Hello guys this is onlyabidoang and today
I’m going to show you Unicorn Abilities and also how to find them in The Sims 3 Pets. Okay first of all, before you can witness
all of their abilities, you have to find them first of course! There’s a 33% chance that a wild unicorn
will appear at night, from 8 PM to 5 AM, usually in a fishing spot lot. The obvious sign of a unicorn’s presence
is a cloud aurora thing that shines the unicorn which you’ll see from the map view. After 5 AM, the unicorn will vanish, but don’t worry, if you’ve interacted with the unicorn before, your relationship with them won’t
be reset and you can still continue interacting with them in the future. Note that wild animals such as raccoons, deer,
and unicorns, will only appear on the suburban type of world, so don’t expect to find them
in worlds marked as a Late Night Town such as Bridgeport. After locating the unicorn, you have to befriend
them high enough to be able to adopt them. Of course, the unicorn won’t accept you
immediately. Try watching the unicorn from the distance
first. Then, try approaching them by letting them
sniff your hand, giving them treats, and eventually they will allow you to rub their neck and
pet them. After you have high enough relationship, the
“Invite unicorn to join household” option will appear. If you try to do it but get this effect and
message instead, you still haven’t met the requirements. The requirements are that you have to be BFF
on 3 creatures, either cats, dogs or horses. To know if your pet has chosen you as their
BFF, if your relationship with them is high, you’ll get a soothing sound effect along
with a message saying that this pet chose you as their BFF. If the pet happens to be a member of your
household and you have a high relationship with them, you can also do it manually by
playing as them, click on the sim and choose “Make BFF”. Also, unlike adopting wild horses, you don’t
have to have enough riding skills to adopt a unicorn. After all of those requirements are met, try
adopting the unicorn again. If succeed, the unicorn will deem you as a
worthy companion and you’ll have your own unicorn to play with! Something to note, every world will only have
one wild unicorn. So after you adopted one, a new wild unicorn
will be generated to inhabit the world. Ok let’s talk about their characteristics
and abilities. By default, unicorns have a horn, of course,
and a goatee for male unicorns. They come in 2 coats, black or silver. Their coat also projects a faint glow. They already have a random and unique name
when you first found them. They live 3 times longer than a normal horse. Their needs deplete slower than a normal horse. Because of that, you don’t have to pay a
lot of attention on them. They automatically have maximum racing and
jumping skills, so you don’t have to waste your time training them. They gallop at an extremely fast speed. Really fast, like, sanic fast. They also leave a trail of sparkles and glitters
behind them whenever they run. Whenever they graze, eat hay, drink water,
etc, a rainbow will appear from their horn. They can do this cool idle animation where
a small plant grows near their hooves and then be blown by the wind. If you don’t want to play with them anymore,
you can play as the unicorn and choose “Return to wild”. They will then disappear forever and their
relationship with everyone will be deleted. When they die, they have a unique tombstone
that differs from other horses. Instead of a horseshoe, a picture of a unicorn
horn will be carved. They can be bred with other unicorns or other
horses. But like sims, if you breed them with a normal
horse, the foal will have a 50% chance to become a unicorn. However, a unicorn foal won’t have access
to unicorn powers until they become adult. Unfortunately, you can neither breed nor sell
them in the Equestrian Center. Aww man, their horn would be worth millions. I guess smuggling is the only way now. If they pee in the horse stable, you can then clean the stable to get a unicorn fertilizer which is an outstanding quality fertilizer than can be used for gardening They have access to some cool magic powers,
but before I go there, I want to explain how the magic energy mechanic works. They have no magic bar that indicates their
magic energy, but instead you can track it from their moodlets. When they get the “Power Shortage” moodlet,
it means that their magic energy is at half capacity left and needs to be recharged. But if you keep using powers before the moodlet
runs out, you will get a moodlet called “Power Failure”, which means that your magic energy’s
capacity is already empty and needs recharging. While this moodlet is in effect, you cannot
use any magical powers until it expires. Now let’s get to the good stuff. They can use “Bless flora” to plants to
make them grow into the next stage or cause them to produce their harvestable if they’re
already mature. This magic power can also be used to revive
dead plants. They can also “Curse flora” to plants
to make them die immediately. I don’t know why you would do that to yourself
but you should probably use it on your neighbor’s garden. They can “Bless fauna” to other sims or
pets. They will get a positive moodlet called “Unicorn’s
Blessing” that also causes you to learn skills faster than normal. They can also “Curse fauna” to other sims
or pets that will give them a negative moodlet called “Unicorn’s Ire”. The moodlet also causes you to learn skills
incredibly slower than usual. If your sim or your pet got some fleas, you
can use your unicorn to use “Cure Fauna” to wipe out their flea infestation. It can also be used to cure a unicorn’s
curse and a mummy’s curse from TS3 World Adventure. They can teleport to a selected area, which
will use a little bit of magic energy. They can summon fire anywhere by using the
“Ignite” interaction on a selected area. Additionally, they can also remove them by
using the “extinguish” interaction. The extinguish interaction can also be used to put out sims on fire. And those are some of the characteristics
and abilities of the majestic unicorns. I hope I’ve covered all of ‘em. Thank you so much guys for watching! I hope that you click the like button below,
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