“The Showdown” – Bird vs. Jordan McDonald’s ad – 1993

[ball hits court] [Larry Bird] What’s in the bag? [Michael Jordan] Lunch. Big Mac, fries. [Bird] Play you for it. [Jordan] You and me? For my Big Mac? [Bird] First one to miss watches the winner eat. ♪♪ [rock] [Bird] No. Dunking. [Jordan laughs] [swish] [Jordan] Get in there! [swish] [swish] [swish] [Bird?] Get in there. [swish] [Bird] Nothing but net. [music stops] [Jordan] I think we’re gonna be here a while. I suggest you go get a Big Mac. ♪♪ [rock resumes] [Larry Bird] This is for your Big Mac, right? First one that misses? [Michael Jordan, resigned] Watches the winner eat lunch. Got it. [Bird] Off the glass. ♪♪ [Rock – same as previous] [Bird] Get in. [ball bounces off glass, then swish] [Jordan] Nice shot. [swish] [slight laughter from Bird] [swish] [Bird] One knee. [swish] [Jordan] Which knee? Get in there! [swish] [swish] [swish] [Bird] Off the floor, off the scoreboard … off the bang board, no rim. [ball hits floor, then scoreboard, then backboard, then swish] [Jordan] Over the second rafter, off the floor, nothin’ but net. [series of swishes in rapid succession] [Jordan] Through the window, off the wall, nothin’ but net. [hits wall, then swish] ♪ What you want is what you get ♪ ♪ At McDonald’s today ♪ [Jordan] Off the expressway, over the river, off the billboard, through the window, off the wall … nothin’ but net. [swish]

100 thoughts on ““The Showdown” – Bird vs. Jordan McDonald’s ad – 1993

  1. This ad makes sense since the Bulls and Celtics are both in the same conference (and Michael and Larry played for those teams respectively).

  2. Just in case you were wondering, it was on the New Woody Woodpecker show where you see something similar, Woody and Buzz s pool off.

  3. Man if they were patient and didn't make the LeBron vs. Howard one, they could've made a LeBron vs Curry one! Would've been the perfect remake

  4. It could have been the 80's MJ started his carrer in 1985 and Larry started in 1979 but MJ kept going in the 90's but Bird retired in 1992 so it could have been the 80's

    or google it.


  5. Damn Mike was about to bet over his sandwich for nothing but pride. You can really tell his gambling addiction was already having a major effect on his life

  6. It was probably past lunchtime by the time they were through! Still a great commercial. I seem to recall this being redone with another player in Jordan's role.

  7. What do you call those types of shirts that Michael's wearing? I got a bunch of them from my pops and I hardly wear them but now I have the impulse to rock them

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  9. Over an airplane, try to bounce off the satellite and over the moon, but ball floats in space for eternity… Umm, nothing but net?

  10. Michael was the much superior athlete to Larry

    He run he could jump he could do everything else Larry didn’t do

    Larry Bird was a basic player with great fundamentals (get jump shot great competitor great know how for the game)

    Michael was a superstar with all the flawless fundamentals

  11. They'll be in their late 90s like "off your dentures, over my rocking chair, off your rocking chair, under the tapioca…"

  12. Wow!! Vintage 2 of the very best ever at Basketball & life! The only thing missing from these 2 are the God!!!!! Fearing! Which is the most important part!!! Take Care & Enjoy!! God Bless!!!! 💜💜;-)👌👍✋B-)✌💜

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