The Shortest and Longest Lifespans of Animals

Time. Tick tock. We live only a tiny fraction
of time that our planet has been around for. Even humanity itself is very young. But life
span is a really relative term: there are creatures on our planet that live much shorter
lives than us humans, and those who outlive all of us by far… while some are close to
immortality. See for yourself. Mayfly — 24 hours or less
Has the shortest lifespan on Earth Drone ant — 3 days
Is the shortest-living among ants Male mosquito — 1 week
Doesn’t drink blood. Good to know. Housefly — 15-25 days
Can lay up to 1,000 eggs in its lifetime Female mosquito — 1 month
DOES drink blood. Dragonfly — 4 months
The largest extinct dragonfly had a wing span of 30 in Bed bug — up to 6 months
They have 7 stages of life Moon jellyfish — up to 18 months
The most popular jellyfish in the world. What, on Instagram? House mouse — 1 year
Can squeeze into a ¼ inch hole Panther chameleon — 1 year
The shortest liver among reptiles Mole — 3 years
Moles have kitchens where they store food Pigeon — 4 years
Homing pigeons are easy to train for mail delivery Guinea pig — 4 years
They have best buds and recognize their owners Honeybee — 5 years
Hive mind gives them a sort of telepathy Dumbo octopus — 5 years
Their “Dumbo ears” are fins at the top Red panda — 7 years
They use their tails to cover from cold Opossum — 8 years
Not to be confused with possum! (more on that later) Chicken — 9 years
The most popular poultry in the world Kangaroo — 10 years
They can use their tail as a lever to box with their hind legs Hummingbird — 12 years
Their hearts make 1,200 beats per minute Cheetah — 12 years
The fastest land animal alive Brushtail possum — 13 years
These ones are related to kangaroos Dog — 13 years
The Great Dane can reach over 7 ft standing on its hind legs Tiger — 15 years
The largest of the cat species Domestic cat — 16 years
Maine Coons reach over 3 ft in body length Platypus — 17 years
The only venomous mammal in the world, other than say, old girlfriends. Just kidding. Cow — 20 years
Knickers the steer is the tallest bovine ever with 6’4” in height Lion — 20 years
Females usually do all the hunting for the lion pride, while males rest Polar bear — 20-30 years
Polar bears are apex predators — they have no natural enemies Queen ant — 20-30 years
Mother to thousands of ants Giraffe — 25 years
The tallest living creature in the world Grizzly bear — 30 years
They can run at 30 mph and climb trees Bald eagle — 32 years
One of the most famous symbols of the USA Giant panda — 35 years
They have a pseudo-thumb they use to hold bamboo Horse — 40 years
The Przewalski’s horse is the only truly wild member of this species Camel — 40 years
There are two types of camels: Dromedary (1 hump) and Bactrian (2 humps) Common goldfish — up to 40 years. Ha. Not
in my house. The oldest goldfish lived for 43 years Orangutan — 45 years
Their arm span is bigger than their height White rhinoceros — 50 years
It’s not actually white, but dark grey Andean condor — 50 years
The largest bird in the world Laysan albatross — 55 years
They’re incredibly clumsy on land Tuatara — 60 years
They have a third eye on top of their heads Longfin eel — 60 years
No one knows where they give birth to their young Macaw — 65 years
Some macaws live more than 100 years Human — 68-73 years on average. Your mileage
may vary. We’re the most numerous mammals on Earth Olm — 69 years
It’s called “human-fish” for its fleshy skin African bush elephant — 70 years
Mother bush elephants bear their cubs for 22 months Great white shark — 70 years
They can’t stop swimming to stay alive Japanese koi fish — over 70 years
Can potentially live for hundreds of years Orca — 75 years
They can even hunt sharks! Gray whale — 77 years
Small creatures cover its skin, making it look patched Kakapo — 80 years
The world’s only flightless parrot European eel — 88 years
In its first stage of life it’s virtually transparent Blue whale — 90 years
The biggest animal that ever lived Nile crocodile — 95 years
They may have lived alongside dinosaurs Pacific ocean perch — 98 years
They wish they could be centenarians 🙁 American lobster — 100 years
There’s such a thing as a rainbow lobster Japanese spider crab — 100 years
Their long legs are exceptionally brittle White sturgeon — 104 years
An important food fish Freshwater pearl mussel — over 110 years
Pearls are, in fact, pieces of debris covered in mucus Aldabra giant tortoise — 120 years
The largest tortoise on the planet Mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise — 125
years A popular pet reptile Rougheye rockfish — 140 years
Some fish can live to be more than 200 years old Geoduck — 150 years
Both the largest and longest-living mollusk on Earth Lake sturgeon — 152 years
Member of a family of 27 species Galapagos tortoise — 170 years
The oldest living tortoises Orange roughy — 175 years
Some of the few deepwater fish that go to food Bowhead whale — 200 years
They can leap entirely out of the water Red sea urchin — 210 years
It has feet protruding from its belly Quahog clam — 225 years
The oldest clam (507 years old) was conceived during Chinese Ming dynasty Giant tube worm — 250 years
It consists of numerous tiny creatures that are constantly recycled Greenland shark — over 270 years
The longest-living vertebrate Giant tube sponge — over 2,000 years
Despite the lack of any organs, they can feed and reproduce Coral reef — 4,000 years
Great Barrier Reef is visible from space Turritopsis dohrnii — forever
It’s biologically immortal. Can go back to being polyp and grow up again infinitely Well that’s all I have time for…

100 thoughts on “The Shortest and Longest Lifespans of Animals

  1. FUN FACT: o possums give birth in like only 12-28 days! The premature babies crawl up to her pouch.

    Search for more info, since I may have the details slightly mixed up

  2. Dogs, Cats and Rabbits are ever active and live only for a few years…
    Tortoises do nothing and live for 250 years…
    My Asian parents: Surprised Pikachu face


  3. House mouse can Live up to 3 and half years. Guinea pigs live 4 to 6. And horses live to about 25 ' 30 years old. 40 is ancient for a horse .

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  5. 04:18 – “mother to thousands” Queen Ants can lay 300,000 in a few days, so over a lifetime… millions!!
    06:18 “68-70” All the other ages are really rare, maximum examples, so you might as well say humans live to 110 years because some have lived passed that age. "mileage may vary"… er yer, like every other animal in this video!!

  6. There's a Mayfly that only lives 1 hour but it takes 3 years until it hatches. They use that 1 hour to lay eggs, afterwards they die and then it takes 3 more years until the next generation is ready.. They even don't have a gastrointestinal tract.

  7. 6:38 the arrow was at south America not Africa

    Unless…..they were kidnaped by Russian spies and they were taken to south America and your the only one that knows this information because your a part of the spies

  8. The Queen ant can live up to 30 years.

    But I wonder how many of them actually make it to a year. Given how much we step on them(knowingly or unknowingly).

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