the secret to catching prodigy pets…

so if you're like me you're prod Jeep ads are terrible compared to your wizard-like level form 75154 when your wizard is level 71 how are you supposed to win battles when that's big of a difference well there's actually a secret I figured out in prodigy on how to catch pets that are your level so basically the way prodigy works as I'm going to demonstrate right here is prodigy works that depending on what level your pets are that's the pet you're in a battle for example I don't have any pets with me right now except my wizards and I'm battling people that are level animals or monsters whatever that are level seven watch would happen if I put in all my bad pet and see the difference of the test and you'll see how prodigy pet system works but it's put in like a normal team of four okay and then let's battle the exact same monster it's literally the exact same monster and you guys see what happens so go fifty tune that's like a twenty level different almost a twenty level difference just because you have these pets in so the way part of you works as I explained is depending on the pets you have that's the pet you bow if you have like these really bad pets that's around the level that you're going to be battling them so this trick I found out is to get rid of all your pets and then you just have your wizard and you're going to fight pets that are much higher level then you can catch those pets and get rid of the old ones and you're going to have yourself some great pets without having to level them up like 20 times yeah it's a super super good secret that no one ruling knows about so as you guys saw at the start I had no pets in and the wizard the monster was level 70 I put my pets in and their level sets like like if they're like level 53 so just one or time to show you that this is actually legit I'm going to go back and show you with no pet that look what's going to happen I'm going to battle a monster 68 you know what the difference is from 68 to 47 how do you expect to win battles if your wizards level 71 and your pet is level 47 that's impossible so this strategy is really really good because you can catch better pets without having to level them up hopefully this guy's helped you out let me know by leaving a like down below and yeah share it with your friends so they know the secret on how to do this and yeah I hope you enjoyed I'm giving away a membership at 4000 subscribers so make sure to hit that subscribe button the only requirement is that you subscribe to my channel and you have a chance to win hope you guys enjoyed I'll see you guys next time goodbye

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  2. that's not a secret not even a good secret plus I knew it already…. Simple everyone knows it… secret…..

    Btw u sound like 7 year old
    Edit:now imma go take a chill pill this was were I take out my rage

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