The Secret Meaning of Cat Derps

You ever noticed that as cat people You feel like you’ve got this language that nobody else has it’s almost a secret Club It is time to break the seal on that secret club We have to let people know that there are words that they can learn as well. Hence The Cat Daddy Dictionary. Let’s break this sucker open. As a matter of fact, let’s make it a little more epic. Shall we? [British accent] Welcome to the first episode of Cat Daddy Dictionary, With your host Jackson Galaxy. Today we will explore the word “Derp” What is derp? Let’s find out “Derp” – A phrase used when someone makes a mistake or says or does something stupid or ridiculous (for example speaking in a fake British accent) to describe a foolish or clumsy individual. One who is blissfully ignorant or unaware of their surroundings To do something foolish Clumsy or silly. Word originates from sound effects that accompany sluggish dopey activity, for example: “Derpa, derp derp-derp.” Now that we know derp means let’s see some derpy cats in action and afterwards I will come back and explain, “Why derp?” Roll ’em! (sound effect of cat hissing) [Explosion] [Bouncy music] So now that we’ve seen Derpiness in action I can answer the question, “Why are cats derpy?” I mean I have been in this business for a long time 25 years and counting. If anybody knows why cats are derpy. It would be this guy. I don’t know. I mean, let’s put it this way Why do you take a sandwich and dip it into orange soda? You know you do that. Why do you do it? I have no idea. Nor do I have any idea why any of these cats did that. I hope you’ve learned something today. Now in the meantime If you want to see more of the Cat Daddy Dictionary or other great stuff that we got make sure to subscribe also Make sure to hit that funny little bell there So you’re notified every time I make a masterpiece like this. Until next time, light love and mojo to you. Meow. Derpa derpa derp…a..derp…a derpa derp. A derp. Okay

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  1. Cats are oftentimes wilfully 'Derpy' because they love the sound of human laughter. Cats generally have a great sense of humour.
    I have over 40 years of cat knowledge.

  2. Wonder if anyone's ever named their cat Derp, just based on some derpy activities observed the moment they fell in love with said cat and brought him home! If the cat's a tough guy he could be Wyatt Derp. ?

  3. Lol, I have a cat that we call derp or derpy. I actually wished for another goofy silly orange cat after my previous silly orange kitty passed away, and the universe provided. We had moments when he was a baby that we wondered if he had kitty Down syndrome just based a little on how he looked, but he turned out ok, mostly he is a goof but I love it. He was part of a group of foster kittens and I didn’t want him to go with anyone who wouldn’t love him if he turned out to “special”, so I kept him and named him Lucky. He does goofy things like getting stuck in a bag 30 seconds after I put it down, I turn around to grab the empty bag and he’s already stuck in it and walking downstairs wearing the bag and heading out to the secure yard to play while wearing the bag, now that’s derpy.

  4. I got my 4th cat back in February. Dumbest cat I've come across. I came home one afternoon looking for a white and orange stray cat my mom said was around the house when my neighbor asked me if i lost a cat. I said no, but that I was looking for one. She goes back into her house and comes out with the cat my mom told me about and tells me to take him because her dog would eat him. He seemed to be an outdoor cat for a while so I assumed he was smart enough to be kept as an outdoor cat (parents don't want more cats). That lasted for about two minutes when he jumped over the neighbors fence twice, with an angry dog right there! That's when I decided hes not smart enough to be left alone outside. I took him inside and he felt so at relaxed and happy to finally have a home. Obviously he had to have been someone's pet, but my boyfriend and I took him to see if he was micro chipped, but he wasnt so I kept him. Hes super sweet and would cuddle with me every night and still was there when I'd wake up for school. He didnt, however, get along with any of my cats. He wanted to get to know them but they didnt even want him in the house. It went on like that for a few months until I moved in with my boyfriend and adopted a kitten (5th cat) and now finally, he had another feline friend to accept him. He still is a derp 99% of the time and it seems to be wearing off on the kitten xD

  5. Thankyou Jackson I had a good laugh,I've got 3 cats so, we get lots of derpiness in this house,one of my cats likes to,be the bedtime cat and the moment uou get into,bed she stretches out full length on her back,demanding belly rubs, if they are not enough she will,grab your hand to,stop,you leaving ,xocp

  6. As I was watching this, my cat was doing her own derp: Stationary Circle Stair Zoomies. Or Spinning Zoomies for short. It’s quite self explanatory.

  7. my boy Percy is a master derp. I get the sense that he's physically capable of intelligence, but generally chooses to avoid it entirely.

  8. I think they do that because they know it will make us laugh. I have noticed that, if I laugh at something she does, and ignore other, she will continue to do what I laughed at and stop doing the other I ignored. She knows now what gets my attention. I love her so much

  9. So fun to see you show up on my you tube suggestions!
    We used to watch you in cable, but haven't had cable in a long time.
    Yet my grandson, nearly 12, just named his new gray and white tabby Galaxy!

  10. Lost my Skoobs(6yrs) and Soko(7yrs) ago…I lost my babies! My kitties were like dogs…and the bestest kitties EVER! My sons are begging for new kittens…but its horrible to think of going through that heartbreak again losing those precious kitties

  11. My cat hallucinates flying demon birds. Sometimes she chases them, sometimes the flying demon birds chase her. Derp.

  12. Jackson, what really gets me is that if I saw you in a high class party in the UK, wearing top hat and tails speaking as you do, I wouldn't bat an eye. You've NAILED it. ? And I'm a Brit so you have official endorsement now.

  13. I need more derp. Lol my kiwi is like raaja from Disney’s Aladdin. A regal Tiger, that loves me and wants to kill anything else that moves in my apt. My other kitten has CH and no arms she’s like a sweet baby of innocence. She just stays with me cuz I carry her everywhere work, store, movies… lol everywhere she only swats at cats driving by. Other wise she never plays. She’s always down to cuddle anywhere. Oh n she loves hot soapy baths. It’s easier for her to walk in water than her hopping on land

  14. I have 8 cats, now a new term for the times we call being a nudge…aka a pain in the er um tail. With this many at least half are derp-ing and the other half…..nudges

  15. My cat has some serious derp but its hard to tell if she does it because she knows it gets her attention or if she does it because she is silly…. is my cat derp or genius using cuteness to manipulate me…..

  16. First off: this video had me crying with laughter

    second: my "black house panther", Peeter, becomes a complete derp when on Catnip or "nurp". He will lay on his post which has a little area for him to chill on, and he ends up sliding down it (there is a little scratchy ramp on it) and crashes on the floor, making me crack up as he tries to get a little of his ego and self back.
    he also carries marshmallows (he only gets the little ones and only like 1 or 2 every so often) like fresh kill backwards up his post.

  17. I never could understand why people thought cats were evil creatures when they are literally that person who does something trying to look cool but immediately turns around and face-plants into a pole but walks it off like they meant to do that. ???

  18. My cat Voodoo used to carry balloons around the house in her mouth, she ran away years ago but we still have her brother Bentley, he dosnt carry baloons tho XD

  19. My cat derps out every morning at exactly 9 a.m. He starts yowling, running all over the place as fast as possible and paws at every corner of the house he can get his paws on. Why he does it is way beyond me

  20. Maybe secure cats are free to entertain themselves without fear of predators. As in the wild when cubs are in their den…Sort of improvised hunter,scavenger behavior!
    Maybe? ?

  21. My brother has a lovely ragamuffin named Dee. I didn't know until like she was 4 years old when he told me her name is actually short for Derp, since that was her original name the shelter she came from gave her. She really is a Derp, but she is the best and funniest cat 🙂

  22. # 2;04 THANK YOU. I thought my cat was the only derp that did that. * first time in teh middle of the night, in an old metal bath in an old wooden house = echo chamber. …. after I climbed down off the bookcase…..
    cat was hiding, took weeks to find out what she was doing 🙂

    # 3;07 :))) again. … but she would get her paw on the sock, and get stuck…trying to go forward.

    I have been privileged to live with 11 cats in my life. All rescues. Some very old when I got them. Bookmarked this video, looking forward to matching up more derp moments.

  23. I had a derp when I was younger whom I loved so much! His derp was that he liked to lay on his back in between couch cushions. It gave him personality.

  24. How the hell did that sacred precious cotton get its bed all the way up there?

  25. Oh my gosh! I am in shock! I actually have four DERPS in my house!!! I thought I was just rescuing 4 homeless kittens. What else do you have in that book????

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