The Secret Life of Pets VS Godzilla: King of the Monsters MOD (GTA 5 PC Mods Gameplay)

welcome back to another GTA 5 video and of course you guys really like this secret life of pets the new movie is coming out soon and we're gonna do a real mod based around the movie pretty soon but for now it's just in the title thumb now the secret life of beds is about to meet Godzilla which is also another new movie it just came out not too long ago so this is gonna be kind of weird but before we get into this if you are excited for this video don't forget to drop their like and subscribe if you're new because you don't want to miss the upcoming awesome videos I think they're awesome I make them you got to think they're awesome right well let's go ahead and get in this IMAX right now and you guys have already seen max we might have a new new character in today's video I don't know yet I don't know but maybe if we get enough likes on this video we'll get the new character in next secret life of pets video I had my friend around here somewhere engage it was more than a friend kind of deal gadget where you add ah by the way in last video I said it was cat now I know it's a Pomeranian dog cuz I lived it a little bit of research anyways Gidget where are you right digit hello okay cuz now if you did watch the last secret life of pets mod things didn't end so well thanks to not in well at all but we're not connecting boats to that's not happening in this month back to what I was saying where is Gidget man oh my god I'm gonna fall max max save me I'm stuck on top of here I'm gonna gonna let you here I'm gonna die it's gonna be really bad I'm very scared Luka I'm really high up and this is not good JJ can I hear you oh wait wait that's here I said let me pull out my sniper now she might get a little scared but this is only to see her oh god oh god this is a proud I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry sorry that did not mean to do that don't worry I'm coming kitchen I'm gonna save you I don't know exactly how yet Oh God oh this is bad we're snowball snowball could save the day everything's gonna be good yeah you get you had a phone right I think I think it has a phone get your do you have a phone max yes you're here okay okay see look all you need to do is I don't know oh maybe you get all those stairs climb on that jump down here um or maybe yelling stairs jump across climb tree go over that way I don't know how it's gonna work but I do have a boat I'm gonna use my phone and I'm gonna call what do you want to call first of all oh wait wait wait wait you do have a phone I hear you beeping on it wait I can see your phone it's very hard but I can see your phone so I need you to call snowball yeah and I'm not jumping on all this no that's just not happening max is not that cut okay I didn't happen what's the cell phone number I need another cell phone number ah how do I work this thing I never knew how to work this thing this is kind of weird that I'm gonna telephone pole trying to use my phone I don't know how to use ok so all you gotta do is type my snow balls number hey hey hey mute sweat sock you smell boy here you look at me all crazy hmm okay maybe you should just dumb down don't even call snowball don't even call him he's not gonna help he's not gonna do none of that oh I got it I got a call I got a call hold on I'll be right back don't you do anything stupid because if you do I'll find you and I'll get my gang a feel right now you guys are wondering why I stopped this cuz I got a little sensory in my body and I know when my friends are in trouble I know they're right around the corner in trouble and I'm gonna have to do some real crazy stuff to get up to my people and I think they're right up here ha ha did you get it what are you doing it looks like she's stuck oh great oh and of course this idiots here hmm you're here still and you didn't help you ah okay I'm sorry I'm sorry oh oh you want a bite max you wanna fight me hmm oh god oh god the same working so guys some clearly he snowballs what he bigger than he's supposed to be uh just a little bit bigger don't worry about nothing all right max you can stop I'm gonna I'm gonna save your little stupid girlfriend okay okay okay okay stop max I'm not kidding I'm not kidding max stop it all right I'll see you look at you run away cuz you're scared guys just skate you always been scared alright alright now I've got a plan see if this works I tried to aim my gun at her and it ain't working get out get down not gonna shooter I'm not gonna shooter guys of course I'm not gonna shoot off you know not appreciate you showed your stupid gun at me snowball you scared up a boyfriend too you know what just for that I don't need any help I was trying to do this cute thing or my boyfriend oh god oh god what's going on I don't know what just happened but I'm really not happy with this stupid little oh god oh god oh god max oh my god guys this sucks the stupid little snowball bunny thing Oh God oh this is not this is not good so let me just walk back and talk man-to-man with them I did hear some shots and I think Gidget got shot that ain't good where's yet she's gonna see me okay he's got a gun he's got a gun right he's armed and dangerous so we need to make a plan to take care of this stupid little buddy cuz it's been taken advantage before it did you hear that oh of course you heard that what the heck was that noise Oh Godzilla it's been like only a day but I really missed you I cannot ever say goodbye to you and it's just really have good avenue here in los santos but uh maybe we can go see oh my god you'll be stepping on me alright you know what I'm gonna get face-to-face with you hold on hold on buddy just relax it's my list my little pet super dragon by the way all right buddy look now I know there's a new movie coming out it's a secret life of pets or something like that and I was thinking me and you could go see it but you can't really fit in any buildings and every time you all hear anybody it gets a little scary what I'm thinking is maybe we get like a big screen on top on the side of a building that on top of the rating on the side of the building or something like that and then we can just sit there and we watch it on a like an enormous screen I think that'd be a great time what do you think brother okay you definitely not my brother and you definitely don't speak so I guess that's just how you got back don't step on me man but I think this is what's gonna have to happen we're gonna go watch a new movie inside of a big building gonna be a great time by the way guys and the previous Godzilla mugs people were asking me why isn't there like big blue lasers coming out of Godzilla's mouth like did you just jump and land on me come on man anyway I don't have the script for that but we got other scripts you already know baby if you're new to the channel you wouldn't know that just go watch a lot of the other man mud and yeah be there innit are back I've got no job dude this Christ all right we're going to straight to see that movie you're gonna have to keep up with me just don't step on any cars buildings are people Godzilla I'm not playing oh this is gonna be bad it's gonna be so bad you got everybody yellow man oh my god oh god what is this the heck is that what did I just kill hey I couldn't let you handle that one but he was little too small haha I can't even see you at the palm tree okay now what the heck was that he shot me in my chest and my leg oh oh that just doesn't go well okay that doesn't go well at all oh okay Chico move do not move kitchen Oh snowball just got killed and there's a big huge digit just come with me I'm not gonna make her move they killed snowball yeah we gotta make a move just don't make them just don't don't don't be Gidget I think there are two digit don't move oh god oh god it's what's next to me okay let's just make a rule I'm just gonna move max I might run I might run and you might get okay okay don't move don't move oh god he's moving he's gonna claw what are you doing Godzilla get over here was you over chasing them I know they're like superstars at all they are we just figured that one out that is the people from the sequel not two people put the dog hook up from the secret life of pets it's kind of cool IMAX bro he's alright he's cool he's friendly he's very friendly I promise you Godzilla won't okay you know maybe maybe ah ah I stepped on me again you big stupid idiot oh sorry haha sorry max things get a little ugly sometimes mmm okay look that's it this is the thing you're a little too big for this area and they're very small and you're scaring them you understand what I'm saying this is a real problem you know what you know maybe maybe I'm just gonna take you home I don't give snowball this ain't good I'm just out here forget it we're gonna take you back to the ocean and we're gonna forget all about this just follow me we're going straight to the ocean we're going straight to those and come on guys I can jump across this entire city with one jump I had a car okay let's go let's go Gidget are you okay that big thing is gone I think it was like friends with the dude that was near him it's kind of weird but it was definitely scary okay we are good you're still looking beautiful very oh you're looking good now what do you say we go to the beach and you look a little startled I know what you're just saying was crazy just relax it's gonna be okay we're gonna go to the beach have a good time act like none of this even happened now see this is much better right it's a beautiful day such a beautiful day for a good old beach vibe what do you say kids away I lay down on these towers right here have a good treat you know I could go get us some drinks some hot dogs and stuff like that I think we're gonna have a great day Gidget just relax everything's gonna be okay nothing no problems at all we're just gonna ignore the big dinosaur that we see that what was that oh god guys okay so if you don't know when you haven't been around for one you're new to the channel well when I die is a custom character I become Franklin and then Franklin dies as you seen so Godzilla kind of ripped max to shreds I died like almost instantly and then I turned to max or Franklin and then I died again so what a great day oh god oh god Gidget we've got to go get Gidget this is a problem this is a huge problem I'm gonna save kitchen no problem they're on the beach Godzilla's a psychopath big huge guy see I knew I was scared of that thing I was scared of that thing for a reason it just killed me but I came back cuz this video game baby oh they thought I was gone huh let me just pull out a weapon they thought I was dead Godzilla wanted to destroy me Oh No Maxine digits got something coming but first we need to handle that big huge Godzilla monster if you guys enjoyed this video and you want to see some more you know what to do baby don't forget to drop that like subscribe if you're new and I will see you guys in the next video [Applause] 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