THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS Things You Missed & Easter Eggs

yippee-ki-yay movie lovers it's Jan here as I said in my review the secret life of pets is basically Toy Story for animals with Dukas Buzz Lightyear and Max's woody but there are also some pretty cool references to other movies as well as illuminations own minions and Despicable Me films so in this video I'm going to look at some of the best Easter eggs the filmmakers snuck into the film and if you spotted any others I'd love to hear about them in the comments below there will of course be a few spoilers ahead so you want to avoid those you can click or tap up here in the top right of the screen for my spoiler free review of the movie minions is illuminations most successful movie to date so as well as making the fun short film mower minions which plays before the main movie the studio's animators also included a good number of minions Easter eggs and the secret life of pets itself there's a minions toy which you can see on this boy's bedside table as well as another one that's out of shot and there's a minions magnet on the fridge in Katie's apartment and further down the fridge is a postcard featuring the minions favorite food a banana plus during the mid-credits scene the perk mel was a minions fancy dress outfit to a party at the apartment to the head-banging poodle Leonard in the scene where Duke drags max around by the lead the song happy can be heard playing in a taxi cab in the background happy was one of the numerous songs at Pharrell Williams composed and performed for the soundtrack of Despicable Me 2 and was nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars the names Arella which was the Italian restaurant where GRU went on a disastrous date in Despicable Me 2 appears on the streets of New York though this time it's ireli shoes there's a poster for illuminations next animated feature sing on the back of the bus that snowball dries when he's chasing after the animal control truck singer's a musical comedy set in a world entirely inhabited by animals and stars Matthew McConaughey Reese Witherspoon Seth MacFarlane and Scarlett Johansson among many others and during that scene the way the flushed pets gang swarm onto the bridge and slide down its cables readying themselves for tak Max the dog has echoes of the scene towards the end of Rise of the Planet of the Apes where the Apes overrun the Golden Gate Bridge and the killer instincts of the crazy bunny snowball and the way he attacks the animal control officer are a nice nod to the killer rabbit of caerbannog for Monty Python and the Holy Grail and his demented laughter also reminded me of the evil bunny boy and go from hoodwinked there's a visual shout out to Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror film the birds via a framed poster you can glimpse a suitably enough in the home of the budgerigar sweet pea there's a lovely little emerge to the end of director Billy Wilder's classic romantic comedy some like is hot when the old basset hound pops ask Chloe where she's from and she replies dude I'm a cat to which pop says well nobody's perfect that's actually the closing line from some like it's hot which jerry brown's character says to Jack Lemmon after lemon who's disguised as a woman reveals that you can't marry Brown as he's actually a man and there's a cool reference to Marilyn Monroe who also starred in some like it hot in the painting of Gidget in her apartment that inspired by Andy Warhol's famous Marilyn diptych there's an alaria strip on the movie Grease in the sausage factory scene where we see a fantasy sequence of sausages singing and dancing to the hit musicals closing song we go together on top of that the choreography and geometric shapes in the sausage song and dance scene also pay homage to the musical numbers staged by famed director and musical choreographer Busby Berkeley whose movies include 42nd Street and babes in arms director Chris Renaud cameos in the movie as a voice of the guinea pig Norman who spends the movie trying to find his way back home through the ventilation shaft in Max's apartment block Rene's daughter Keeley also cameos as the voice of Molly and Jane the virgin store Jaime Camil plays Fernanda the star of gidget's favorite telenovela la pasión de la pasión so guys did you spot any other interesting Easter eggs in the secret life of pets and what did you think of the movie let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this do like share and subscribe and also check out my Easter egg playlist or you might like to check out some of my amazing deleted scenes from the animated movies finding Dory and Zootopia in my deleted scenes playlist thanks for watching and see you next time you be guy a movie lovers you

26 thoughts on “THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS Things You Missed & Easter Eggs

  1. There is a nazi refrence in the movie when the white little dog has the laser from the laser pointer on her paw and puts her paw out in a nazi salute and everyone bows down and hails her

  2. I saw in the city when the animals come to find Max as they are in the city i saw a billboard saying, ''The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon'' Is a reference to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.

  3. Once me and my brother were finding Easter eggs when we watched the secret life of pets and I saw the birds poster

  4. There's one where slinky the dog from toy Story found wood's hat looks like when the wiener dog found the ball

  5. I think I spotted Boo from Monsters Inc at the end when the camera pulls away to show people in their homes with pets. On the left there is a little girl with Boo's same hair style…

  6. I saw that sing poster and two you didn't say was the Hamsters camera at the party was a go pro hero 4 and at one point in the movie it showed a giant billboard advertising the tonight show with Jimmy fallon

  7. THERE is another easter eggs that Duke hit the tortoise and it hit the dogs copy in the MARIO game of the bowling alley

  8. On the bus that max and the bunny stole on the back of the bus it had a poster that has the movie sing on it

  9. There was a turtle shell in the sewer scene bouncing from wall to wall as a reference to Mario kart

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