The Secret Life of Pets Snowball Has Slime Belly

first I need the vacuum and make food for everyone I have this delicious bone all set does somebody say food I'm hungry delicious toilet water so what's this about sharing with everyone I guess you have some more good morning max what do you want to do today I would love to play fetch come on DJ don't you ever play let's play let's play fetch come on get the ball huh okay but first I need the vacuum and make food for everyone I just love my new vacuum it's so much fun I'm able to clean the whole house looks like you're doing a great job I really didn't do a good job would you like something to eat thanks gadget but I have this delicious bone mouth set does somebody say food I'm hungry but I'm not thirsty anymore make sure you save some toilet water for us mmm delicious toilet water okay when y'all done drinking out of the potty I have some delicious fruit snacks for you let me just open this up wow there are so many in there there's probably enough for everyone to have two or three delicious so look here comes captain snowy and Daisy food snacks over here they smell delicious oh yeah these smell good snowball snowball back away from the gummy snacks I have enough for everyone to share yum yum yum what's that I can't hear over the sound of me eating yum yum yum yum now I almost say to mom hahaha johnny jump jump so what's this about sharing with everyone I guess you have some more oh you eat them oh yeah you say that like it's a bad thing looks like he's going to have everyone it's miss Hanson oh look at this flying belly balloon is fine I think that's a first on fizzy toy shown whoa what is this snowball that's my friend Jerry well Jerry let's get you out of this line Jerry appears to be a little mouse with bright eyes oh and there goes Jerry I feel something in my belly and it feels really big well snowball that's because you have something really big in your building whoa like it's lost kitties and it looks like a can of spray cheese got me spray cheese yeah I ate the whole bottle well this is the mice mania lost kitties hey we just found a mouse maybe an escaped from this can let's open this up and see what we find wait a minute I want to see it when I feel better oh okay so ball we will wait until you feel better open this up and wow something else is in your belly oh it's stuck Oh time it is squish delish but here what are these Kingman's I'm guessing you want me to open this up when you're feeling better yes I do yes no ball what are you doing eating hiders whoa and there it goes sorry about that I got carried away eating mcdonoughs and accidentally ate a spider and it looks like you accidentally ate a mystery mini toons I'll let slime off of this and go pull it out of here it is How to Train Your Dragon 2 super cool that is super cool whoa snowball you've been eating a lot of toys okay cruelty gets us out of this why we have baby secrets here super cool color-changing babies and it's toys sorry for how awesome I don't know why I keep eating toys I just get so hungry yes apparently you do get hungry because look there are two more toys in your tummy covered in slime this one's upside down hey it's secret life of pets too and this is really stuck oh it is pop-pop's bed cool that's so much fun it's super slimy I can't believe you eat something slimy actually yes I can't believe it okay speaking of slime there's something really ugly in your belly what do you mean really ugly I mean we have an ugly though but no it's pretty cute yeah I'm with you snowball I think ugly vets are pretty cute and wow this is something ginormous in your belly look at all this bleep slime on it okay to me oh oh oh look check it out it's the fruit fiesta me flips and I look like a pineapple Oh pick me pops better pick me flip cool and gooey in my tummy well I don't see anything but this big bubble let's pop this bubble and see what happens oh wow there is something underneath them bubbling OH stuck in the sky it is goo Jitsu solo-e Joey okay snowball how are you feeling pretty good I think there is one more thing in there one more thing let's see oh there is something oh boy it's super slimy what is this oh my look at this it's the whoopee cushion oh well because you're not so crazy it is pretty crazy but after I squeezed this I bet you're going to feel better 3 2 1 you look great I think you can become a big strong yes snowball it's great to see you looking so good and let's go ahead and open up some of these toys we found in your sign belly let's get started with squish delish eat either so yeah ela gig these are the wacky one so let's see which wacky little squishy we got look at this wild looking duck oh wait it has a tail like a squirrel hmm let's give a big squeeze oh so super soft and squishy on our squish meter again Oh big 10 woo Thomas something to flip it's our fruit Fiesta flan our friends over at moose toys and it's this reversible scented plush and well I got snowball decided to eat it my bad but it looks like a pineapple it sure does look like a pineapple and it smells so good but look what happens when we flip flip flip our pineapple now we have a cute little turtle it's just hanging out looking along how're you guys doing on our checklist here we see we have Bert the turtle and Bert is a rare one woo let's check out this ugly doll it says fancy ferry moxie look at her in there let's pop this open and get out all these surprises hey there two blind bags yeah moxie so here she is just hanging out hey you guys how you doing and then she becomes quite magical she looks like a little unicorn so adorable look at that hair I love the colors I said two blind bags but we can kind of see what's in here it looks like moxie in there okay it's a little folded and blue we're gonna open it up and it looks like we have some stickers a little Moxie here oh wait there are two blind bags look they're connected let's open up the first one well it gets a little barrette it looks like you could put this on her or whoa-ho granny dolly can wrap it around the hair and blind bag number two who would you gonna do hey it's a little skirt okay let's go ahead and put a daughter she's bringing a little skirt and I realized this isn't a bow it's her top so we can just wrap this around her little arms and I think this is what she's supposed to look like plus our unicorn horn of course who is excited for Toy Story for I know I am I can't wait to sit look at all the difference you get how cool is do kaboom I'm so excited so there is a surprise inside it says look for me and they have four key on there it looks like these are all the different ones you can get so who do we find somebody really teeny-tiny in here hey we found four key it said look for me I always found you porky is adorable especially as a little tiny mini four key we open up Toy Story how about we open up of a secret life of pets two awesome movies coming out this summer so looks like you get some kind of little house and a little figure mrs. find the rare captain snowball that's me it sure is okay let's see who we found we have this house and I think we opened this part up it's my first time opening one of these open sesame' nope maybe I just open this yes and inside look who we found it's little tiny the basset hound look at those long ears and guys he is so fuzzy fuzzy let's look at the checklist here we've kitchen and max DZ snowball there's tiny right there pickles Chloe Duke and hue and the ultra rare captain snowball I think it's time to get a little cheesy okay so let's figure this out open up the top you can also twist it down here oh hey something's in there it's a wine bag let's see who's inside oh this little kitty wearing a scarf and looks like earmuffs should be on there I think I need to squeeze the jeez says it's important to read instructions before you try this you go ahead and you remove this little label and you turn this up or flip it up and then you twist twist twist and out comes the cheese cheese cheese oh look it's full of surprises let's get to it so this is like an orange dough and inside we have one two blind bags and of course this fun cheesy dough that you can play with so cheesy let's see what's in our little mini blind bag something went flying it's a little teeny tiny Mouse so cute and I'm going to use my scissors to open up this one and go flying look it's another little mouse so we have one two one that doesn't look very happy over here this one's a little Zed you think they'd be happy and all that cheese it's time to look for a dragon or a person let's see who we find inside well we find toothless maybe hiccup let's see inside come on out come on out we have dragon look at this guy he he has the biggest head and mouth look at him and his little wings back here he hasn't missed a caterpillar like body and he's pretty adorable you know his name let me know in the comments down below oh there he goes here is a good Jitsu look at this one so slimy it says I'm super gooey this is blazing on goop our Wallace Liam whoa look what it looks like when you squeeze him I can't wait to check it out here we go Oh some came out oh no I think I cut his finger when I was getting him out of the container so don't do what I did an accidental e cut them so I'm gonna hold that baby whoa give him up there's the inside you can stretch him so far give them lots of big squishes well most wish Peter he gets a big giant squishy look at that arm we're friends at moose toys send this to us to an old snowball must have seen the package and eat it it said you that sounds delicious maybe you should make sure you have a tree eating before you eat it and look there's something inside what is it it is now time for pop Pop's pets just pop can't stop let's find the two surprised pets inside here we go and thank you you lubbers ending these duo's let's get popping wow we have them burbles lime no pet inside but we do have fun here we go is time let's pop a pink one whoa no pet just Pink's nice let's mix Oliver's slime together let's pop this big one hey there's something inside let's take the word slime I believe we got a little llama this is the little Christmas mama we got well it gets dressed up like a little Christmas tree can we find another pet let's check this slime new pet in there wow it's sooo stretchy come on pet number two where are you not in this one but there's more purple slime we're making such a big slime pile let's see how far we can stretch it stretch stretch stretch pretty far can we find the last pet yes we can it looks like we have one of the kittens and this one is a school cat our last surprise is baby secret who's inside all right let's see use in here here's our checklist birth certificate and a baby just like a bird it looks like a little owl look the eyes appear in the beak so cute there's even some wings back here we don't know if this baby is a boy or a girl until we put some water on this diaper so I just filled up this bathtub and now our baby's in there is it a boy or a girl it's pink so it's a little baby girl and fizzy fans look here's our little owl right here she is an ultra rare thanks for helping me with my slime Billy now I'm just going to jump in slime and naughty loves a gummy there's lime I promise and we hope you had fun watching this video hey parents would your little one love a fizzy puppet t-shirt or a mug if so be sure to check out fizzy toy show calm and keep the fun rolling by clicking on another fizzy toy show video

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