The Secret Life of Pets POPCORN MOVIE CUPS GAME w/ Surprise Toys from Pets 2 Movie

could it be in here I gotta get all this out oh look at that oh wow guys that was amazing wasn't it be a shining star hi friends Goldie here today I'm with my friends from Secret Life of totes – I have these super cool popcorn containers from the new movie so inside the popcorn containers is my treasure but who has it will it be mouth wrapped in snowballs or who the tiger put your answer in the comments well guys I love going to the movies and I love popcorn and I can't wait to see the new movie coming out June 7th so here is the containers and it says illumination presents look there's max the dog there's captain snowball wait where's the sea pets it's a secret life of wait where's pets pets whoa – a giant tune it comes out that's right in June seventh in real 3d house so there's Chloe Gidget Chloe I forgot the wiener dogs name wait there is now the Pug there's Duke the big Duke the big fluffy dog and this wiener dog I can't remember the little dog's name if you remember the wiener dogs named put it in the comments because I can't remember so these are fun really super big popcorn containers from the new movie now let's see what max has in there Maxie max all right max do you have the treasure he said you gotta find out all right so this is a fun little max plush you go over there max eat and let's get this popcorn container oh my goodness now this isn't popcorn these are these cute little squishy feed filler that I have but there are a lot of fun let's pull out what's inside what do we get we got a secret life of pets – captain snowball but I have to put my hand in here you know why it is so satisfying you know like kind of like Orbeez but it's not for babies people don't like the beads they're just really soft and you just wanna keep putting your hand down all right snowball it's a snowball in superhero suit we know what that means it's captain snowball whoa he's so cool let's get him right now oh my gosh I think looks amazing I love with the coloring he's such a cool color blue check him out and he has the cool S on his superhero costume and of course he has a golden cage corn there he comes he can leap tall buildings in a single bound he's flying through the air he's captain snowball he's looking for your popcorn to eat Wow I Love You captain snowball now this is a Funko that I would actually really like to have because I really like snowball and I could see me putting him on my desk because he's so funny all right guys let's go to the next popcorn container so we have two choices left guys we have captain snowball who looks – or we have a who the tiger Wow I don't know this is a tough choice I think I'm gonna try who I think who the tiger has my golden treasure come here you little keep tiger oh you're so I can't wait to meet him in the new movie we'll put our Tiger here and what's inside our popcorn container wow guys look at all the bees and it's oh no it's max but it's max with cone he has the cone of dog shame let's see if there's anything else Oh put my hand in here for anything let's get our max with cone out alright so this one says number seven six four and it's a pop movie Funko pop movie oh here he is poor max oh but you know what when a dog has to wear these it's not for long oops sorry max this one doesn't come off it's really cute look we're gonna pretend this is popcorn and I'm gonna put it in his cone here you go max have some popcorn while you watch the movie if you're a big secret life of pets fan these are perfect I was involved I'm gonna keep them I think alright guys we have to find the treasure let's put our little friends down and look for that treasure hmm alright guys what was it max it wasn't who snowball could it have been you the whole time you always have all my treasure that's my goal because I'm gold like you with my golden cape I love all things go and I love helping people I know you do you're so awesome alright guys could my treasure be in all of this Wow guys I don't see any treasure any there's a lot of little beads in here oh no could it be in here I gotta get all of this out oh look at that oh wow guys that was amazing wasn't it I don't see anything but paper oh no please tell me there's some treasure in the bottom please please please if you guessed Kappa snowball would have my golden treasure in the popcorn bucket what I'm a winner in the comments I think so it's coming guys well guys check out my treasure and all of our prizes oh my goodness we got some secret life of pets to candy a secret life of pets to toy and some other what is this all we have some pets these are little boxing girls pets I know that the secret life of two crew is gonna love these pets and I think there's another one let's get them all out what cute little pet let's open this one this one is stripes and I think it's a kitten wow you know who's gonna love stripes I bet I bet Chloe Chloe the cat from secret life of pets is gonna love stripes with these pets it looks like you can collect 1 2 3 4 5 pets in this collection well let's get them out that's why they call these boxy girls because they have little accessories that come in the boxes and these are their little friends the boxy pets how cute it's kind of like a little bobble head you're gonna fit right in with this secret life of pets friends so they're stripes I'm gonna put her here oh my she has 4 pairs it was like pet slippers and a collar on you to have to put them on her right away these are like little kitten slippers how you guys that is so cool look how they fit right on and then she has a little pink collar tuck here stretch has a little pink collar in her little kitten slippers look guys she has her very own cat bed and then her cat Bowl oh this is really cute let's put her in her bed let's lay you're down to go to sleep oops don't fall out alright let's open the next one here's our next pet friend now this one says this one is buttons and buttons it looks like is a dog and you know what buttons kind of looks like max look he's white and brown and Max is white in brown let's get buttons out you're so cute buttons does look like a nice guy this is so funny so here's buttons out head bobbles a little bit turns all around and then buttons has the two boxes let's get these boxes out first I'm gonna do it different this time I'm gonna open the big box maybe buttons has a bed and this box Oh [Applause] cute well buttons got a dog bowl for water in a bowl look at that oh but here you go I know you probably love a bun most dogs love bones and let's see what else now we get to open our small box I think this is a collar and a handkerchief let's put it on buttons little collar how cute and now we're gonna put a little bend in I think I called it a handkerchief it's a bandana that is just too cute yeah I like button so far buttons is my favorite boxy pet alright buttons you hang out over here with your bone and let's open a secret life of pets toy hmm open this max now this one says chat and hang max let's get him out so here is our cutie brown and white max now this part here is where you clip so see it snaps back so you clip max on my finger and then if you press right here he's gonna talk let's listen he said the vet no no no no my dog hates the vet too I think most dogs hate the vet all you poor things so this is a really cute toy and wait we have more you have one more boxy pet friend to get out and then we have one more secret life of pets toys so let's get out this one this one is Lulu and I think this one might be a monkey oh my goodness I've had this secret life of pets crew would love a monkey friend oh my goodness they would get into so much mischief all Lulu you're so cute so here's adorable Lulu there's her little tail now let's see what kind of fun thing she has maybe she has a banana Treat in this box do you think maybe come on we love bananas bananas be a mmm banana not banana I can't spell banana oh my gosh it's a cute little leaf chair look how cute and this a hat oh this is really fun it's a little silly hat so let's put this hat on Lulu I think it is a hat for Lulu don't drop your hat Lulu she's so cute let's put her in her little banana seat it looks like banana leaf so we're gonna put her right in her little seat now it's open Lulu's little box now maybe there's some bananas in here is it is it is it it is a banana oh she has like a little caller how cute and she got a banana let's put her collar on this is different oh wait it's like a shirt let's put it on Lulu wow guys look how fancy Lulu is it's kind of almost like a sweater and then when you put her hat on she's so cute she is super fancy so here's our three boxy girls boxy pets we have stripes to kick buttons a dog who looks like Max's little brother and we have Lulu monkey so now our secret life of pets cream has three new little pet friends and last we have to open this this is a secret life of pets to candy so included inside is some variety I'm the candy collectors card and a figure and there's eight to collect obey let's see what we're gonna collect to collect all eight you have Gidget now snowball captain snowball regular snowball Chloe Chloe Max and Max and I'm not gonna show you the face on the other side because then you'll know who's inside so we have our dads candy and this is our newest treat figure if you kid let me cut it open no pinkie oh I love him guys look we got mail the Pug yeah the mail the pug we love you so now we see on the collector card is everybody's most adorable pug male the pug how cute love these two continue the fun click on one of the videos on the screen below or you can click on my face Goldy star to subscribe to treasure chest surprise toys

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