The Secret Life of Pets Official Trailer + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

I’m Max. And I’m the LUCKIEST dog in New York! Because of her. Come on, Max, I gotta go! See you tonight! Bye, Gidget! So long, Mel! See you later, Chloe! Good morning, Max! What’s up, guys?! Any plans today? I got big plans! I’m gonna sit here and wait for Katie to come back! Oh, I miss her so much! She’s back!!! Hey Maximillian! I have some…big news! Max, this is Duke! He’s going to be your…brother! Chloe! Chloe! I gotta bad situation! Katie brought home a psychopath from the pound! I don’t even have a bed now! I’m sleepin’ on the floor…like a dog! Duke is ruining our lives! It’s an emergen – Aw, you little cutie pie! What’s goin on here? Mind your own business – ohmigosh what happened to you?! Hey, did you hear that? Butterfly! Max is missing! We have got to find him! Katie’s gonna be worried sick! We had a great thing going…I blame myself. Yeah, me too. I blame you a lot. We’re bustin’ both of you outta here, but from now on you work for ME! Advantage me! Just ignore what just happened! Okay? This is my city! I’ll find your friend! We gotta take the secret route! Okay, the secret route was DEATH… We can find our way home! We are descended from the mighty wolf! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! We have raw primal instincts! Hi, how are ya? That are moments away from leading us home! Isn’t home that way?! Seriously?! The Secret Life of Pets… Be a good boy, Leonard!

100 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Pets Official Trailer + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

  1. I know lots of people are really looking forward to it and I got it when I saw the first trailer but … meh? this trailer was really boring, as are almost all trailers for kids' movies IMO and it's kind of a shame. The first trailers are usually clever but then they show some of the plot in the second and I'm like – that's it? So yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of movies about pets so maybe that's the reason, but I'm really not too excited for this movie, having seen this trailer.
    thanks for the review! (:

  2. Big and small dogs doesn't have problems just because of size, it depends on each individual dog if they gonna get along or not.

  3. Zootopia, Life of Pets, Angry Birds, and Finding Dory… All animal oriented animated movies. That's odd. You don't want the fans complaining of "animal" fatigue lol

  4. I love the look of this though because I have two dogs now. I had one for about 6/7 years before we brought home the other one and it causes so much distress at first but now my first dog is so much more happy then he was before because he has a buddy for when we leave for work/school. It was such a cute progression to watch unfold, literally like an animated movie.

  5. They should do a movie about humans being kept as pets by animals – like Vice Versa with Judge Reinhold… how would that work out LOL! Or they could do a kind of funny version of Planet of the Apes with normal dogs and cats having taken over society as all the humans have become couch potatoes!

  6. I feel like this doesn't have the most original story, but it still looks interesting. I look forward to watching it.

  7. What is up with these animal films and their peeing/pooping jokes? Honestly, this would have been a good short film, like the ones Disney/Pixar puts in from of their animated features.

  8. When I was watching this trailer, I was hoping it wasn't going to show me more, but it practically showed me the whole movie, I was so disappointed

  9. Looks a little too cliched to me.
    I genuinely loved the idea of exploring what pets get up to in their spare time when the owners are gone.
    Instead it turned into a odd-couple homeward-bound adventure. I'm pretty sure I can predict a decent 80% of the plot and tropes of this film already.

  10. Just hoping it's all comedy. When I saw the animal control and the pound, I started hearing "In the Arms of an Angel", and my enthusiasm just died.

  11. Grace, you seemed to like the urine joke from the Angry Bird trailer yesterday, but don't like the fecal joke here. I don't see much difference between the two. So, to you, what is the difference?

  12. Yeah, Lake Bell did a great job here.. Disappointed a bit with Duke, I think its more the setup they put him in that I'm disappointed with, especially since they have Eric Stonestreet for this character which seems like a great match. Louis CK is great, so is Ellie Kemper. I really like the character of the bunny, Snowball, but Kevin Hart to me isn't such a great choice there. Maybe once the movie comes around though we'll see their vision for Snowball and it will all make sense.

  13. I was laughing from start to finish. I'm so looking forward in seeing it.The whole roommate situation is similar with my two dogs. We a have miniature pincher who's in his golden years and not too log ago we brought home a Chihuahua who's a youngster. Since this Chihuaha is kind of a wimp. The pincher basically picks on him from time from.

  14. I don't quite understand why you think this version of new york has a "european" feel to it. There aren't many skyscraper heavycities in europe and the cities that have skyscrapers don't have so many to begin with and are dwarfs compared to the US counterparts. It doesn't feel like europe to me at all, and that's me being a european.

  15. what a great review! thanks Grace, I like how it is compared to Toy Story.. But boy is this funny! I really am looking forward to it.

  16. Honestly, this trailer made it seem like this would be a better short, rather than a feature film. But it's too cute, I might end up watching it anyway.

  17. It´s kind of a cliché in movies about pets that at some point they get picked up by the pound and have to break out and then find their way back home. I hope this movie has something more to offer than just that tired old formula

  18. The poop joke was the best, the rest I don't care for. Zootopia and kungfu panda are probably the only ones I will see in theatres.

  19. The voice acting was great, especially the one doing the cat. Also, I loved the color scheme and the landscape, which were very bright and refreshing. Really enjoyed the trailer.

  20. I am European and I didn't get that European feeling 😛 I have never been to New York but from all they showed it looks pretty New York to me 🙂 At first I liked the idea of the movie but I didn't like this trailer so much :/ I won't go see it in cinema but I will see it once it comes it on DVD.

  21. I have a theory that by the end of it it's going to be revealed that she got Duke to keep Max company whilst she was gone

  22. I just feel like I've seen this before with Lady and the Tramp, Oliver and Company, puss in boots and even the Squirrel/Butterfly joke with Up. I think the story seems so typical and boring. The characters and jokes arent raising the movie up either.

  23. Toy Story, Toy Story 2 with pets. I saw this preview play in front of Kung Fu Panda 3 & that's all I could think about. In the 1st movie, Woody's jealous of Buzz & in the 2nd, Buzz and the other toys go & rescue Woody.

  24. I liked the Kevin Hart bunny. Everything else was a bit of a letdown from the first trailer. I liked this movie better when it had less of a plot.

  25. I've owned bunnies + cats.. bunnies..they poop.. and cats play with it.. I laughed my cushy li'l ass of when that cat started playing with it.. oh god.. it's so true!

    the bunny part reminded me of oliver.. the upscale life reminded me of oliver… I never really got lady & the tramp.. still don't, just oliver minus the whole billy crystal & joel vibe

    this video isn't showing up in BTT's uploads… only reason I saw it was it appeared at the end of the last video.. I went back to the main page and scrolled… 1 day ago.. 2 days ago.. 3 days ago.. nothing.. finally used search and it was several results down

  26. Grace,i love all of your videos and am a huge fan and would love it if you would plz do top 5 videos for:
    1) How to train your dragon 3
    2) frozen 2
    3) Lego movie 2
    4) the incredible`s 2
    5) batman Lego movie

  27. The things about having multiple pets is that they do adjust to each other. Compatibility can be an issue, but it isn't always that way.

  28. I must say this second trailer is a lot better than the first given that it makes it a lot clearer what this movie is all about. It's about these two very different dogs who have to put aside their differences to try to get home while an eclectic group of animal characters also tries to find them. Toy Story with animals. That's an apt assessment. I think also you can consider it somewhat similar to 101 Dalmatians or even Homeward Bound in a way.

  29. Don't like Duke and I feel like this story has been done before. Love the city animation and wish more of the poodle was in it. Also like that fat grey cat lol.

  30. I was so disappointed when I saw this preview. why can't we have original ideas for movies? toy story, bolt, homeward bound, the aristocats, finding nemo, the emperor's new grove, Garfield, the princess and the frog, home, tangled, just to name a few of the recent movies that have the same premise. can it be good? of course it could, Kung fu panda 3 uses the very easy to screw up "liar revealed" trope successfully, so pets could still be good. I just wouldn't bet the price of a 3D ticket, popcorn and a drink on it.

  31. I feel like this has been done before. It looks uninteresting. Only 2016 animated film that looks good is Zootopia. Sing looks awful.


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