The Secret Life of Pets Official Teaser Trailer + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

Bye, Gidget! Hey, Max! Hey, Gidget! Any plans today? Yes! Big, big stuff today, Gidget! I got big plans! I’m gonna sit here and I’m gonna wait for Katie to come back! Oh that sounds exciting! Well, I won’t interrupt! I’ve got a very busy day too! Here you go! See you later, Chloe! So long, Mel! Bye, Sweat Pea! See you, Gino! – Bye! – Bye! – Bye, buddy! Bye, everyone! You be a good boy, Leonard.

96 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Pets Official Teaser Trailer + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

  1. I love it! I love the bird and the poodle ones 🙂 I am just wondering what the plot is going to be but I think they can pull it off 🙂

  2. The ending with the poodle was golden. Laughed out loud at that. This also reminds me of a more humorous version of the Aristocats.

  3. Awesome seeing a movie like this coming out I just got a pet recently and this make you wonder what do they do

  4. The cat tortured by the fridge is real. My cat once ate a whole pound of flank steak that was thawing on the counter while the family was gone. We found the wrapper and styrofoam in shambles as evidence.

  5. My friend had two dog who were not allowed on the couches. His dogs were smart and clearly understood this rule. One day, he decided to setup a video camera to observe his dogs while he was away. As soon as he shut the door, the dogs ran to the window and watched him drive away. No sooner than he was gone, promptly jumped on the couches and rolled around on their backs.

  6. I think it looks super cute!! As a dog owner and Vet technician it looks really cute and funny to me. It had me laughing out loud throughout the whole trailer. Can't wait to see it.

  7. hey grace: my cat was with me when i was viewing the trailer.. and he star moving his ears and wiskers… it was so funny.. the flying bird was his favorite part.. so funny…

  8. When I get home, I always find all the pillows on the floor, with my dog chilling on one of them like nothing is wrong, lol.

  9. As you put it, this really is the pets version of Toy Story though I wouldn't consider that a good thing. I've had a few pets and know a lot of people with pets and I really don't think there needs to be a movie about what goes on when we're not home when these are some of the most used stories I've ever heard. I can't tell you how many times people talk about what they come home to and what they think happened. Yes people, especially in America, love their pets its not really an original concept even if the jokes are.

  10. lmfao i watched this with my cat chloe beside me and when the owner of the hungry cat said see u later chloe my cat look at me and thought i was calling her!

  11. We had a puppy THEN we lift TO the market TO But soñé cake stuff lol cake stuff came back and theyre was no chocolate on the table for the cake ??????

  12. I have zero idea of what the story will play out but I'm so gonna watch this movie when it comes out.

  13. The animation worried me at first because it didn't seem very grounded in reality which gave the impression of a student project. But the gags were cute and funny. I still don't know what to expect but I'm more positive on this than Zootopia. Why the gender ratio of 8:3 though?

  14. Yes. My dogs ripped up the trash or pillows, and my cat has scratched or knocked stuff over and just looked at me like they didn't do it.

  15. My dog taught herself how to open unlocked doors with her paws (she's really small and I still have no idea how she does it). She'll go inside my closet when I'm not there and sniff through all my dirty laundry.

  16. My (first) problem: what's the plot going to be? Where could this plot possibly go? Who are the protagonists going to be? It makes for a cute short film, I suppose, but it seems like stretching this concept to an hour and a half will cause it to fall flat. 
    The art style is so off-putting, from an artistic standpoint. The characters just look so ugly, in my opinion. 
    All in all, it just looks so…banal and lacking in imagination.

  17. I think this looks pretty cute! But I was also excited about Rio and didn't like that very much and am only meh about both Despicable Me's and have no desire to see Minions. (Although you liked it so much, maybe I'll rent it). 

    My cat is an indoor only cat and the most I've ever found that he was doing while I was gone was throwing up hair balls… ew. So fun to find a mess to clean after hours of work or getting home late and sleepy after being with friends! haha. And sometimes I'll find a dead bug or baby snake that got in and he killed. Not very interesting hahaha.

  18. This looks like it has lots of potential, but currently there appears to be no plot yet. I'd have to see a full trailer to get a better feel for it. This looks like more fun than Minions, Peanuts, Zootopia or Transylvania. Pets are more relatable I guess. The last part with the heavy metal poodle was my favorite part.

  19. Omg! I can't waaaaait 😀 If anything is with dogs, pets, good animated and funny, then i have to watch it :3 The poodle reminds me of myself when i was listening to some classic music, and when mom got of out the house, i put on dubstep :>

  20. Yeah I already love this movie!! I have a cat named Mealena…I've had her for 6yrs now. 2 weeks ago my fiance & I came home & the hair on her back looked spiked-up so, wen I touched her she felt a lil sticky so…I looked around to see what she'd gotten into…couldn't find anything not even the trash look like it had been bothered. I wound up having to cut the clumps out of her fur because no matter how many times I washed her it was clumpy & kept sticking together. IT'S STILL A MYSTERY TO THIS DAY LMBO!! ?????

  21. That cat is me ….. With chips lol i never thought that i would be able to relate to an animal so much !!!! Cant wait to watch this movie !

  22. Chloe was funny…reminded me of the cat we had when I was a teen. Picky eater and was always up to one shenanigan or another. …like the time I came home from school and heard some meowing coming from the Christmas tree. ….and then a paw batting me on the shoulder as I walked by. I miss my kitty…lost to feline leukemia but not forgotten. 
    The little bird was cool. ..but my favorite was the heavy metal poodle! LOL! Absolutely hilarious and didn't see it coming! I've watched the trailer several times just to laugh at the poodle. 😀

  23. Thanks for the review, I am very interested in this film, Ok, I doubt our pets get up to these things, but I have 6 Cockatiels, I reckon they get up to crazy stuff.

  24. Yeah I have a dog and a cat u find some mad stuff has gone on when your out . I found out my jack Russell loves sleeping with a teddy bear even though he is usually so destructive. Came home one day and he was all cuddled up .

  25. Why doesn't the fat cat go after the food on the bottom shelf instead of the turkey. The owner will notice. Like seriously. That cat Is fat it probably can't just!p high. Why go after it?

  26. The dog that was using the cake mixer was dicusting it want his butt scratched I would never use that thing again.

  27. Haha! Apparently, that IS what my dog used to do all day, except mine wouldn't sit up, but rather lay down with his nose pressed to the bottom of the front door until I came home. I didn't know this until I lived with my ex and he took a picture of this. He showed it to me and said, "THIS is what your dog does ALL DAY LONG EVERY DAY after you leave." Even with other people living there, he just waited like that till I came home. I felt terrible and decided he needed his own little friend to keep him company so I went and adopted a kitten for him. They got on like gangbusters right away, despite his being 80lbs and tall enough to be quite intimidating to a kitten. t was a slightly older kitten who had clearly been out on the street long enough to have developed some fear of strange dogs but also obviously savvy enough to have survived a couple month, and he was good natured enough to submit the immediate flea bath I gave him even before letting him set foot on the ground inside.- complained a bit, but no scratching or biting attempts, and no time at all to get used to the dog. I'd thought it might take a few days for him to get comfortable but upon introduction, he marched right up the dogs snout to start licking his ears and they were best of friends.

    Now that kitten is about 19 years old, and I think he still hangs out at the neighbors house behind us because they thought him a stray and completely by coincidence happened to call him the same name as the dog who passed away at the ripe old age of 14 about 9 or 10 years ago. He only started hanging out up there about a year after the dog died, and he still visits them despite the fact that they no longer feed him since they know he's not homeless now.

  28. Someone had to point out at some point, that there will probably be at least two jokes about neutering/spading in the film :3

  29. I always find my cockatiel out of his cage even when nobody opens the door :') I just find him on top of the cage. He hates sitting inside the cage but he likes sitting on top of it XD silly birb… He's actually sleeping on it right now.

  30. I think that it's a good and inventive concept, and the gags are funny but I have trouble seeing an actual plot coming from this.

  31. Did you guys notice that the stereo sound was amazing! All the doors closing were always right where the field of sound was, like to the right and to the left etc.? Sorry I'm just a big audio geek, but not many animation movies pay that much attention to sound, especially just in a teaser trailer +BeyondTheTrailer

  32. My kids like watching the trailers for this movie and yours keeps playing. My wife and I have to skip it because you are really annoying!

  33. ooooh! my cats- kino, sooky, pp, pudding and waffle ( tiny ginger kitten 030 ) are ALWAYS getting into trubble! no joke! and get this, if my whole family go out, theres always something broke, out of power, or eaten! so, it could be ture, u never know, ( unless u put camras all over your house ) . wow, made loads of spelling mastakes! .

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