THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS movie review (no spoilers) – BLIND FILM CRITIC

This episode of the Blind Film Critic is brought to you by Unique Energy Drink. The Uncommon Energy built with health in mind. Hey, you know, this is called “The Secret Life of Pets” and I don’t think I heard anybody whisper. How are you going to keep a secret like that? [laughs] Coming out of the theater I was pretty happy. “The Secret Life of Pets” is nice a little family film. You know, there’s something in it for the parents. There’s something in it for the kids. You know, for what it is, it’s quite good. Of course there’s a bunch of sight gags in this one but they said a lot of funny stuff. I mean, I was actually laughing out loud in the theater. Let’s talk about the story. I mean, this story has a lot of heart. It really does. And the characters are all so well defined. I mean, I knew who everybody was. There was no confusion on my part at all. And this is cool because this is coming from somebody who can’t see them. Now all that being said, this is a 90 minute long film and to me it felt a little long. I got to be honest. I’m getting towards the part where the end of the adventure and they’re still developing characters. Hello? [laughs] Take your time everybody. We’re in no hurry. Louis C.K. is Max. And you know what? I thought he did a really nice job of bringing some innocence to this character and it also came across how much he loved his master and how much his master loved him. They really showed the relationship well in this film. Eric Stonestreet is Duke. Now he does a great job too. You can tell he is a different kind of a dog. He’s a little bit of a goofier, bigger dog. And I don’t know, his voice really helped to portray that for me. Kevin Hart is Snowball. Boy, does he bring personality to this character. It’s fantastic. I loved him. I just loved everything about him. He always made me laugh and made me smile every time he was on. And he had so much to work with. There’s was plenty for him to do. SNOWBALL: It’s a like a club, but with bitin’ and scratchin’! TOMMY: Lake Bell was Chloe. Now, at first I thought she was written a lot better than it was performed but she performed the part of a cat really well. You know, just sort of that cat attitude. I guess it’d be “catitude” wouldn’t? [laughs] How about Dana Carvey as Pops. I mean, this was so good I didn’t even realize it was Dana Carvey, I swear. That’s how good he was. And you could say the same for Albert Brooks’ Tiberius. I didn’t recognize him at first but he was so great. I mean, he has to be, right? He was playing a hawk, so he has to be a little more stoic. There was a little bit of an accent to him. And he was just brilliant.
TIBERIUS: Too stupid to talk and too ugly to eat.
TOMMY: You know the one person that was missing from this that I really thought would add a lot to this movie. Even just a little bit. How about, Snoop Dogg? For shizzle. [music] When it comes to an animated film versus a live-action one, for somebody who’s blind since birth, it’s kind of the same because there all these big giant stars and if you were to close your eyes and just listen to it, I mean, you know it does sound like a live-action thing. Afterall, these people do play characters, right? And they human personalities and stuff. But you’re reminded it’s an animated film because they’re just doing things that humans can’t do. Plus, all the sounds and the music make it very cartoonish, you know. For example, when they run across the room. You hear the running sound, but it’s built right into the score of the film and it really works or perhaps when something falls, you know, it doesn’t fall like it does in a regular movie. It’s got more of a comedic thud to it or makes a weird sound. And that’s the difference I notice between animated and live-actions films. So for “The Secret Life of Pets” I’m going to give this one 3 out of 4 eyes open. Me, I’m waiting for the sequel, and I know exactly what’s going to be called… “The Secret Life of PLANTS” [theme music] Thanks to our sponsor Unique Energy Drink. The Uncommon Energy Built with Health in Mind. You know, what’s different about this than other energy drinks is it’s got Red Reishi Mushrooms. Yeah, that gives you more of a cognitive lift rather than a physical one. The objective of Unique is to give you the benefit of the other drinks without the negative effects. You know, like the jitters or the rapid heart rate. To find out where you can get Unique, just go to the website, [beep] I’ve got big news for you. We have brand new limited edition Blind Film Critic apparel. Yeah, you can get a hat or a t-shirt or even a hoodie with that logo on it. Isn’t that beautiful. Hmm? Don’t you love that thing? Yeah, you can where that all around town and be the envy of all your friends. Just click the link in the description or visit the website and learn how to get yours. [beep] You know where a horse goes when he’s sick, don’t you? To the horspital. [beep] You know what a pig puts on a cut? Oink-ment. [beep] You what friends, leave the pets at home. I don’t think they’re really going to enjoy this one. [laughs]

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  1. man, i'm so happy that he's doing film critics again! (of cause i love his other stuff, too. but i missed it, still!)

  2. Hey Tommy 🙂 could you react to hearing different languages? I would really appreciate it !

  3. Tommy hello. Have you ever thought you may be part of show like "The Truman Show" and everybody is lying they have sight, but in reality everybody is blind just like you?

  4. Hey Tommy, I know that you are mainly a film critic but I was wondering if you could do a review of the TV show Avatar the Last Airbender. I say this because I think that this show is perfect for you and in many ways that you won't even expect. Now I don't want to spoil a whole lot but I specifically want to see your reaction to one main character who is blind and has been blind from birth. This I feel will give you someone who you can really relate to. I think this would be a great TV series for you to review, everyone else who really wants to see this please give me a thumbs up so Tommy know that we want his opinion on this!

  5. I was going to see this but it turned out that it was on monster screen and was too expensive. Hopefully we'll get to watch it soon!

  6. Tommy, do you think movies affect you more since you can lose yourself in the world easier than someone with sight?

  7. Hi Tommy! Do you know what's the condition behind your blindness? I've been learning a lot from your videos and as a med student I'm very curious about that. Thank you.

  8. I noticed sound-treating foam on the walls in your older videos. Whenever I walk alongside a wall with that stuff on it, it confuses me, because my ears are telling me "there's no echo, so there's a big space over there," and the main reason I don't ram into it is because of my vision. What's it like for you when you encounter sound-treating foam?

  9. The only thing I can think of when I watch these videos is, "How often does he catch his willy in his zipper?"?

  10. hey Tommy, do you play any instruments? if you don't, you should need around a lil with it. seems interesting to me

  11. Great work!
    i am looking forward to this one! Bring on the Goobers,Junior Mints , butter popcorn.and a Coke Zero with vanilla.
    Reese pieces.This is the type of fun CGi .i would love to do.
    Things that make you laugh so hard that your sides ache! Did you use Descriptive Video service.
    I am having difficulty with threatened complying.
    i also have to make sure I am not sitting in the 3D version with glasses.
    I am Monocular.
    Take care!

  12. Hey,whoa! the person jibjub.
    Give us sight impaired a break!!!!?.
    if you are hungry enough you learn at a early age about how to feed yourself Sighted or blind. i find it sad when my husband uses a fork and he grabs it ,it falls off! so you try it blindfolded!.

  13. I am looking forward to FindingDory. late birthday.
    Hey Tommy get this my b day is on Helen Keller's and I have ROP.
    retinopathy of prematurity.
    aka. Teri's syndrome!
    Happy movie watching!

  14. Have you heard of Netflix's Audio Description Service? Do you enjoy it or does it ruin your experience? If you haven't, just go to the language option on the show you are listening to and see if the Audio Description option is available.

  15. How's your handwriting? Do you write how sighted people write (In Latin letters) or do you imagine the symbols in Braille?

  16. Hello Tommy! I've got a question for you. Are there any MAGIC TRICKS for the blind? Can you enjoy magic shows if someone narrates them to you? Most magic tricks are optical illusions, I'm wondering if there are auditive illusions….

  17. Hey tommy question would you rather of been born blind or have seen for a short time of your life and lost your sight?

  18. Tommy, have you ever looked into recently created surgeries that have cured people that have been blind since birth? I don't know your exact condition but it would be worth looking into!

  19. Love these videos as a visually impaired person myself (registered blind, though I do have a decent amount of useful sight) there's so much here I can relate to. loved the review might watch the film tomorrow.

  20. I watched the movie an hour ago at a drive in theater with a 17 month old, 4 year old and 5 year + 3 other adults. We all loved the movie! Ssshifty.

  21. Hey Tommy, I have a question for your next Q and A whenever that is. What do you think about racism (particularly in the US)? Obviously being blind you can't see the colour of skin so it is impossible for you to judge someone based on that. I would be really interested to hear your thoughts on the subject

  22. I'm really curious; you show philosophical strength. Would you say that being blind has made you better at dealing with insults and other bullpoop that otherwise would hit hard for others? Do you meditate or anything similar like yoga?
    I get such a Dalai Lama vibe from you.

  23. If someone types random words in a comment, when he listens it, would he think the computer isn't reading it correctly?

  24. if he never seen anything what is his sex orientation? he likes men, women or both? even if you are blind you can still have sex and do 'stuff'…but since he never seen anything he shouldnt be able to get horny etc..

  25. Tommy Edison, One of the rare people with disabilities that doesn't draw the guilt card and doesn't make me feel bad for views. He's just a great person, personality, and content provider. Thank you.

  26. I absolutely love this channel. I always get a kick out of Tom! And man, are those dad jokes on point! I realize also this isn't necessarily an idea for the blind film critic section of his channel, but I always wondered how you would describe somebody just by listening to their voice. Anybody else think this would be an interesting idea for a video?

  27. You're hilarious, I love these film reviews and your perspective is awesome. Thanks so much for doing this!

  28. There's a new movie trailer out called "Don't Breathe" about a blind man who gets robbed and I kinda wanna know your thoughts on how well they portray being blind and how well the movie is executed for blind individuals. Once it comes out, of course, thanks!

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  31. Halfway through, I was wondering what stood out, in your perspective, between live action and cartoons. Good explanation! I thought you were going to mention the talking animals as another indication. But you do know that some animals can talk too, don't you?

  32. it might be fun to learn different handshakes because if practice even a sighted person can do them with their eyes closed I think it's fun to make up new handshakes with friends and it seems the blind might be missing out on this you're the best tommy!!!!

  33. it might be fun to learn different handshakes because if practice even a sighted person can do them with their eyes closed I think it's fun to make up new handshakes with friends and it seems the blind might be missing out on this you're the best tommy!!!!

  34. I can understand how to a blind person a lot of movies will seem a bit too long. Because during parts where we are watching action, car chases etc. A blind person is waiting for dialogue and different more recognizable sounds. That will make it seem longer more drawn out than it seems to sighted folks

  35. I was just about to ask you whether you had any bias against animated films. Because I have a lot of friends who are always skeptical about animated films because they think it's just for kids and it would only be fun for kids. And as an animator, I always find that a bit hurtful. I was wondering what you, as a blind person, thought about it, since, you know, the visual style doesn't affect your perception of the movie. But then, I guess, as you mentioned, the audio does. I never really thought of that before.

  36. this video was massively interesting, to hear your take on the difference between animated and live action, it makes me think!

  37. This movie just didn't do it for me. It was a pretty big disappointment 🙁 Overall, I'm not liking the illumination entertainment films.

  38. Every time I watch one of your videos I always try to think in touch and smell instead of sight, so I experience how you might think but I can never do it for longer than a couple of seconds. ??

    Love your videos Tommy!

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  40. Hey Mr. Tommy you're so great…You are an inspiration for other persons with disabilities…You're such a good person and talented…

  41. Does Mofedest Miracle (google it) help me learn see some improvements in my life especially financially? I notice lots of people keep on talking about this popular self-development course that designed by popular motivator.

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