47 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Pets – Meet Sweet Pea (HD) – Illumination

  1. this is cute, but to be a stickler for details, they drew sweat pea's feet wrong. Parakeets/Parrots have two toes in the front and two toes on the back for feet unlike what the creaters drew. Look up any budgie picture and you will see it. I know its small but other than that this was really cute!

  2. The last four seconds contain the important "punchline" video. But on mobile, it's half obscured, just at that moment, by a top half advert. So is just like to send a big ad-thumping shout out to Google and the OP: Fucking idiots.

  3. I have two parakeets, one yellow, sunny, and the other green, Bella. Sweet pea is my favorite character because he (or she, not really sure) looks just like her! And Bella seems to have the same personality as sweet pea too, she would do the same things sweet pea did in the movie.

  4. This is so fitting!! All 8 of my parakeet/ budgies love TV time action flicks, and gusts of air under their wings when flying!

    Birbs Rule!!!! Really want to see this movie!

  5. OMG I know someone with a pet parakeet named Sweet Pea….. I didn't know this is a popular parakeet name

  6. sweet pea looks aggresive looks like my parakeet chirpy is my parakeet chirpy

    totally true NOT

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