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We bet you didn’t know that Gidget’s owners are modeled after Louis CK, who voices Max in the film and Ellen DeGeneres, see? Secret Life of Pets is about the quiet life of a terrier named Max Which is upended when his owner takes in Duke A stray whom Max instantly dislikes Hello Everybody, welcome back to Movie Mistakes Today, we’re gonna show you the goofs we found in Secret Life of Pets In Mistake number one, Katie has to go to work… or is it school? Whatever. Point is, she needs to leave her best friend who is sad she’s gone. So keep a close eye on the window in the background what could she possibly be doing oh I miss her so much The camera switches to Max’s soon-to-be girlfriend Gidget She hops over to the window and what is this? It’s suddenly open? How did that happen? get I got big plans i’m going to sit here and I’m gonna wait for Katie to Meet Chloe. She’s a fat house cat that likes to eat only human food I mean what pet doesn’t, right? Well, in this scene when she opens the refrigerator, we see a bottle with a red leaf on it. I’m sure what that is. But this time when she opens the door, we see the red leaf is faded I personally loved the animation in this moving all the fine details from the hairs on max to the spokes on Katie’s bike, which is parked next to an unopened window by the way. illumination entertainment really did a good job. just a few moments later Max’s friends stop over for a visit but did you notice that the bike has moved over next to the first window, see? and I didn’t notice that either at first. Katie Max’s owner brings home to from the pound and Max is not too happy about it. Duke breaks a vase while chasing after a gopher, then sits next to the evidence, scratching himself. The camera then switches to max and creates more of a mess on purpose. however when we see Duke again, he’s still scratching but he is nowhere near the coffee table or the vase that he broke max was being a jerk to duke and the big furry dog had just about enough of that. so he lures Max into the bushes and drags him by the leash down the street and through a fence as you can see here. but this would be impossible because if Max can barely fit through, there is no way Duke could have gotten through there In mistake number 6, the two stupid dogs no not these two stupid dogs. They find themselves in an alley up against stray cats, but keep a close eye on this cup in the trash can. meanwhile that hairless cat takes Duke’s collar, so as the camera angle switches back to Duke we can now see that the cup in the trashcan has suddenly changed positions Staying in the same scene are two canines are about to rubble with an alley full of cats. Duke kicks over the cup that he crushed his paw that’s next to the lid and straw. The camera moves from the cat’s back to Duke as he tells max to attack on three but what’s that on the ground? We can see the crushed cup but the lid and straw are now gone. maybe one of them is going to use it as a weapon? I don’t know what do you think Later on in the movie Max and Duke find themselves in the sewer after joining forces with human-hating snowball the rabbit. Max is just about to be eaten by a snake when it is crushed by concrete and bricks. Watch this one. The gang is shocked, yet when the camera switched back to max we can now see that one of the bricks is missing In the same scene Max and Duke make a daring escape from snowball and his gang. Duke is leading with Max close behind speaking of behind check out the X on Max’s backside. The two get to the end of the sewer pipe when they realize they’re in more trouble than they thought. So as they turn to face snowball we can see here that the X on Max has disappeared! I’ll bet they wish they could disappear. Gidget is worried about her boyfriend Max, and calls all of their friends together to help find him. the cute little bird is standing on the ground next to the dogs. Can you guess what’s going to appear to the right? Well if you guessed a hamster would pop up out of the great on the floor you’re either a genius or you probably saw the movie. My guess is you’re a genius. Congratulations. So what’d you think of Secret Life of Pets? Let us know in the comments section below also don’t forget to tell us what you’d like to see next and we’ll put it on our list. Join our family today by clicking the subscribe button and we’ll keep you updated on all of our newest videos. I’m Garren Marlar from Marlar House on youtube. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you right here next week for another movie mistakes.

100 thoughts on “The Secret Life of PETS | Life of Pets MOVIE MISTAKES You Missed

  1. there's a mistake when Duke throws max the water ring thing. when he throws it to him then talks the you can see the end of the rope that's where Duke catches the rope but when the angle changes you can see that the rope is still in a pile on the deck

  2. in the secret life of pets there is also another movie mistakes with snowball and Max get in the car and snowball during the steel and Max's putting a pedal and he's about to hit the animal control car but then snowball gets on the soup Cindy appeared with AC belt with snowball? and Max

  3. You when They turn up at duke's old house, u can see the blue car on the drive when the red car comes the blue car is suddenly in front of the red car.

  4. Hi! I noticed this about the cat, the cats eyes are like a snake and when the cat throws up maxs leash the cats eye is circles (pink cat)

  5. he mist a mistake if your watching on a dvd you can see the previews when it shows the guy with the pug you can see him walking out and you can see he has red pants on if you play the movie and see him walking out you see him with striped pants on if you want to see the video i will soon make a video on it with proof and also make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos and if you like the my latest video and comment i liked and say something nice i will subscribe back to you.

  6. Find the difference

  7. when I was watching Secret Life Of Pets I saw a mistake that you guys did'nt say it was when tattoo and bearded dragon got caught by the animal control and snowball and max were driving at the back of the truck there was a poster that said Sing on it .

  8. u forgot in the beginning when max runs into the bathroom to tell her owner that she needs to get rid of duke. tge way tge door opens and closes and how did max show up in her room if she was in the bathroom. something there isnt right

  9. I think I saw another mistake in this movie. In the scene to the end the bunny swims down to give the key to max, he does it through a small sun roof. But the hole is to small for him, how did duke and max get through


    guys you see, when max and duke are in the ocean. And duke let go of the rope, the rope got cut of. But the when max gets on the boat, there is lots and lots of rope left

  11. he missed something when snow ball chews on the carrot there are little piece s then in a nother camera the prices are gone

  12. bosto i do and has anyone noticed that chloe goes in the friedge and eats chicken and its at her hight but after she is done she falls and the cake is now at here levle

  13. when Katie comes home with duke the table was on the left side the scene before then suddenly it is on the right. then it keeps moving right then stays there until the end of the movie when it moves back to the left side of the vent That's one mistake I noticed

  14. There's 1 mistake I saw was when Max went onto the table There is 2 Vase BUT earlier there was 1 Vase HOW THE H

  15. Movie mistakes person there is a reason the animators left the window open the reason is because max was talking to gidget

  16. On one of the scenes the girl and Max are in the bath room door is clearly supposed to be shut from inside but in the next scene when she takes Max out the door closes for outside, like the push the door out when before it was in

  17. you mist the ending mistake in there remember when snowball drive a bus and the back of the bus has a poster called sing

  18. Did anyone notice in the scene before the alley cats that all the leashes were somehow removed from max and placed back in the park later on in the movie

  19. You missed one! When sniper get crushed, the big piece of the ceiling falls on him and sets on fire. Then, it switches angles and when goes back to max and duke, it isn't on fire anymore.

  20. Hey there is a move mistake wen max and Duke are in the alley of cats and wen the hairless cat snaches the leash and coler the hairless cat drops it the leash was gone, if you don't bileve me go to Netflix and go to kids and you will see secret life of pets and skip to the cat ally part and you see for yourselves like if you bileve me

  21. You missed the part where the cats are flinging max around and slash his collar off but as it’s falling the leash is no longer attached to it when Simon (the naked cat) catches it.

  22. I've seen that need on the bench that there was a bag then once the camera comes back the bags gone now that's another mistake for you

  23. i got one the bunny jumps in the water and it is day time then when he gives the little dog the keys and when he comes out of the water it is night time

  24. There was a seen with the bird where when he terns the tv on it’s on news and when he gets there it’s on the planes

  25. I seen the movie mistake at the end when the girl comes back home the dogs angle is shown and the background of the house is clean, but then when the girl looked at the house in 3rd person back to the dogs the house was messed up.

  26. There’s a mistake when Max is eating shoes they are green then when Katie picks the shoe up it’s red.

  27. Hey he forgot one when the first time you see the pound truck it says gotcha 2 but the second time you see the truck it says gotcha 3

  28. 4:54 after this scene i saw another mistake u missed
    edit: it look on the side where the brick was when it show viper and max again, i saw it changed its poisition

  29. There is a mistake when duke and max were in the sausage factory, when there in the carts sausage falls down in the cart in front of him, then max jumps in the cart in front of him, after there’s it cuts and max pops out of the one in front of duke. MAGIC IS REAL?

  30. you forgot when snowball and max were driving the bus the first scene when they were driving at the back it said sing u know the movie dumbies

  31. I don't care about silly mistakes, all I know is my grandson, now 10 months old loves it since he was 5 months old. Its the only movie he watches, and will sit still through the whole movie, luckily he's too young to be hung up with mistakes, he adores our dogs, all 6 of them. Can't wait for the sequel to come out!

  32. You forgot about when the baby cat cut his collar off .his leash was there but when the cat caches it it has no leash

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