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yeah hey guys it’s great to see you again i’m
so glad you came back hi I’m WD and welcome to my channel let’s see what we have today wow this is
totally also three the secret life of pets packages with new characters The Secret Life of Pets Learning Numbers And Colors With Slime Unboxing – WD Toys Wow and guys if you enjoyed the video
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and card lot more fun videos wow let’s go ahead and open these guys up our
snowball has been one checker miles that’s disgusting a key red slime gross look at this Oh me let’s see how this happened okay before
we see how that happened let’s see what we have we have four
vials of slime yeah one two three four vials and achy
slime and four colors this one is green this one is blue this one is orange and this one is red
yay for snowball we are going to use the red one okay to do that we have like a hole here you pour the slime in on top and it goes
down the hole this is actually a scooby-doo toy so you could actually buy this one as
you can see the slime comes down naturally nice and slowly oh look at that it’s gonna hit him right
on the head oh it’s going down nice and slow yeah yeah yeah – yeah no wall has been wined and guys what
color is this slime do you remember what i said earlier yes
you’re right it’s the color red and now Chloe just minding her own business with
a smug expression on her face like I not think it happened to me he cares about you well look above her what is that coming yeah she’s gonna get a nice surprise now that was just asking and guys do you remember what color this
was when we looked at it earlier yes you’re right it’s the collard green Khloe has been slimed with green why haha hard she looks like a green blob
look so gross oh here is do what is he had doing he is annoying max and trying to get mag
into trouble look what’s coming above his head it’s supposed to hit him a key lime guys
do you remember what color that was that showed you earlier yes you’re right that’s the color blue awesome good job Duke has been slime who played this
trick on him it must have been max max was getting
his revenge on do for all the tricks do played on him oh and Duke is covered in blue a key
lime oh look at this it’s slow gross this guy thing oh no shit it’s all dressed up for her birthday
she’s nice and clean her owner has just washed her oh no this is terrible look what’s coming down from above oh no poor Gidget she has no idea and
guys before she gets slimed what color is that slime we said it
earlier yes you’re right the caller orange are
some it’s orange a key lime oh no poor kid shit Oh looks gross and guys this Oscar ubi do monster tower
is also it’s not a used to be made for slime but this is a new maan news
monster tower they have out there scooby-doo they don’t advertise it for slime
anymore but that funnel above it lets the slime down at a nice slow great so it does a perfect job of slimy
whatever is underneath that icky orange slide oh poor digit she’s gonna have to go
home and take another bath look at her she is covered she’s covered from head to toe and
orange lime oh that’s disgusting take a look at this oh man it’s like a giant orange booger but seriously guys i love working with
one community feel so cool when I mean it
covers everything so also check that out how you can
stretch it out to cover different stuff and you can just lay this right over the
top of her and it will perfectly cover her and keep on sliding down to the
ground that is so cool ok let’s go ahead and
open these up three secret life of pets wise Khloe two can get it in snow ball also let’s start with Khloe ok this is the first big Khloe I’ve
opened i mean i had Chloe in the secret pacts the blind bags but this is the
first stop full-size Chloe I’ve open so the books yeah ok so this Khloe has like a smart
superior type look on her she’s like me alone I don’t care what your problems
are ok her head does move but it’s kind of
weird how it does i mean it’s really tight and when it does it leave like
different flaps I mean it doesn’t line up correctly so you could turn her head
like that let’s see here so I mean that’s not the
greatest haha I mean I almost wish they would
done a better job with these are small poseable ones where you know did it
would have been nice if they made like her legs move your head move nice and
easily so I keep that in mind when you buy
these ok and that next we have a Duke engage
it this is exclusive to only toys r us so toys r us is the only one that has
this double package and it is it is a little unusual because I do you can get
you do not live in the same house max and Duke are owned by the same
owners and here they are in the packaging let’s go ahead and pick them
up okay and these ones these are probably
the worst of all of them ok these ones they’re more like a cheap
bath toy sort of like the ones that have like a
little hole winning taken in the bath tub when you squeeze it so that’s sort
of what these are I mean these are more for using your imagination why play so I do keen on this is normal
lock he’s got like a gold collar there he’s got like almost like ship the eyes
here but due to a good guy so you shouldn’t have shifty eyes and got a
caller tail are you could squeeze him and he makes noise so this would be like a good – toy if you have a dog this would make a
really good chew toy and then pretty much the same for Gidget she’s one of
those ones to that you squeeze and air comes out of the little hole in the
bottom for our pitch it and I think digit is a little better lookin than
Duke I mean she seems to have more detail but no movable parts i mean again
this is like a squeeze toy like like your dog with you on or something like
that so I more like imagination type play and then we have good old evil
snowball this guy really is an evil despicable
character and here is a snowball looks like before
we take her out of the package ah let me know guys smoke ball ah a guy
or girl I mean I think the guy he seems like the guy very aggressive and
everything but I don’t know this so I at least I has a movable head its head will
turn 360 degrees and doesn’t leave any odd angles sticking out of it so it does
look like snowball from the movie the same will look and everything ok that’s all of them let me know which one
of these your life secret life of pets toys were totally
are some guys if you enjoyed the story make sure you click thumbs up and a
secret word is the word Chloe spelled th 0 e go ahead and put
that in the comments section down below the video I know you enjoyed the video and you
remember my club wait to this video ends there’s also a man Carter a lot more fun
with you with drastic world the minions star wars and pepper pay wow will have so much fun together i
hope to see you – –

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