19 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Pets 2 – Trailer Reaction

  1. Not everyone like dogs — another cat person here. I crave space. I want to be left alone. I thrive on benign neglect. But … when I want affection, I want it to be real, not a pre-programmed social imperative.

    Also not a fan of jelly beans.

  2. WE. StArt. FiReS!

    Also, Adam, as a dog person, remember how Jay noted “you are not a man of the people,” I think now we know why…

  3. There's a lot more to the first movie than the trailer would make you think. I took my son to see it and quite enjoyed it myself.

  4. I'm like Adam when it comes to people. Since I had to take care of my brother's dog for 10 years, though, I'm a total dog person. But he pretty much got annoyed by other people and animals. Didn't look twice at birds and cats that made it into the backyard. Absolutely hated my other brother's dog and her youthful energy.

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