The Secret Life of Pets 2 Review

I would say that the secret life of pets 2 is more three animated shorts cut together than an outright movie and so I think it's a little nervy of Universal and illumination entertainment to ask you to pay full price to see it in theaters that's genuinely the feeling I had while watching it that someone had intercut three shorts that you would like get on streaming right or like is a set for the movie right and then decided to project it on a big screen and ask you to pay movie prices it was weird but that said there are certainly three enjoyable shorts if you are a very small child or if you really love pets and being part of neither group here's what I liked about the movie Harrison Ford who is fantastic but has a rip but really has a small role I but I basically categorized it as an extended cameo so I wouldn't go and see this in theaters for Harrison Ford maybe you could like catch it on television when you can watch it for free or rent it and fast-forward to his part it's really good I don't know it's kind of like so good I don't know if you want to you want to miss it Kevin Hart whose snowball is a little ball of energy and then Tiffany Haddish who once again proves to work very well with heart they have a history together hearts helped her career but I also liked her character she really stood her own and she was I think as much a hero as hearts you know outright superhero so I liked that kind of commentary and then I loved the background design wow what a gorgeous movie as a New Yorker I particularly enjoyed seeing the film's heightened version of my hometown the West Side Highway a Central Park the high-rises of downtown Brooklyn they even had them crossing the George Washington Bridge to go to a local farm in New Jersey which is also gorgeous I would say this movie to me felt a little bit like a beautiful summer day it might be a bit boring lying there but some interesting fun jobs you might have some fun interesting observations just casually walk what's going on around you we're happy but the trees look so good I could see each leaf each gleaming windowpane in the in the city right and the Sun even feels so good on your skin that's right during some shots in this movie I actually felt like I could feel the Sun they really outdid themselves I wish the writers worked as hard as the people who did the the backgrounds on this movie so the three shorts are max having to learn not to worry about the safety of Katies New Sun all the time Liam that's where and then they go to a farm on vacation that's where I meet Harrison Ford's rooster what a dog snowball and Daisy on a daring rescue mission I don't want to give spoilers in case you do see this thing and get going up against a bunch of cats now sure these stories have some crossover here and there particularly towards the end but not enough I think and I think the movie really suffers from not having all the characters on the same page also one of the best characters from the first movie and still one of the best characters here even though she's woefully under used is like Bell's Chloe I think she should have gotten her own short animated short quite frankly overdue for maybe I don't know side note this movie particularly seem to tickle the funny bone of a number of cat lovers in my movie theater who a parent who apparently feel that this movie really gets what it's like to have a cat like the way people were laughing and reacting they were like that's totally it oh my god so I got some entertainment out of that but I have to say personally if someone who's never owned a cat I have sat for someone who had a cat once off I loved that cat but I've always loved cats I've always actually preferred them a little bit to dogs I just some reason well they remind me of a family member and so I particularly like them for that reason but in this movie I think they made cats seem a bit like creepy Psychopaths and they maybe made me like cats a little bit less quite frankly so I didn't like that and you know what the movie also maybe made me like dogs make me like dogs a bit more because the movie really drives home the point that dogs are selfless loyal leaders like Wow Caryn's and other animals alike an idea largely sold by Harrison Ford he was great I thought he had some great life lessons I could have watched a whole movie about rooster and in fact I wish tonight I had I was like get the rest of these characters out of here here's your star and it also made me really miss Harrison Ford just in general but speaking of Harrison Ford watching or listening to him here I realized that he's graduated to Paul Newman and as new roles and he's actually kind of in that range so it's jarring to think about when he's ingrained in your pop culture sub consciousness as han Solo and Indiana Jones I think I don't know I mean he does a really good job there but I think Harrison Ford still has some leading man stuff left at him although he keeps proving me wrong with so many bad career choices all right so anyway also over the end credits they show real-life home videos of kids interacting with pets that were really nice and make the movie seem more poignant than it actually is and it made me feel that they might have missed an opportunity of not having Liam Katie's new son as a main character in the movie instead of more of a plot device I mean seeing those videos you were like then is an amazing bond but I didn't really see it because it was still you know the dogs more talking about Liam and I interacting around Liam not with Liam I would have preferred that I also like the idea that Liam seemed to maybe be able to understand them I mean this beautiful place where someone a small kids still learning you know to speak with humans so maybe has a better a better understanding of animals I really like that and I maybe would have liked it I think there's a I think there's a better movie in here this one seemed a little bit lazy or the start of a wonderful animated series but not a movie also there's an abusive circus owner named Sergei who's like a weird GRU ripoff which is even weirder because of course GRU was from the same animation studio but I continue to be blown away by Nick crawls range is a voice actor in animation he's like a voiceover lon chaney and I don't know why that ability never seems to translate to his live-action work maybe he's not given the opportunities but he should create something for himself I know he's like an animated series I think on Netflix in fact but he should really I think maybe push for more live-action work he's really good to things I really did not like about the movie are Jenny slates Gidget whose unrequited crush on max has become a bit sad at this point I was kind of hoping she'd meet someone else during the movie I'm like move on doesn't like you and also that the movie tries to convince you that putting pets in baggage on an airplane is fun it's not fun it's actually extremely dangerous to pets there I've read some very sad stories online about what's happened to animals who are checked with the luggage and I didn't appreciate this movie not only trying to make light of this situation but I feel outright lying to audiences making people feel it's okay to do that when you should never do that to your pet I mean I think the airlines are having trouble figuring out how to have pets especially large pets travel but putting them underneath the baggage ain't working so that's my review of the secret life of pets – not really a movie but I think worth the trip to the theater especially for a matinee half-price and ice afternoon outing for people again who have very small children or really really loved pets it was diverting I think would be a good wet tool like I'm on an airplane right or like an I don't even know if in a hotel room if you need the secret or different pets – if we need to pass some time there are worse ways you can do it and again it sure is an awfully pretty movie and I think you you want to see what Harrison Ford did here secret life of pets 3 I don't want it unless it's about rooster then I'm all-in all right so share your thoughts down below thank you for going over this movie with made of course as always you can check out some more videos right now

40 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Pets 2 Review

  1. I figured from the trailer as it looked so disjointed. I couldnt see how the vet, child and super bunny fit together at all

  2. I really have no interest in these kinds of movies anymore. ? Really wish they'd stop making funny animal CGI movies. Prefer something more creative with animation.

  3. I’ve seen the movie and it just seems like 3 episodes of a SLOP tv show that are strung together to make a movie

  4. The way Grace describes the film reminds me of a Disney direct to video sequel. I don't know how Frozen 2 will turn out but at least the animation already looks miles above any other Disney sequel

  5. I love the idea of three interconnecting stories. Sad the connections might not have worked out as well. But I'm excited. Thanks for reviewing, Grace.

  6. The fact that Grace is JUST beginning to understand that cats are creepy psychopaths explains a lot.

  7. As a fan of pretty much EVERY Illumination film, I'm just not getting excited for this one. I still wanna see it because I liked the first one so much, but it honesty doesn't look that great. I will definitely see it though.

  8. Grace, didn’t you have a Goldfish that you dumped in a lake because he didn’t recognize you? LOL. I’m making this comment half way so I’m not sure if you mentioned it here again!

  9. I got so bored watching it. It was just 3 disjointed little shorts that tied together so sloppily. I loved Tiffany Haddish's character but I'm just not a Snowball fan. I also love Chloe, we just didn't get enough of her. Overall I like the first film much better than this one. The characters being on the same mission is just so much better with them splitting up strategically.

  10. I might sound crazy for saying this but maybe not I honestly think the secret life of pets 2 is going to beat out Dark Phoenix for the number one spot at the box office this weekend

  11. I have an idea.When Grace hits 1 million subscribers she should dye her hair back to its original color.Anyone else agree?

  12. I don't get how u Americans find it exciting every time they put a major US city in a movie. The world is a huge place. I would want to see different location, but that's me as a Europen.

  13. Its been out in the uk for over a week and IMO i thought this film was better than the first film its very funny.

  14. I agree. We saw this for the early fandango showings and I told my husband that it seemed like three different movies. Our kiddo likes it. I loved Rooster. I liked The creepy cats scenes. Overall it’s a good streaming Netflix movie.

  15. This was such a bad movie. I took my daughter and it was so bad I tried really hard to do a dad nap. But sadly couldn’t manage it. The first one was ok, but this just seemed like three episodes of a cartoon stuck together. I totally agree with grace in that one. Honestly, don’t waste your time.

  16. Cats ARE psychopaths. If this movie got that point across to someone who's never had a cat, then it should really be fun for those of us who do. Those little bastards…

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