The Secret Life Of Pets 2 Premiere B-Roll || #SocialNews.XYZ

nice very nice and and I'm now realized interchain go to the ladies I live for news I go feminine with this guy and here don't wait ki-ki-ri-ki over here Jeremy just one yeah I didn't expect a phone guys down here and sign up here for me Jojo oh my god I didn't did basically gonna leave her live alright I'll get her to do this yeah okay guys right in front you step back step back with the time can you point us out of it hold on and then just right over here guys and thank you right there and then watch the man your faces perfect either here gorgeous couple more this little step right if you don't mind straight ahead right here and then I head over here for a few a nice couple more nice thank you for me roses for the fashion I'm a p1 right up here for Rocco and the little kid you our daughter is her friend eyes right here Oh God wind is to your left [Applause] [Applause] just a couple French right over here right here data thank you so much smart guys by doing that get nice thank you a just a little half step over and I can move it closer if you think you're sure right they're just kind of rolled over here we go ahead and actually back up Samba half step that's perfect top right here yeah no flip thing just right thank you you Oh children [Laughter] my shiny my shiny nice couple more Zoe Zoe Zoe and they come a little bit closer and then this is all for one all right here you go go click either here thank you let's go see a movie all right nice oh my god they all in the phone not Cowboys you're right he's the right guy either nitrous

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