THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 Movin' & Chat Max with Busy Bee + Deluxe Pet Collection TOYS

toys I'm gonna go with Matt I see you sprinkle some air what do you go look what I found a secret life of pets to moving and chat with busy bee max look isn't that so cute this is color safe oh it says man on the back here it shows us what max can do with busy bee help max find his busy be moving in chat max from the movie secret life of pets – oh look I wonder if busy bee is a ball or an actual bee who is that we found an awesome deluxe pet collection from the movie with your favorite characters my god Norman the hamster rooster the big dog tiny with a big nose of course Gidget and hoo hoo can't forget snowball from movie number one Daisy Princess Max and pickles Oh who's your favorite from this movie I think my favorite is Captain snowball and Norman that's not all we also found six of the secret life of pets collectibles oh there are many collectible pets and the collector set is inside before we open up all of our extra toys let's check out our moving and chat max with busy bee calm down max I'm going to get you out of there okay let's try out max with his busy bee come get busy bee max come here come here okay okay communiques Oh max it's right in front of you max here I'll just give it to you here you go here you go whoa there you go max that was so cool did you see how excited he got for his little busy bee whoa max you are so silly here whoa I just pressed his mouth and he made a little scratchy noise look I wasn't expecting that I just wanted to put busy bee in his mouth whoa max I love this chat and go max with his busy bee toy what do you guys think should we open up our blind boxes now thanks busy bee what's busy be doing guys look look what busy P brought us six of these secret life of pets two blind boxes should we open up our first one look there's max and digit hmm do you know if digit is a girl or a boy puppy is digit a girl oh wait a minute talking about digit these are so cute we just thought digit oh okay what do you think is Gidget a girl or a boy hmm and inside we have our check list there's digit and Max and Daisy and snowball and tiny and pickles Oh Chloe and Duke from the first movie and there's Hugh and on the back an ultra-rare is Captain snowball each house you get you can put your character inside you can woops see him through the house windows and the more you have the more you can stack on top of each other let's see what we got for our second one I'm so excited to see this movie I loved the movie the first time this time we have a red house and hey we got Gidget again what okay two for two by now you should know if digits a girl or a boy let's put both digits in the side of the same house doo doo doo doo doo oh they're so cute by little digits and now I'm going to go ahead and stack my blue one on top of my red a home of animals let's try this one next this one again is a blue house opening up oh why don't we call Gidget again this time we got snowball super super super super super super fluffy three more houses looking for a snowball but they captain snowball oh hey look it's max oh I love max putting him inside of his house I wonder what he's going to get up to on this series and putting him on top of snowball whoa thanks max thanks for this blind box it's really great I hope we find snowball I think you but my nose detection thinks that snowball is not inside of this one your nose detection what does that mean you mean your senses okay your senses are off max because wasn't hiding inside of that one syllable coming up next hmm maybe if we find captain snowball we do have one capsule left I'm looking inside it's blue maybe it's only blue because we found Chloe Oh again Chloe is also super soft like everybody else Chloe can go nicely inside of her house cute and we can stack them up I'm loving it these are the only six that were left when I went to Walmart so if I can find a full case I will show you guys all of them very soon know what max what are you doing max move Oh max wants us to look at all of these secret life of pets deluxe pack collection characters look on the back here we've got our full set and I can't wait to play with these from the first movie we've got Gidget snowball we also have max and of course Norman the hamster I don't know rooster tiny or pickles pickles what a cute name oh I just realized that I don't know if they were in the first movie whoa captain no ball I wonder if snowball is going to be a good guy or a bad guy in secret life of pets – I know that he was kind of a bad guy in the first one do you know there's pickles I can't wait to meet pickles and tiny even though he's got big ears Daisy Princess rooster and Tiger what you're doing with all of these I love it and then we have all of these fun action figures and collectibles and their little charming homes thanks for watching thank you for watching if you want to see more videos from us just click one of the boxes on the screen right now don't forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking sprinkles the bear also let's continue to fight all over the Internet follow us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter bye besties

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