The Secret Life of Pets 2 Movie Game with Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear

it's time to spin the wheel in play the secret life of pets to game there are a whole bunch of surprise toys hidden in a Game Boy and to help us find everything is our friends from secret life of pets – before we start smashing the punch board let's see who is planning our game today we have our favorite dog max Chloe the cat snowball the bunny digit do and our special mystery character let's see if you can guess who it is the mystery character isn't in a secret life of pets – but he's a spaceman and his best friend's name is woody if you already know who the mystery character is ty go in the comments okay everyone are you ready to spin a wheel and find all the surprises hidden under the board let's go whoa there goes the wheel it's spinning so fast it's max awesome Max is the main character in the secret life of pets movie he loves his owner very much but when he's home alone he likes to go on adventures with his best friends Wow look it's a deluxe pet collection from the secret life of pets – everyone is here Daisy – Shih Tzu it goes the puppy and rooster the FOB dog oh just the same as they do in the movie that's so awesome I can't wait to play with all these cute pets but right now we have to go back to the wheel now onto our second scene let's see which pit will end up next and it's going to be snowball super snowball snowballs of little bunny with a very big personality sometimes he can be really nice and sometimes it can be really silly any size snowball circle is a snowball action figure oh boy snowball must be acting silly again that snowball is so cool though look how real he looks just like in a movie snowball may be a superhero but he's the Stila superhero that I know what is this smell was so silly that he left us line Oh No never know what to expect with that bunny I think we should move on to our next bit time first fan number three nice Gidget is meses neighbor and one of his best friends get it a super sweet and helps everyone out and what do we have here Wow it's a Toy Story for mation twist or e4 is another great movie we'll get to see soon all of the characters are the best but who do we get today time to find out it's the main character just like max what is in the dog though he's a toy a cowboy toy a super squishy and extra stretchy mash em cowboy toy that is what iam mushrooms are so cool I can't wait to see woody some more in Toy Story 4 ok it's time for a next beam someone really amazing at home the mystery character awesome now we finally get to see our mystery character remember the hit he's a space man who is buddy's best friends give me a big thumbs up if you know who it is now that's right it's Buzz Lightyear to infinity and beyond this buzz toys so much fun look what his helmet can do you can move it up and down and his wings extent so he can fly around space but the best part is all the cool sounds you can make I sure do love Buzz but it's time to see the next character must be Chloe nice Chloe is one of the cutest cats ever she's pretty lazy but she will always help out in the end and she has oh boy I should have known that Chloe would want this she's always hungry silly kitty Chloe [Laughter] is this your favorite snack wait max do you own this food but this is cat food not dog food max doesn't like cat food but I know what he does like doggie bones well I have one for you right here buddy you take this and don't forget to share with tip okay good boy have a good time time for next thing whoa this is the fastest thing yet and it landed on Duke I was waiting for him Duke looks really big but he's actually a super silly and really nice doggie especially when he's living with necks what surprised us silly do have for us today it's a paw patrol minifigure do you love the pups in paw patrol I wonder if you got his favorite characters today let's open it and find out we got Everest the husky pop that lives in the snow she's really amazing she's called the snowy mountain pop Everest teaches all the other dogs how to run and play and ski in the snow isn't she's so talented what's that there is a snow emergency right now well you better go check it out thanks Everest the pocket of cows wheel was so colorful and he leant it on Bob awesome bob is the pocket of house owner he's so nice to be going Roley and he's also really smart he even built a robot dog named ARF I hope he sees behind this circle this isn't he see where we got a Disney Lego minifigure blind bag nice we get to build a Disney Lego toy let's take out all the pieces so we can put them together I think it's exciting because we get to see who it is after we put it together hmm this person has pink shoes a white fluffy tail a purple shirt in a big people hey I know this dog it's Daisy she's Tom's girlfriend and Minnie's best friend what a great toy they see is the coolest girl doc I know she's so nice I'm just being a wheel again all of the characters on the board are friends but we don't know about our mystery character and a MANET on bingo bingo is one of the main characters of the puppy dog house he's not as silly as her brother Roly for his super fun and he loves going on some adventures okay dingo was surprised you have for us in here a true surprise egg cool let's see who is inside it's branch wow that's so great he's one of the main characters of the troll movie and he's one of Poppy's best friend branch looks really happy here sometimes he gets sad but then he remembers that all of his friends love him and he gets all better oh that's so sweet let's go it's time for our third spin could that mean it's good luck I hope so and it's going to be hit see that's what we were looking for she's the kitty from poppy dog house even though she's not the silly puppy like bingo and Rolly she still has a lot of fun with her puppy house I hope we find it in here are you there hissy nope but a really sweet toy is here it's a num noms who could it be it's not a berry this Nana very looks super tasty but she isn't for eating just for lighting the way she's a keychain so she can hand on anything and she looks so delicious I think that the bottom is banana flavored the top is very frosting and then the sprinkles are chocolate yum this one makes me so hungry but we have to spin the wheel right now no time for anything else until we find hissy so let's spin the wheel and see who we get next I'm so nervous I hope you find her sin the next character is our mystery character cool we already know that the mystery character is a Bergen who likes to cook a key food the mystery character also likes to eat trolls give me a big thumbs up if you know who it is now that's right it's chef chef is one of the meanest villains ever and she's always trying to do naughty things but maybe she left us the cool toy this time let's find out hey chefs Landis gross it's icky green slime hmm I see something else is this hissy oh my goodness chef has he see the whole time eel she's covered in slime chef was up to another one of her evil plans chef captured hissy and dumped her in slime cats like hissy hate to get so dirty don't worry you see at least you're safe and clean now and look you're both still lights up nice now our next toy belongs to you you see let's go see what it is wow this is a super fast beam will it land on our Pittsburgh and it Roley nice Rolla is bingos younger brother he has light brown doggie fur and he wears a red collar and he's the silliest puppy ever he must have a special surprise just for hissy what does he have apologize to pop mash them what a cool toy I wonder which super pup we got it's super pop Marshall Marshall is the red fire pup from paw Patrol normally he drives a fire truck but this is super Marshall super Marshall is even stronger than regular Marshall and just like the other missions is so squishy mash'ems are one of the funnest toys ever because they are so stretchy and found to play with but we still have another character left so we need to go spin the wheel go save the day Marshall ready for a ruff-ruff rescue let's give the wheel one last thing wow this is the fastest thing yet it's going round and round so fast it's arf arf is the robot dog that Bob made for the puppy dog house his full name is Otto doggy robotic friend he protects bingo Roley and his seat to make sure they don't get into too much trouble I hope arf knows how to give us awesome surprise toys to look arf goddess and our toy the Otto dog in robot friend now he can really help out the puppy dog house he's really good at cleaning and he has these awesome sensors I bet they can sense when the pocket of cows need help hmm but do they work on the paw patrol pups too even heroes need help sometimes I like how his eyes light up when we press the button cool and his sensor harness has Rockets on it that can make him go faster than ever faster than lightning McQueen no way if you had fun playing the puppy dog house spin the wheel game give me a big thumbs up and 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