The Secret Life of Pets 2 Movie 2019 Full Set of McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

here she goes everyday I'm rollin oh boy max snowball is extra crazy today I think he's hangry well what hangry it's when you're super hungry you get hungry and angry and a little crazy I'm so hungry just makes me crazy whoa easy boy hey what happened the cat snowball oh yeah need some food now let's see oh no I'm sure what's up I just got a call that the secret life of pets to Happy Meal toys are at McDonald's now how did everybody beat me here when you're hungry and move fast yeah hey it's you max will you look at that that's me all right looking so so still still handsome all right let's see these toys hi everyone it's miss hands here and we do have these secret life of pets to Happy Meal toys I was waiting for you let's check out this box look it says who will you carry home and let's see who's on here rooster max Daisy Gidget Norman and snowball actually that's captain snowball this says Pet Adoption carry case and you can write who it belongs to and who you are the proud owner of here's our happy meal smile and a fun little maze over here but what is inside well let's dump it out in there are six secret life of pets to Happy Meal toys to collect let's find number one look that's three here's number one one it is a tail wagging max let's get him out of the bag here is max holding a ball in his mouth and look what happens to his tail when I wiggle his head see that tail wagging action and then I get wagons tail and his little head moves if I turn it to the side is that car suicide max do you like being a Happy Meal toy what really oh I'm so confused okay wag your tail if you like being a Happy Meal toy okay I think you're pretty happy here is bag number two it's Daisy to the rescue three I was wondering if I was a Happy Meal toy okay these he loves to get out of here here is Daisy on a skateboard look how fierce she looks she looks very determined look at those doggy brows and she's riding on a purple skateboard let me show you something watch what happens when I twist poor little doggy ponytail it's the wheels turn here she goes do I steer whoa I just rescued her she's okay here we go again whoa so let's change the direction of her wheels will it's okay it's okay now let's see bag number three here is bag number three this looks like a new character in the secret life of pets too it is bone-shaking rooster here he is with a big giant bone in his mouth alright let's see what happens when we cool as Dale make them turn his egg do this do this he left to the right to left look how awesome he is Ian let's see if we can make him like his tail just a little bit not quite as happy as Max was hey trying to get my boat over here you want to open up another toy oh okay let's do it sweet here is bag number four and it is wheel in Norman let's get little Mormon our guinea pig out of the bag just rolling through hey you guys doing I can go backwards and forwards whoops sorry rooster let me get situated here and there I knew backwards again not showing off or anything but I am totally kun-hee ants don't like old check him out in his wheel we can spin him around whoa go Norman go Norman or just roll them around and as we a whoops sorry guys here we go well we're about to find out baby well okay let's see each bag and number five is Ruby Gidget everybody Gidget she is just so so cute so looks like maybe she's on a little rumba or some kind of little vacuum cleaner just rolling around let's pull her back and watch her yeah she's fast little speedy done whoa dear friends well that was super fun and we still have one more toy to check out oh that's right busy captain snowball is coming up hey we love crazy old snowball and inside bag number six we have Captain snowball let's get you out of here see wait you're in a bag in a bag here we go let's get you out oh look at captain snowball it looks like he is flying through the air and we are going to need to make room to play with this toy so let's clear everybody out of the way look out captain snowballs about to get flying look he has wheels underneath and so what you're supposed to do is take this and spin it around and make him go here we go get the snowball whoa whoa whoa whoa he wound up on my finger let's get a better view so much fun yes what TV we don't listen Phoebe oh you know me I love snow mom how about you Phoebe well right there it was she was going so fast hey miss hands which one is your favorite well guys my favorite was Norman back there just rolling around oh that was so funny hey guys we hope you enjoyed this video every day I'm rolling hey parents weird your little one love a fizzy puppet t-shirt or a mug if so be sure to check out fizzy toy show calm and keep the fun rolling by clicking on another fizzy toy show video

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  1. What in the Philippines number one is not here in the Philippines but in the Philippines there is ten toys we have Norman Chloe Gidgget roster max but with a cone on his head hu the tigger daisy tiny the dog I dunno the other one but it chases its tail and lastly CAPTEN SNOWBALL

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