34 thoughts on “The Secret Life Of Pets 2 – In Theaters June 7 (Lovely Day) [HD]

  1. It's goona be a lovely day , la la La lovely day !!! Yeeeees finally on 7 th June . 7 th of June is gonna be a "lovely day" .

  2. Who is the main antagonist in Secret Life of Pets 2?
    Thanks for the answer ?


  3. Omg yay not only their gonna use this song again in the sequel but they change the lyrics and made it even more better and a great song from iliumnation since the sing movie and also I now hope they play this by ng the movie then at the end too also cause it'd a really good song and kind of better then the original version also but yea?????☺????

  4. Oh… My… Goodness Is (Music Lovely Day 2019) I'm Happy Joy ! ?? [And Now Secret Life Of Pets 2 June 9th 2019] ??????

  5. I still prefer the Bill Withers song played in the first film, but I could get used to this.

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