THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 Candy Cake Game w/ Surprise Toys + Candy from Pets 2 Movie

so what you do is you move the tail and rooster shakes his head with the bone ready you have no clue but it was so cute okay let's find my treasure be a shining star my friends go to here today I have my secret life of pets candy cake game that's right this whole cake is filled with candy and surprise toys but I need your help put in the comments which layer is gonna have my treasure will it be – Daisy Norman Brewster Chloe captain snowball max or Gidget put your answer in the comments all right guys let's check our first layer let's see if Duke has my treasure he has some gold on top you ready so cute guys there's a little cat here on the collar and I think or is that a mouse it looks like a cat these are like little cheese's let's get it out wait something's coming guys Oh guys we got a spit life of pets go do it oh wow this is yeah now Gidget is it's a cat hmm we'll have to check that out but first let's open our super fun mice amania this is my first one oh it is some cool cheese oh this is so cool what is inside is that a blind Mouse cheese let's grab this whole cheese out of here so guys this is kind of like play-doh I call it it's like a molding compound you can play with it and then when you're done you can store it in your little your little cheese container so that's really fun so who is this oh I guess this is a mouse let's zoom in on this candy so there's his little tail and I think there's a guy let's check it out we can't let Chloe they can't get ahold of this little mouse right he's back in their teeth this is under the got skills section and we got Jimmy jolt and he is Paul pure how these guys so it looks like there's a whole bunch of these little cute mice to collect and they have their own little hashtags there's got skills mood pocket-pouch cheese please so cute oh so these all right let's check out our Gidget so here is our Gidget now this is a brand new toy from pets 2 and it says meow meow Gidget is for ages 3 plus and it says you put on her ears she transforms blick – I can't and start saying meow meow look cat ears transforms Gidget to a cat that is so cool look at this guy's that's crazy it says I move and talk cat ears forgived it let's get her out so here is Gidget out of the box guys look how adorable she looks and I have our switch turned on turn it on from the bottom there and what you do is if you press behind her bow it says here's a bow if you press this activates her she talks and moves around so let's do it ready [Applause] so she said she lost busy be busy be happy to be Max's favorite toy now what you do is you take the cat ears and it says you put them on her head and it somehow I don't know how it works but it transforms Chloe into a cat she says she says she's gonna defend busy be with her life so she must have lost busy be to some cats and now she needs to pretend like she's a cat she needs to go incognito or in disguise as a cat so she can rescue max is busy being okay let's see what she does now any press and when you take oh when your ears come off and she stops all right we love you gadget be loving you dog cat you now let's see if Daisy has my treasure come on Daisy Daisy what do you have wow what is this with some candy it is a candy cave we got some sushi mushi BFF candies let's check it out alright guys so these are my rags these are smishing me she's besties and it says squish me that specimen size is plus a bracelet and charm hey loving from so we love the rats rats candy or the best I love rats but how can you get we got our poster our guide and all we got a little bestie I think this one's a caramel apple look out here so it's got a little hole there you can put your chain to hang a little bestie from and are you kidding me I got a bracelet it has a chicken leg on it of chicken leg I'm gonna definitely be wearing this chicken leg right now we put it on all right so we got our bracelet our best seat or rag and let's see what this says oh it's just a little poster says besties and then it shows you the charm you can get and all the best things you can get thumbs up all righty guys is it more than a hamster do you have much fresher Norman what do you have let's find out Norman here we go guys ready captain snowball we flies to the air with all these superheroes well how captain snowball came in for his landing check him out he is ready to fly and save the day so he's got his golden outfit on with and asked for snowball and his cape and he's ready to fly could it be the cute rooster who's really smart in the movie that's right this new pup is rooster now if you know what very famous actor plays rooster and the new secret life of pets – movie put it in the comments he's a super famous actor and he plays rooster ready more candy ends we got we got a secret life of pets Happy Meal toy let's check it let's see now you know these are a McDonald right now and number two is this oh it's Daisy to the rescue let's get it out so it's so cute that Daisy and Gidget are small dogs but yet look at that face do you know what that is that's a very determined face so just because you're a little doesn't mean that you're not super brave and these dogs are look at Daisy go yes we can't even see you on camera so here she comes Wow so this is a cool Happy Meal toy she's on her skateboard she's got her cute little hair up with her little Daisy she's ready to go awesome do you have a golden treasure Chloe wait is it a pet it is it's a boxy girl boxy pet and I think it might be a bunny let's check now this is like a bunny to me its name is fluffy and guess what maybe this bunny can be friends with snowball or captain snowball I love all pet toys look guys is it bunny all fluffy is so cute and watch this these are all like bobbleheads well I'll call them bobbleheads their heads kind of bobble and move around look how cute even has a fluffy bunny tail let's see what else comes with our cute fluffy bunny so with the little boxy pet you get two boxes you get a small box and you get a bigger box so let's open let's get this small box open first Oh perfect I know that rabbits like carrots right guys they love carrots of what is this guys I think this might be a little headband let's zoom in I think this goes on Lucky's head maybe or maybe maybe it's a collar but well I guess it could go upside down and be like this maybe in the collar oh it is a collar how cute and then fluffy has a little care to eat alright let's see what else is in the next box oh so it's a little pet bed so they have a little bed for fluffy her carrot and what else you spell out something out here it is oh this is like a bow this is a bigger this goes this is really cute let's put it on fluffy look guys it's a hat she has a hat with the bow in the collar and her pet bed and her carrot so all of this comes in one package yeah we love you fluffy bunny so I put our cute little fluffy right here by captain snowball now we have to find my treasure maybe it's captain snowball he always has my treasure and all my videos your lightly ready guys one take you got few toys and looks like we got a Funko pop a movie pop and we got Maxted dogs we got conehead max he's so cool I love you max I can't take your cool off cuz the vet said that you had to keep it on for a while I know bets aren't too smart sometimes alright looks like we got secret life of pets q happy meal number three regard bone-shaking rooster I love you sir so what you do is you move the tail and rooster shakes his head with the bone ready he says it was awfully keen to have no clue but it was so cute ok let's find my treasure so it's either max orange pitch it which one of you has my golden charger first what do you have max I hope of something big oh my it's a plush who is this it's the cutest pug ever it smell the Pug now he was in the first movie and I think he's in the second movie but I really don't know what he's doing in this secret life of pets too but I bet he has a super cool role and he's so cute you just want to give him a big sloppy pug kiss all right gives it you cuteness I bet it was you you little beauty cute you have my brother all over you silly dog if you guys get just a dog whatever my golden treasure put I'm a winner in the comments hooray for you wait so it looks like we have a new secret life of pets – max plush he's perfectly cute and the nose is so nose delicious I love Doki noses so we're gonna put max up here because he's our main guy and what other question we get all we got the new character one of the new characters who the tiger whoa guys that was a super loud war he's a super adorable plush we're gonna put him up here with Max oh so now we have max and who and now let's open our secret life of pets to candy so we have one two three candies it's open number two he has something really good guys let's find out so we have our character card we have our yummy Brad's Andy and we have our surprise figure is it adorable with zoom in its max guys we got a max figure looks like we got this one this first one and super cool and look at this there is his collector card should you get the three things the card let's figure and of course that's candy all right guys let's keep going let's open number one and see what's inside this one here's our yummy wrapped candy and who do we get it's the original suno ball look at the love ice snow ball looks so sweet and innocent just like a little we white bunny rabbits it would never do any type of mischief and then we see that here is our card snowball now snowball looks pretty tough in that picture awesome guys we have to open our last one and last but not least of course we're gonna open you max you silly pop who could this be I think I know look it's the other max guys so the first one we got I'll show you the difference is this Maxie and this is this Maxie so there's two different poses for our hint Maxie max alright so let's check out his card oh no it's the conehead card Oh max we're so sorry buddy we're really really sorry all right how cute guys thanks for playing oh no guys I need to look to see what's going on well guys I know I heard of me don't you hear it I still hear it listen closely nervous about bees don't wanna be to get me what's that I think it's it's me oh wait a minute oh this isn't just any be all this is Max's buzzy-bee his plan that he loves so much it's buzzy bee Oh max I can't believe we actually found busy bee oh he's so happy guys max said thank you to continue the fun click on one of the videos on the screen below or you can click on my face Goldie Starr to subscribe to treasure chest surprise toys

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