The Secret Life of Pets 2 ? Spying On My Pet

hey everybody welcome to my channel I am so excited to share tonight with you because when you see this it will be Friday and for you the secret life of pets too will be coming out I am so excited to be partnering with Universal Studios to share this movie adventure with you I know it's going to be a fantastic movie and it's actually Tuesday night for us so we're going to the premiere tonight and part of that is going to be also setting up and using our fur bow what's a fur bow this is a device that is so awesome and it's specifically designed for the secret life of pets – look how adorable this is it actually has all of the design and features on it this one's kind of a special edition I think it's really neat but I'm gonna go into details with this and share with you how awesome this device is it will actually let us see Binks while we're at the movies and let us see the secret life of our pet if you know anything about us you know how much we love our little bean see he is just our heart and to be able to actually see him from the camera you can talk to him through this and then you can also hit a special button and have treats come out and you can give him a treat whenever you want – I think this is so neat hey everybody so I have been see here with me he is watching as we get ready to set this up so we're going to connect the fur boat dog camera to my cell phone before I do I'll give you a little look mr. Begg see hi this is mr. Banksy for anyone that has not not had the opportunity to meet him my buddy yes he is an angel so I cannot wait to see what he does while we're not here so here's the camera and when you open it up this one does have the secret life of pets on it which i think is really adorable the treats are gonna come out right here even if you had the plain white this is so pretty just to sit on the counter everything is right inside to put your the place to put your treats so let's get this set up okay so so far instructions are very user friendly so when the light is white right on the bottom it actually means that it's starting up green means ready for setup yellow is standby blue is it's in use which I like that so if the camera is actually on and filming it would be blue and then purple is no Wi-Fi so I saw each one of those except for the blue kind of go through so we are green and we are gonna start the setup so I'm just gonna run through these and then I'll update you on how easy it was okay so one of the things that they recommend first is that you train your pet but just kind of tossing a few so that they hear the sound it doesn't scare them and one of them doesn't accidentally hit them so I think that's a great idea we're gonna get started with that first as long as this little guy wants to get out of the bed as you can see he's hiding behind the pillows hey Binks thinks you want to treat yeah oh my goodness we have something new and fun do you want one of these okay let's get started now that I have him comfortable with it I've moved it to my family room I've sat it right up here on the table and I am gonna start testing it out with you on so I'll show you how that goes okay so the app is really nice really user friendly you can see me right there kind of mr. banks is entreaties wanting to know what's going on look at there it threw a treat oh that's so neat look what I hear it threw you a treat Wow okay so we're gonna do it again ready Oh a through two of them well did you get a tree okay so we are on our way to the movies and I have to tell you I am loving this device so much that I keep wanting to take a little peek at Binks in the house so let's take a look I'm gonna let you see what he looks like – and so let's see how it was hey Cassie all excited to see ya good let's go see this is so cool they just shared with us they have our seats marked and everything I'll have to show it to you inside what a fun night in the movies and we are going to actually look at pink right now to see what he's doing so let's take a look hey everybody we just came out of the movie The Secret Life of pets 2 and it was amazing what you think that oh I liked it I enjoyed it it was really really good I left I even had tears at the end because it was so adorable so really really recommend it and I'll give you more details at home hey everybody so it is late it's past our bedtime it's about 9 o'clock and we are at the Waffle House we were going to go in and eat somewhere but it's not a clock we're really tired and ready to get home and so while Trey is inside picking up our order I thought it's a great time to sit here and check on Binx and maybe reward him for a treat because now that I've seen this movie I have a completely different vision and my imagination is going wild on the secret life of my pet and wondering what he is doing at home so I'm telling you this movie is so cute you definitely need to see it it is such a family-friendly movie but I laughed Eddy laughed and like I told you even had some tears in my eyes but I mean in the night by getting some Waffle House going home very keto friendly having my eggs and ham and it's going to be delicious and that's it so I hope you enjoyed this video it was so much fun to share with you and to be able to take part in this and I hope you all have a great night take a chance

15 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Pets 2 ? Spying On My Pet

  1. You look absolutely tiny on this video, your hair looks relaxed and sleek, and that blue top! You go girl!

  2. OMG – your little Binksie (hope I spelled that right!) is SOOOOOOO adorable, and I LOVE the way he "talks" to you with his little grunts. My heart is MELTED!!!! Please give some belly rubs, and kiss his precious little face for me!!

    I saw SLOP 1, and am definitely hoping to see 2 – looks cute, and funny, just like the 1st one. Glad you got such a neat perk!

  3. Hi Erica, We saw the first movie and can't wait to see the second. What a great way to check on Binks. He is always so adorable!

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