the ten rarest dog breeds known as man's best friend dogs are cherished and really famous creatures however this time we will show you the most bizarre and even extraordinary breeds of the world stay with us to find out more Tibetan Mastiff this dog breed is known to be one of the most ancient breeds having been mentioned by figures such as Aristotle or Marco Polo additionally according to certain studies it is likely that this dog has been the starting point to many other big dog breeds like the Saint Bernard or the boxer to start describing this super canine we can't forget to mention its enormous size and strength without ignoring its lovely coat aside from the fact that is considered amongst the most smart and dependable canines striking attributes of what could be viewed as a millennial dog it is even said that in the past it was used as a watchman of entire towns or as a war dog right now it's considered one of the most costly and special breeds on the planet having recorded a purchase of this specimen in over 1.9 million dollars karelian bear dog heading off to colder territory we find this strong mascot who is initially from the outskirts of Russia and Finland so it's a dog that adjusts to really low temperatures this great friend is known for its bravery and perseverance since in the past he was used to chase moose and even bears that's why it got its name plus it is noteworthy that it has extraordinarily sharp senses especially smell and vision in any case it's regarded as an exhibit dog because of its incredible physical endowments in spite of being very inviting he is normally very aggressive with other dogs and may even kill other animals if it feels threatened so it is hard to Train Catahoula Leopard dog across the sea in the new continent the united states to be more specific there's a remarkable breed that some call a panther because of the spots on its coat it is additionally typically known as a hound dog despite the fact that it is the result of a crossbreed which shows a variety of colors aside from its unique coat one more of the idiosyncrasies of this breed are it's deep crystalline bluish eyes due to their heterochromia they in some cases have eyes of very different colors this breed was typically used as a shepherd to chase mainly wild hog since they are really smart advises they focus a lot on their work and are very protective for example many caretakers have said that when a Catahoula is brought up around a kid the dog bonds and feels the need to protect it and be aware of anything strange that could pose a risk Peruvian Inca orchid this canine just as its name says comes from Peru and is considered a national legacy in spite of the fact that this title was just given to it in the year 2000 there are records of this breed in earthenware production of pre inca societies which means they were around over 500 years ago as should be obvious this dog has an absence of hair and elements that makes it a hypoallergenic animal aside from not having bugs or ticks since they have no place to settle and if you're wondering how this species stays warm it's because it keeps its skin warm as protection a condition that experts have called ectodermal hypoplasia normally this breed is considered a primitive purebred dog meaning that there was no intervention of men or crossbreeding in its creation nature made it that way komondor if you've ever wanted a Rastafari dog well this breed is for you this particular specie originally from Hungary is known to be one of the biggest dogs reaching nearly 3.28 feet in the height in any case it's most remarkable elements is its long white coat that forms in strands like ropes or dreadlocks this breed was utilized in the past as a dairy cattle Shepherd because of its defensive nature keeping dangers like wolves and bears away on top its coat kept it covered like one more sheep it is even said that the Wolves trying to attack it failed because of its thick hair which isn't surprising due to the fact that its hair can weigh more than 15 point 4 pounds not to forget it has the record of the heaviest dog hair in the war so a huge bundle of hair or is some like to call it the Bob Marley puppy as a whack in these incredibly peculiar dogs we also have the as awak an African descent dog used as a hunting sidekick or as a gate keeper since it has a territorial personality that makes it special for this work the most extraordinary characteristic about this breed is its long and thin body even more so in spite of being clearly a canine when described words like readiness and cat speed are always used as we mentioned before this breed originates from the African mainland predominantly used by nomad tribes of the Sahara to chase gazelles and bunnies which signifies that this breed has an extraordinary speed since it can achieve a speed of up to 40 point 4 miles per hour because of where this creature comes from it has adjusted to high temperatures and due to this the hate rain in cold places but then again it's said that this breed although it is genuinely dedicated at warm with individuals from its family it has a distant personality with strangers plus it's a hunter by nature so it can attack whoever it considers a prey Thai Ridgeback this kind of dog is known for its incredible body since while its height is the same as an average dog the muscles are another story since it can even weigh up to 66 pounds among the most extraordinary attributes of this breed is its Mohawk that grows all over its back then again as the name advertises it originated from Eastern Thailand and is said to be an evolution of the Asian wolf so this species is additionally seen as one of the most ancient breeds for a long time this breed was trained and used as a snake hunter it was even ready to assault in kill cobras if requested not to mention being chariot defender against criminals because of its extraordinary courage and strength however today they are companion dogs with a fairly overprotective personality constantly guaranteeing well-being of their family this breed is rare to the point that it is thought that there may only be a thousand of these canines outside of Thailand in the meantime it is believed that because of this species new Asian breeds like the Shar Pei and Chau began Bedlington Terrier moon this breed gets its name because of a mining town in England where it was typically a vermin seeker in the mines throughout the years it has been used as part of various contests ranging from dog races to obedience contests it's most surprising characteristic is its incredible resemblance to a sheep but don't let its looks fool you as it's said that this breed can kill another dog because of its rash character then again it is a fast breed even achieving the average speed of a horse in spite of having a genuinely strong and overwhelming nature numerous specialists describe this breed as a friendly puppy since it is great with kids yet they recommend caution when having them near animals with dominant personalities since their fierceness has no restrictions Carolina dog this dog breed is local to the United States and was discovered by an environmentalist in 1970 when it was considered a wild dog even being called the American dingo because of its tremendous similarity to the Australian species this creature is described as medium in size and having a reasonably thin form in any case one of its most exceptional characteristics is its compelling an incredible sense of hearing which becomes evidence by looking at its pointy ears similar to a fox which it uses to detect prey and threats respect its conduct since it is essentially a wild creature it is normally found in groups where females dig elaborate burrows for shelter another eccentricity is its method for concealing their smell to evade predators since it is understood that the Carolina dog mostly relieves itself on water in order to not leave any trace of scent which gives us the thought of its awesome feeling of adaptation and intelligence then again from the domestic point of view this pet has a reserved and cautious nature with outsiders even going so far as to stay away from them completely despite the fact that they show a very caring attitude and tenderness towards their owners to lomi him this dog comes from Malaysia and was considered a town dog by the indigenous people since its fundamental ability was to drive off vermin still regardless of this their owners thought of these dogs as bad omens and even shrewd spirits this kind pet got the capability to climb since their owners generally made their houses on top of pillars to avoid contact with dangerous creatures this breed is described as being small in size measuring up to 18 inches high and having a genuinely short and delicate coat in any case it stands out because of its blue tongue which is generated theories about the missing connection between the bays and G and the dingoes today it is considered the rarest puppy breed on the planet by many specialists if any of these breeds surprised you give us a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and activate the notification bell so you don't miss any of our videos until next time you

22 thoughts on “THE RAREST DOG BREEDS In The World

  1. I HAVE A THAI RIGEBACK! his name is kane 🙂 he is grey but then we have a dog next door so he runs there all the time and gets in big trubbel

  2. My dog is a mutt and we found out that it’s half of the apparently ‘rarest dog breed in the world’
    We had no idea ?
    It has the blue tongue and everything

  3. Catahoulas are cool. We're getting a blue merle puppy from some friends of ours. He's not all Catahoula though. His mom is a Doberman. He's not old enough to leave his mom yet. He's a really pretty puppy.

  4. Thai ridge back? You need to check your "facts"

    The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog breed developed in the Southern Africa region. Its forebears can be traced to the semi-domesticated, ridged hunting dogs of the Khoikhoi, which were crossed with European dogs by the early colonists of the Cape Colony of southern Africa.

    Still, I love the video. Just wish you double checked the information you share.

  5. Your video lead to our dog being classified as a Carolina Dog! Ty! We're proud of our Odie being a dingo and we love spreading awareness of this breed! Ty for your great coverage of these indeed rare breeds!

  6. My aunt in Mexico has a dog breed that I don’t know. Its a mix of a coyote German shepherd and other dogs. Could some one tell me what the dog breed is?

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