The Rabbit Hole – by Eddie Pinero

They see 30 seconds
They didn’t see 10,000 hours Anyone can sail on smooth waters
Anyone can dance when the music is playing (background voices) Remind yourself of what that door opening is going to feel like So I have dreams Compulsions to be legendary Evolving from the imaginary And It’s near and it’s real, I can see In due time we realize that real life is defined by our own eyes And I blueprints to the skyline. It’s just.. reality is built methodically And overnight success, you would never guess, takes a long time You have to cut lifelines and navigate landmines But it’s your move, on your cue, just decide So I sat there and I thought about it How long am I gonna go on about it? Put my shoes on, said so long and went outside Right through the field I used to run by With rows of sunflowers waist high But it was different than what I envisioned There weren’t any road signs or guidelines or letters that said “It’s all just fine” It was just me, adjusting, as I made my way to the sunrise Then I paused On the ground below me was a little door I knocked slowly Was pretty scared, maybe ill-prepared But we get one life, one life only So I open the hatch and look down And it’s pitch black, no sound If you don’t choose, any road will do I’ve been riding logistical merry-go-rounds My eyes are wide, restless soul with scores to settle from years ago I know that there’s more, I told me so I’m going down the rabbit hole There’s not a way out The chips fall I’m all in now My prospects are in lock step and each step is a shake down I got a coat of armor Sword of steel Call to arms Cause the threats’ real See, crowns are made on battle fields So your majesty, no, I will never kneel Time to face fear right front, center Watch doubts fall like its November Got a treasure map in my backpack Says life’s golden, what a pleasure I spin around & around I’m free-falling now Cause there’s ghosts, ghouls and there’s goblins out “Oh, your leaving us?” They call me treasonous Think that you’re dangerous.. You must be delirious Just then a gun fires and the trumpets start And ground trembles from the steady march It looks bad, cause their deck’s stacked But my King beats the Queen of Hearts I try to win in spades, so I set fires With the kind of flames that forge Empires Like a hurricane but I’m a tad insane Cat 5, Cheshire Right round we go, the next episode Onto the 2nd story so look out below Collect hater’s tears, they make a steady flow And their greatest fear is I told you so I know it though, there’s no impossible You can watch your past or you can watch it grow Be more powerful than you will ever know I’m going down the rabbit hole [Background Intense Music]

11 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole – by Eddie Pinero

  1. Hey Eddie, I've been watching your channel for years and it's great stuff! I had a job interview a few weeks ago for my dream job and I was terrified. I didn't feel ready, like I was an imposter or that I wasn't qualified. I woke up the morning of the interview and decided that instead of driving an hour for the interview just to be laughed out of the meeting, I'd stay home and send an email to the hiring manager saying I'd taken another job (to spare me the disappointment of not getting this one). As I was laying in bed writing the email, I decided to listen to this again and when it got to the part where you say you "were a little scared, maybe I'll-prepared, but we get one life- one life only", I kidd you not this line right here kept echoing in my head, making me think that even though I felt ill prepared it might work out. Instead of sending the email, I got up, showered, got dressed, recited Muhammad Ali's "How great I am" speech in the mirror, and drove to the interview listening to this on repeat… the interview didn't go well. At least, that's what I thought at the time; I got a call from HR the other day offering me the job! I would never have even tried if I hadn't listened to this that morning. Thanks man, keep doing what you're doing; you're far more appreciated than you know.

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