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hey I'm really excited I want to see another part of Western Australia and from this bit I'm going to get a fairy rock this darlin that's our destination do this one so we're off it in 26 out of 3 members in the summer after 60 realize it day thank you Stu what's the capacity of the vessel ma we hold 329 a lot of people go into the office and the others an amazing place tourists and locals alike not to go on holiday there for me it's all about the war one the scroll is a rocky outcrop the place is 11 kilometers long and four and a half kilometers right scenery words the water is alive with action too this is a colony of New Zealand Purcell so that's fourteen ostracism down there playing in the water but back about 70 years ago they hunted almost to the point of extinction and then our returning these guys have been here for the last seven or eight years and the colony is building up in heaven you know some people build their houses those peculiar places what's on that rock is what we call it Osprey stack it's probably there as long as 70 years and in the nest is probably an adult and a large chick the osprey just went to task is good their wing spans about one and a half meters and they hunted to sleep I wonder it will still be there in other 70s good by far the most famous resident on the island and these guys the only Dutch explorers South past here in the 1600 and they saw these funny little things hopping around they thought they would giant rats so they called the place rat's nest on so this is the natural rate of violent crime that's what yep population density here is you know it's estimated up to 12,000 Crocker severe one of the last cubed populations of these unique little marsupials left in Australia they come here mainly because we've got a good supply grass and it kept a lot of moisture and also it's an area that they don't get disturbed too much there's been a lot of species that have been introduced to the island we finally got rid of all our cats and other species about 15 20 years ago and now we're starting to see the net for wildlife coming back I can understand why people come look at that that's right just the way the other Joey's are hanging out of the past at this time of year and if you resist that face and it's just a really beautiful thing across the island pop isn't well adapted to live off the coast of the Cassie Anna explains they get a lot of the moisture that they need from that vegetation so they can last for long periods without water because most of the likes on the island here actually extremely Silvia but very salty yeah when we do our revegetation we often we have to put guards and fencing around to make sure that the clock is can't get in there and even before they get a chance to grow it would be neither see in the wall but once you get into the village area there are caucus everywhere these guys are just so friendly they walk up to you hello my friend hello yeah so we've got one here that's been fed the wrong things so you can see how it started to go rattle and the ear damage you've actually got skin wounds here that's like this I love it yeah so what happens is they as their shape deteriorates they start to lose the dominance in their own group yeah and then I get attacked by the other guys and by some birds what do people give these close to it but they shouldn't most of the stuff they give them is you know like human food like bread Apes that sort of stuff that highly processed for the stuff that's just not good for these guys will clean him up put some antiseptic on some of your skin wound yeah and then we'll try and get him back onto a natural diet and then we'll take them back out into the back end of the island and let him go out there where he's supposed to be this is problems we're seeing in our domestic animals as well so it's not unique to your promise it's a problem that's all out of the world and it sort of we need to do something about yeah and the way to do it is to live denying things alone isn't it that's exactly right don't touch him just vertigo and enjoy but what they are a unique little marsupial well I bet a fantastic time you're a proxy on the breaches the scenery and of course the amazing Royal Box if you ever are out on the west coast it's a little Ozzy treasure so come on over and say g'day you

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