The Purple Pet Bed – Scientific comfort for your dogs, cats, hedge hogs or whatever…

I am Biscuit. I am a good boy, but my dear
human gave Biscuit a bad bed. Why would you give a good boy a bad bed? we all make mistakes! Maybe you do! Listen, the pet bed world needed an intervention, so with
the comfort scientists at Purple, I engineered the all-new purple pet bed. The first and only pet bed to feature Purple’s crazy comfy, super-sciencey
Purple technology. The core of our bed is made of our ultra-comfy hyper-Elastic Polymer. the comfort core is then wrapped in an antimicrobial, waterproof, odor
proof, protector. That means no bacteria. No smell. And our easy to remove ultra
durable cover is also antimicrobial, as well as stain and moisture resistant. Also you might notice your more fur heavy friends prefer to sleep on the
cool tile floor over their soft dog bed. Kind of like how I prefer Chloe to Kim. That’s why we engineered the purple pet bed to be temperature neutral. Your
little buddies can rest comfy pant free. Meaning no Panting. Has your pet ever utterly destroyed his or her bed? First off, maybe they’re trying to tell you
something. But also pets love to scratch and chew, but nothing scratches and chews with more precision… Plug in the claw! Our way to test for durability. The
Purple Pet Bed withstood over 60,000 claws from this monster. The
Purple Pet Bed is the absolute greatest pet bed of all time. The purple mattress
has brought comfort to thousands of humans. Now we can bring that same level
of comfy to your beloved pets. And act quickly, because in the time it took you to watch this video, your little Beethoven is already a week

100 thoughts on “The Purple Pet Bed – Scientific comfort for your dogs, cats, hedge hogs or whatever…

  1. Bought my purple bed last nov . and I am already noticing that the middle area that isn't slept on is higher or firmer than the normal place we sleep , that said I do love the bed .

  2. I love her gives you information but one thing that I am upset about 1:00 why couldn’t they have tested with another dog instead of with a robot

  3. Look, We May appreciate you making this what seems to be comfy bed, but heres the thing, sometimes, a few of our pets have adjusted to the bed they already have, and might be upset trying to adjust to another new bed, this might be a great idea for taking the comfy mattress and turning it into a beautiful pet bed but sometimes, we need to give our dogs TIME with the current bed, then when they start wrecking their beds, that would be the time to give them a new bed, but this is a good idea, especially for sales… yeah…

  4. Good boy bad bed 🙂 good good good purple bed for biscuit. Now for good boy. Not bad bed for biscuit. Wan’t to sit on cold floor instead of bad bed! Purple! Ooh me no want sit on cold floor now, me want sit on purple pet bed. Good boy bed. Good boy bed. The other bed is for bad boy bed bad boy bed bad boy bed. Biscuit happy cause he is good boy and has the good boy bed. Good boy biscuit. Bed for biscuit only. Bed for good boy. Good boy bed good boy bed. No bad boy can take the good boy bed good boy bed. So why get the good boy the bad boy bed bad boy bed? Aw aw aw bad boy bed bad bad bad bad bed bed bed bed. Biscuit has the good good boy boy bed bed. Good boy bed good boy bed good boy bed good bye bed.

    Biscuit love good BOI bed.

  5. “The claw:
    Originally used as a medieval torture device, the claw was later repurposed and used by early American fur trappers as a way to defend themselves from grizzly bear attacks.”

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  7. Purple please collaborate with Nike to make purple shoes they have memory foam shoes (so awesome) so just imagine purple shoes

  8. I should get this for my pet shnauzer but I'm 11…and I can't buy my dog a purple bed… Me:mom dad why would you give a good girl a bad bed LETS BUY IT say my mom and dad

  9. Only 27 million views? We can make a dent, people. We need to raise viewership to at least 75 million views, to get the word out. My dog Fritzie seems to enjoy the Purple Pet Bed. At first he avoided it, due to the polymer off-gassing effect. Since this product contains the same Superelastic Polymer technology as my Purple Pillow, I was able to promote off-gassing by the (included) extensive instructions, which include a multi-platform detoxification process. One advantage? The continued (likely patented) off-gassing aroma promotes quick, and coma-like sleep in my Fritzie. His behavior during the day is also much less active, promoting safe, canine subversive behavior all day long. And, as the instructions say, brief periods of disorientation and stumbling show that the Purple Pet Bed System is WORKNG! It's a miracle. Highly recommended.

  10. Here is a link to my in-depth analysis of this commercial compared to Nectar and Puffy brands. Please read it if you want to discover the genius behind Purple's marketing and how others are failing to replicate it.

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