20 thoughts on “The Politics of Watch Dogs Legion

  1. First of all this game looks phenomenal but the “Brexit bad” narrative doesn’t make any sense. If the story is about an authoritarian regime taking power why would they be against a nation removing itself from an increasingly authoritarian entity. In my opinion it would be a lot more coherent to just have a large political entity (the EU) become authoritarian. That way the narrative would feel more authentic.

  2. "Brexit is not the cause of the problems in our game. The cause of Brexit is the cause of the problems in our game."

  3. Sorry Ubisoft but as much as I value exploring important real world topics in my adult life, I escape back to my childhood life of gaming to relax and not take everything so serious all the time, and the last thing I want to do while trying to relax is to get stressed even more. I will have to check this one out and see after it has been released whether or not it is too heavy for purchase.

  4. wow look at all the butthurt alt right morons
    I don't see this as exaggeration if alt right got full power this is what the world would look like, and that's not my opinion, just look at history through all the ages of the human race
    the most obvious example is Europe that was in constant wars as long as the history remembers, it only knew peace after the EU was formed and now its countries are the safest richest countries in the world, but I guess it's human nature to fight and can't be at peace

  5. How many of y'all wanna bet they just used the syndicate London as the framework and just added the new buildings? Lol

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