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puppy school is in session can you do the Fandango you know we used to eat fandango's in Liverpool hi I'm Dan a floor fell from Sicard life of flats to this is not an easy voice that I'm doing in the movie it's kind of from lionel Barrymore who is the old man and it's a wonderful life your father nothing but it yeah what's going on my owner got a new puppy we actually play around with different voices for pops I think I was doing Cary Grant at one point look at all these puppies we did Al Pacino oh hey old man you got a puppet and then we we came on news nobody cares we find out that he's a gruff guy a heart of gold I'm like pops cuz comedy ultimately is sort of aggressive and the characters I've done in the past are very aggressive they're like Hans and Franz your buttocks are like marshmallows you're lucky we don't have a campfire yeah so all my characters say inappropriate thing so Pop's is right yes probably I play the character of max a messy let's say we go for a walk and Max is a very very high-strung dog you've been so stressed lately that you know what he cares too much no I don't really want to say I'm the star I mean you have this ensemble cast Tiffany Haddish Eric Stonestreet and you are especially Kevin Hart it's no time like Bell Oh sister it's gonna get way weirder once you have Harrison Ford for Gandhi yeah you're sure no I'm not the star of the movie Harrison Ford's in it hallelujah how much you might like max did you just see the answer I gave I could not be more high-strung and nervous half of the time to guess I'm I'm basically max in human form but I don't have a behavioral disorder yeah I'm fine too we start fires you know Chloe is a very independent woman she enjoys a snack or seven my owner might have given me a little bit of catnip people often say that you know cats have attitude whoa whoa whoa hold on now you gotta learn how to act like a cat in playing a cat I have gotten to know the personality a little more and I think there's someone you know misunderstood cats land on their feet you know they're just like independent and comfortable in their own fur Chloe you're burning oh I wonder what other sounds I could make are you finished she's got a great sense of humor eat sweet pea what cats eat birds you're seriously gonna make her you sweet beat oh no no of course no man bad dog bad cat dog oh she can't necessarily laugh at herself but she's working I play Mel in secret life of pets – someone's in my litter box Mel is a little rambunctious a little crazy right not that smart of a dog you got a lot of heart though in secret life of pets too he hasn't gotten any smarter now get get out of there he's proudly not smart he's just happy to be alive if Meryl is is awake he's got a smile on his face does mal have any bad qualities I don't think so I think he is pure goodness out of all the dogs in the world Mel might be the sweetest one in the world my little mouth I love them too all my heart

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