The Pet Company (Petco)

There’s a place where
all pets flouirsh, where they’re cared for
groomed and nourished. Where antioxidants and
Omega-3s are found. Look at this awesome haircut. I mean look at this
spherical haircut. My head is so perfectly
wonderfully magically round! The vaccination was so easy, now germs can never defeat me. And now I’m ready to go
out on the town.

34 thoughts on “The Pet Company (Petco)

  1. Petco I have a small question fore when i go buy my salt water clown fish can I use a 2ft high tand by 1ft far tank for 1 clownfish and sea star and do you sell the salt water?

  2. Quite an odd job done on the poodle's (?) eyes when the female singer leads out, uh… And also, some of the singing feels off-key. Anybody agree?

  3. please start an outlet of Petco in Kerala, India.As Kerala have the most types of pets . Petstores are trying to get a place in the market. Petco will be a star

  4. Thank you, Petco, for being a reliable and responsible place for pets to live and be adopted. You obviously know what you're doing, keeping 3 underweight, 4-month-old ball pythons together in one 50-gallon tank with the humidity at 10%. Housing ball pythons is very difficult, Petco, but you managed to perfect it. Great job. Keep it up.

  5. I like this song. But petco financially supports awful puppy mills where dogs live in constant pain just to make extra money. If your going to get a dog do it from a shelter or breeder dont support puppy mills!

  6. I hate this commercial and I want the google algorithm to stop playing it for me on hulu. That is the only reason I am commenting.

  7. The part you don’t hear. “I am abused. I am miserable. They don’t know how To care for me. Ohhhh I came from a mill, oh a milll,a milll. My life is miserable but they want profit. So I guess I am trapped.

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