The Parrot Whisperer Can Fix Your Bird Woes

(upbeat music) – Most people think that owning a parrot is a walk in the park, but the truth is they’re very, very complex creatures in every way. They’re long-lived; they can noisy; they can be destructive; they have special needs; they challenge you. Can you say bark like a dog for me please? (parrot barking) People buy them sometimes
for the wrong reasons, or they buy on impulse; and when there’s a problem, they call me. (upbeat music) My name is Glenn Sorino, and I’ve been working with birds professionally for 20 years. New York City has always been my backyard. I had parakeets growing up as a kid. And I was fascinated. Everything about them appealed to me. Eventually, I started to research parrots. Read everything I could get my hands on. Spoke to other bird owners, went to bird club meetings and even took a job at a bird store that opened up a lot of doors for me. People started calling me. “Glenn, I’m having a
problem, can you help me? “I thought I had a male parrot “but after 20 years it just laid an egg.” Hello, you name it and the
calls started coming in. People started flocking to me. If I can use that term. One thing led to another,
and eventually I became the go-to guy, and it
developed into a business. On a day to day basis, I
provide a variety of services. I’m there whenever they need me. Basically, 24/7. Every day is something new. Every day is a challenge. Each bird has a different behavior. They’re like people: they have likes, dislikes; they have special needs
in the way of diet, lighting, environment. The larger species can
live a human lifespan. Owning a bird is literally like having a 5-year-old child that never grows up. If you can imagine that. Bird owners often have
problems with aggression, health issues, plucking,
egg laying issues, mimicking sounds that become incessant. (birds chirping) I have one client who was
feeding her bird waffles with maple syrup and
pasta with vodka sauce. So we had to change the diet, and we had to change it fast. Every situation presents a challenge. My role is to try to help
them through all of that. If you understand how a bird thinks, if you understand what
a bird is telling you in the way the pupils dilate, the way they fan their tail, you can figure out what
they’re trying to tell you. I can tell if they’re
being cautious at first, and I approach them very gently. Again, I speak their
language, and I don’t think there’s anyone else who
really does what I do. You’re looking really good aren’t you. OK, OK Frankie. Want to come out? I believe that I do have a unique role in the bird world.
(upbeat music) I feel the work that I do is very rewarding to me. I love birds. I help clients solve problems, and when they call me up and tell me that everything is great, that I really helped them, it makes me feel like I’m really making a difference in the world. And I love a happy ending, and nothing makes me feel better than knowing that I did a good deed.

100 thoughts on “The Parrot Whisperer Can Fix Your Bird Woes

  1. I also love birds especially parrots.. It's very inspiring of u.. I also want be a bird whisperer. I wish i will be

  2. Okay but where can I find this guy's contact details?
    I've had my bird for nearly 20 years and she's been the most lovely thing ever until just a few months ago. She clearly still likes me as she gets excited when I come to her, and she accepts scritches and such from me. She shows signs that she would like to step onto my hand and come out of her cage, though, at random, she will attack me for no actual reason. I don't know what to do anymore. I need help and if I had this guy's details I'd call him in a heartbeat.

  3. They should force the lady who gave her bird waffles and syrup to eat his birdseed for a week! ⊙n⊙

  4. Yeah, I want one so bad but I don't think I could dedicate 70 years of my life to keep one through its whole life

  5. This guy is just so pure and seems like he has genuine intentions to help. Also his voice is really soothing, not gonna lie.

  6. My mother and I both own parrots. Only problem is, when she is not able to take care of them I will need to . Her parrot was always jealous because I was a little child and needed the attention of my mother. So she started attacking me. Everyone is able to touch her … except me… anyone got any advice?

  7. Right on man…that's awesome works. I love it when people make animals priority and treat them with love care and respect. Animals are great companions when you find those you understand

  8. Even more fascinating to think that these little innocent creatures would've been hunting you down and tearing you to shreds a few million years ago

  9. Birds are telling , plz let me free , let me fly high to the blue skies , god didn’t make me beautiful to be caged for ur satisfaction

  10. This guy should start The parrot whisperer YouTube channel. Just like Kevin Richardson's The lion whisperer channel.

  11. I wish my brother had translated his love of birds into a business as you have. That was his passion.

  12. I admire what this guy does, but I think that the best thing anyone can do is not having a parrot in the first place. Leave them alone in the jungle, which is where they belong.

  13. There’s definitely other people that does what he does… BirdTricks, Chloe’s Sanctuary, Parrot Wizard… just to name a few you tubers everyone should check out. PLEASE.

  14. I'm 12 and have 2 parakeets! I love birds and once I get more experienced with birds I would love to have more! I love cockatoos, conures and macaws!

  15. Yeah let me call you my parakeet is not eating when hes hungry so I have to feed him and he wont use the cuttlebone or he wont eat spray millet…

  16. a relationship with a bird can go deeper than any relationship well not an human one but you get the point

  17. I actually know someone very talented with birds. I'll never forget how she took a feisty amazon and had it happily lay on its back in her hands within minutes like it was its idea. She doesn't know everything but i think she'd be amazing and would pick up quickly.

  18. About a year ago I decided I was dead set on getting a large bird. So cute and smart BUT THEN!!! I watched video after video of bird owners and I learned how stupid of me it would be because my personality could not handle it. I am glad I listened to bird owners. I’m a pro dog and cat owner. Not birds lol

  19. I have a problem my cockatiel has a horrible skin condition that causes her to make her ears clogged with something that looks like dead skin mixed with earwax and it also is on her cheeks and the area around her beak. Please help I’m very worried

  20. I would love to have a parrot, or a Macaw, but i cant stand loud noises, so ill have a dove, the purring and cooing makes me go ????????????

  21. Cockatoos are the most challenging due to thier loud screams & intersting twisted personalties ????

  22. People shouldn't be able to keep parrots as pets, full stop. They are, as Glenn Sorino said, extremely complex, highly intelligent, long-lived creatures. Most people are unable to comprehend their needs or provide for them adequately.

  23. I have a cockatiel. He is so annoying in fact my dad said he's gonna put him on the grill. But my whole family still loves him.

  24. Thank God there are animal whisperers in this world until we can communicate with them telepathically!

  25. This guy is conceited. There are several people who are excellent in helping people have a better relationship with birds. Here's one:

  26. Can you split up a mating pair of cockatoos. ..I have been offered a pair of cockatoos that need to be rehomed but are not tamed

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