36 thoughts on “The Pale – Dogs With No Tails

  1. hi! have you got "willie song" (or willy??) – was a B-side of a 90s single – i remember it fondly! now have no access to said single or girlfriend at the time… fancy uploading it anyone? 😉

  2. This was before Dr. Evil became famous. I wouldn't give up this song for one millllllllion dollars!

  3. club grand side und club grand aqua beste hotels in ganz side ist dort der clubtanz in 3wochen wieder da haut rein

  4. kamelya world, royal winx, royal dragon, turan prince… every of turkish hotels i was in play this song 😀 the best of all!

  5. Athena didn't really stoled it. Athena did "Köpek" in Turkish language. It's Nirvana's "Breed" and people know that.

  6. They played in Millstreet, Ireland. There was a marquee set up for bands during the Eurovision Song Contest there in 1993. That was a great summer.

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