The Origin of Dogs

tens of thousands of years ago early humans formed an unlikely partnership with another animal the gray wolf over time the wolves changed in body and temperament their skulls teeth and paws shrank their ears flopped they gained a docile disposition becoming both less frightening and less fearful they turned into dogs scientists agree that all dogs descend from wild ancestral walls but they disagree as to when where and how that happened Gregor Larsen from the University of Oxford has been trying to get some firm answers already he and his team have yielded a surprising discovery they think dogs were domesticated not once but twice so here's the full story as Larson sees it many thousands of years ago somewhere in western Eurasia humans domesticated gray wolves and the same thing happened independently far away in the east around the Bronze Age some of the ancient Eastern dogs migrated West alongside their human partners and along their travels these migrants encountered the indigenous ancient Western dogs they mated with them doggystyle presumably and effectively replaced them so today's Western dogs traced most of their ancestry to the ancient eastern migrants less than 10% comes from those ancient Western dogs which have since gone extinct other dog genetics experts think that there are other possible explanations but Larson adds that his gene focused appears are ignoring one crucial line of evidence bones if dogs originated just once there should be a neat gradient of fossils with the oldest ones at the center of domestication and the youngest ones far away from but that's not what we have so we now have a new origin story for dogs and this matters because dogs were the first species that we domesticated they came before crops before livestock they heralded a change in our relationship to the natural

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  1. This is very fucking stupid.
    This video says Eastern Dogs "replaced" and "made extinct" the Western Dogs by BREEDING with them?
    Goddamn, that is stupid.

  2. okay, i would like to ask everyone to take this into consideration…. think about how many different types ,(specieses) of monkey there are… birds, horses, whales, fish butterflies..well take any animal out there and you will find that there in most cases are too many to count… but when it comes to the dog, people tell others that all dogs started a wolf, and transformed thru breeding into completely different kinds of dog….. just take a moment and think about that…. this is what will happen if i breed a wolf with a wolf..out will come another wolf every single time… this has been proven time and time again
    even if i only breed the small wolves with one another, what will happen is there offspring will still be a wolf, but only smaller

    the truth is that there are many many many different kinds of dogs in this world, and it has been this way from the beginning that they were created… what makes dogs and cats so unique is that they dont have an issue breeding with other types of dog, or cats….. even horses will do this… not many animals will do this

    so, this huge lie, that all dogs started off as wolves is so unbelievably ridiculous..intelligent people will actually believe this , which blows my mind…when i was first told this in a book i bought when i was a little girl, it was hard for me to understand, but i believed it…but then i grew up… and one day i thought about it… and i do believe that if others gave it some actual real thought and some common sense, we could put an end to the lie

    in the past i have had conversations with others that have told me that they can prove it, they gave me links to go to that states in them that a scientist proves it with DNA or something scientific… so i watched it…. no where do they show any proof whatsoever, becuz they have none… they just have a man standing there in a lab coat in a laboratory surrounded by scientific things, and he just speuws the same crap with absolutely no proof…. the only reason i even checked it out was so i could say i did, i knew that there would be no proof sense with everything that has been created there are more different kinds of each creation then we could list, yet when it comes to the DOG, all of them started out wolves
    come on people, wake up, your smarter than that

  3. this video is way off. lets start here. if dogs came from wolves, in which they did, then what was the other animal man used to breed the dog. if you use two wolf species you will always just get a wolf. no matter what breed of wolf you mix with it will always be a wolf. it will never turn into a pug no matter the time length. so they had to have mixed the wolf with another animal. what was it, no one knows? domesticated dogs did not come before crops and live stock seeing how they were domesticated to protect live stock and crops. if you believe we domesticated a wild wolf before we grew plants then you have major problems with facts.

  4. All these religious people in the comments denying evolution are just boomers who haven't had a proper education.

  5. The Grey Wolf isn't the only kind of wolf lol, that's why they're just referred as the ancestral wolves because we don't know exactly what kind of wolf they were

  6. Actually there has been strong evidence since the mid 1940s I believe that canines are not the decedents of wolves. They are both decedent of a sort of proto-canine that resembled a modern lynx and lived in trees. After the Ice Age began to end bigger animals died off, making way for the proto-canine to take their place on the land. Since then many dogs have continued to interbreed with their wolf cousins and so they are still genetically compatible. At no point did a human being domesticate a wild grey wolf. That's silly fantasy.

  7. My queston is if evolution takes milions of years how did we get all those very different dog breeds like chivawa, buldog etc from sigle or two very similar breeds of wolf? All in a matter of 10-20.000 years!?

  8. Dogs were also domesticated in the Americas. And likely other places as well. Anthropologists are the experts on canine origins.

  9. I was sitting with my dog CeCe while watching this…I started petting her and she smiled. I'm so happy now ;w;

  10. Are all dogs really descendants of grey wolves ? Or only of grey wolves ? 'Cause some of them look sooooo different than wolves.

  11. I hate when people use the term "we domesticated wolves to dogs" It is not what's happened. It was co-evolution, no intentional human actions initiated it. (And by a definition of "domestication", dogs and humans domesticated each other as well)

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