The Obamas’ New Dog

PRESS: Wow. Look at Bo. MR. PRESIDENT: There he is the
latest addition to the family. SECURITY: Back up guys. PRESS: Can you believe how
much coverage this is getting. MR. PRESIDENT: It
is spectacular. PRESS: Where will he sleep? MR. PRESIDENT: We have a bunch
of spots but he will be sleeping inside–inside the White House. PRESS: Is he going
to be in a bed? MR. PRESIDENT: Not in my bed. PRESS: (Laughing) MR. PRESIDENT: We set that rule down a long time ago. MALIA: Awe good puppy. [inaudible] MR. PRESIDENT: That’s a good
looking dog though– let’s face it. Golly. The only concern we have is
apparently Portuguese water dogs like tomatoes. Michelle’s garden
may be in danger.
[inaudible] SASHA: He doesn’t
know how to swim. MR. PRESIDENT: Apparently they
have to be taught how to swim. They have web
feet–they herd fish for the fisherman in Portuguese. PRESS: You know what Truman said
about a dog– MR. PRESIDENT: I finally got a
friend-took some time. [Wind blowing-birds chirping]

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