The NEW Secret Life of Pets 2 MOVIE MOD (GTA 5 PC Mods Gameplay)

welcome back to another secret life of pets mod but in today's it's gonna be part two and it's gonna be somewhat based around the actual movie slightly based exactly around the movie but somewhat and if you guys are excited for this baby you already know what to do give me those likes drop the lights drop it like right now subscribe if you are new you see some more awesome stuff of this because we have some exciting videos coming up very soon Toy Story I'm pretty excited for that let's go ahead and get right into the slide and get this thing going baby okay vacation time baby I'm coming mom and dad guys if you sent here the secret life of pets other mods just know that this isn't based around those at all we don't have an older Big Brother that big dog we don't have that but what we do have is ourselves okay and our mom right mom we're gonna vacation right going on vacation I'm super excited mom mom where the heck's yet okay let me spray out in the car no big deal mom I just heard you you said my name mom where are you at Oh God she left me she forgot all about me okay I've drove a car once or twice I know exactly where of the vacation spot is I'm just gonna drop out there everything's gonna be normal but I really love dry oh gosh oh my body sticking through the bottom of the car this is a problem Oh God oh yeah you just crawl out of this thing there we go here we go oh I don't have a car now hopefully digit can come pick me up so we can go to our vacations but everything's gonna make gray it's gonna be fun it's been fun times Gidget vacations come again oh I think I hear Matt's call my name huh I'll catch you ladies later I gotta go check out with my man if you know what I mean Oh Maxie is there a problem honey honey first of all you almost hit me don't make me drag you out of this car okay max are you okay you okay max all right what happened here I say that the car is upside down where is your mom where is your guardian your caretaker whatever you want to call up okay so Gidget look look I don't need you saying anything to me all right I called your name cuz I need your help I need your owners car okay we're going on vacation I don't know where my mom went I've been looking for her and I can't find her all right I'm getting a little ticked off I'm sorry I'm sorry maybe we can just go on GTA style up in here okay sorry sorry sorry so that was a little crazy okay just relax I'm gonna get a car stay here you uh let's see I'll be right back Oh what is this Oh God oh my god oh my god nobody seen that okay we got a cheap sweet Oh broke the window at it's okay max don't worry we're going on vacation maybe somebody got hit by a car working on them we are ignoring that that did not happen in this mud no it did not okay up on it max where did the car go that was upside down oh okay max pop it get it don't get in the back either okay so this is kind of weird you're not you're supposed to be my my boyfriend okay you're not my boyfriend we just I really have a big crush on you Max and I really like you so if you could just not make things very well sorry I only drove like one sir okay don't worry max we're gonna get there and we're gonna beasts don't worry about nothing stop son we don't stop with those just going straight to everybody to go max we're gonna be a vacation area in no time gonna be great Oh max just relax fit there but max is having a great time ow ow ow ow max hop out pop out max get out the car I'm getting a fruit I am getting a fruit I gotta hit I can't drop that good can you drop none all right guys we've got top secret mission right now and well it's right around the corner are we gonna do is hello sir don't mind anything I've got a little bit of a plan I don't even know why people are still here snowballs up for a little bit of attack okay first of all we need to hide or just spray this border and my friends not few friends I can't see much of anything but my friends should be here at any time to turn out all the lights over the lights what are you waiting on oh just like I wanted to see okay so now all I can do is make a little movie shot got to do this the right way and everything is gonna work perfectly should I get a soda no no no soda no sorry all right let's see I think we're gonna go right into the store this is the secret mission where it's supposed to beep hmm I can't see too well maybe not this oh it's right here right here it's right back here now if you guys are wonder what I'm looking for its breakdown in here there's like a little secret hatch and I can get all four money and there's a lot of things I can get for my little crew what is that there's awesome stuff to me I was just trying to I'm doing nothing I wouldn't do nothing I won't do nothing I wouldn't do nothing I wouldn't do nothing okay okay we got away safely Oh lights are back on okay things are back to normal Athenians are not up to me that's great news okay now maybe I should get back to my crew but first I should okay I was gonna go in here and get a drink but what the heck is Gidget what are you doing wait get you said okay so I'm glad you're here coz you can that's nothing over there what are you staring at there's like a really big problem it's a really big problem you know I don't know if I should tell you I'm going crazy this is a really big problem problem you see wait yeah I'll be right back all right Gidget I changed my super awesome cool ninja warrior beat everybody up soon I'm like super sick now as you can see I will take anybody yeah so what's the problem haha sick little outfit oh yeah oh wow you're after this super sick okay so what we got to do max of me we wrecked into this fruit thing we were on vacation everything was good but the worst the worst had happened there's this psychopath a little chicken a little loose and if you don't know what I'm talking about let me just take you nowhere Max and me almost got killed by stupid chicken right kitchen where did you say they were we're gonna move fast and stealthy move faster kitchens let's go okay let's just make a quick little move we see we got the builders in boat shop uh you're not telling you mutts if anything gets it I guess we're just gonna have to get to stay behind you're gonna stay behind nothing's gonna happen to you everything's gonna be good we're gonna take care of the chickens and nothing's gonna happen because I'm in my super ninja outfit and I'll take care of any stupid little okay okay let me just make a little move I'm gonna make a little move stay back God Oh God we're gonna go on vacation oh oh this is bad where are you oh oh you guys screwed up today hey kitchen I think I can make the right move just get don't freak you get you get over here did you get it get it let's see you dad okay I gotta move out I gotta move out without you I'm moving out max stay in there buddy you have nice you'll have knives I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't meet you I didn't do nothing I didn't do nothing or you're just here to save my friend first of all well I could've do is make a slight little move okay here we go we're gonna make our move gonna make my move max I'll make a move we'll make some Max come on the psychopath chickens are gonna kill me max max I don't have my gang here with me what I do have is this sniper rifle let me just check out a few things max don't move no don't worry don't worry don't worry we're gonna have fried chicken after all this is said and done see all right max you're good you're good you're good you're good everything's good to go where's Gidget digit oh god oh god okay I'm running I'm coming I'm coming – snowball okay look dude you gotta stop yelling I know you're undercover and stuff where's Gidget I seen her but I don't know where she is now get would you just shut up I think a seen her up top I got my cool outfit on how you like this max I'm really cool man I think I seen her up top and I don't think those are the real the real ultimate chicken is that the big one you know what I'm talking about when you first guy just told me the whole story oh I think I see Gidget wait let me see something I don't see I don't see any other chickens well I think we're gonna think she escaped Oh I'm not gonna shoot him I've got a bigger plan nobody messes with my friends uh what do you plan on doing what do you plan on doing man what's the plan because I know there's not one ultimate chicken he doesn't die and it's really ugly and next thing you know there's nine thousand chickens around you you're knocked out and you can't breathe okay this vacation sucks hello big digit ah your friends they're nowhere around now are they you don't have any friends you have nothing but the hope that I don't kill you and you guys want to come to my farm and try to take over my farm and all you done messed up because I have a little bit of a present for you and your friends look we didn't mean nothing we didn't mean any harm I just want to get out of here quick let's put my snowball oh god this ain't good this ain't good all right I'm gonna make my move I'm gonna make my move gonna move around here I'm gonna get in top or everything's gonna be good I'm gonna come beside snowball just follow me I know what I'm doing it's no what are you doing bro I made it up top I'm about to take this stupid chicken out just watch watch me I'm sorry I'm sorry sorry that didn't go to plan that did not go to plan I am so sorry gets it that don't something oh my god gets it your body keep stretching out it's very weird I'm so sorry I did not mean to hurt you uh okay I guess we're both stuck here now great oh you idiot you idiot oh how could you fall for such a trap this isn't even Gidget this is the fake Gidget she's not even real Matt's all right this is a mud I will bring you back to life max and yeah everything's gonna have to okay all right all right I'm gonna bring everybody back to life get you to max might just have to die but the chickens gonna die where's this stupid chicken at oh hello huh so Joe's gonna fix everything max everything's good nice beautiful day that chickens gone we did a good job buddy and even though you did some stupid stuff Hey look man here what no stupid but we look kind of cool here and where's the rest of the gang yet we could tell them about all the problems we went through and they didn't help us out at all well this has been great oh you thought it was over all right guys if you enjoyed this video I know it didn't go along with the whole storyline but somewhat I didn't want to give too many spoilers even though I haven't even seen the movie hasn't seen the trailer but if you guys enjoyed this video don't reach up that like subscribe for your new it I will see you guys [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. You should do daenerys and her three dragons they added a dragon mod a while ago and it’s cool check it out or you can do a mod but check the dragon out ???

  2. Snowball:UHHHHH Max's door is locked oh easy! But the flight is in 8 hours. MAX!
    Snowball:Max open door!
    Gidget:Ok here you go!
    Snowball:Thanks Max! I booked a trip to London today!
    Mel:OH TRIP!
    Max:Just let's go!
    2 days later!
    Snowball:So a zoo a booked and a museum and going to BIG BEN and finally MOVIES!
    Mel:OH NO A FIRE!

  3. Deadpool mod??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤️????????❤️❤️????????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

  4. Don't forget Max's two big friends & SnowBall's enemy the curious Monkey. Plz & the the little boy/baby.

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