The Mystery Of Bulgaria’s Green Cat – Getty Images TV

there’s a rather unusual creature roaming the streets of this seaside town a stray cat that turns itself by breath green but how her Incredible color first started to attrAct media attention in 2014 earning some free meals for her and her ginger companion from those hoping to tempt her out for a photo Some joked that her green coped was the result of a radioactive Experiment, or that she was in new species of emerald cat others were concerned that this was a deliberate act of animal cruelty? the Nira Bravo Facebook Sub purple and Jonathan for Martha bish do no better than a personal one valley easel soldering supervillain But after a little detective work it was revealed that the cat had in fact turned herself green Namaste Davos Corrado future. God no ho Sanna ho Chica Astana was Elena zeus todo esto overboost honorable picard we are the work for Treasure Kotori pregnant inner circle Esta La villain some voiced concern about the toxicity of the paint But the famous green cap didn’t seem to be unwell orchestral Token let’s count up some variable prepare for forum Jo Jung-Min whistling after a couple of months and a few Rainstorms her Brilliant green started to fade and the most famous cat in bulgaria began to blend in with the other strays Noticeable only by a couple of green highlights and having gained a little extra weight from all those treats

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  1. Just saying, it's your duty to feed cats. Dogs you should be adopting. Cats are pretty much meant to be strayed. All these years I thought they were just pests and freeloaders. They are so not, they are an important part of the human ecosystem. Yes human.

  2. Green cat smoked to much green. I know a guy that turned greener than that after a couple hits from the bong

  3. I am from Bulgaria. I am from Varna, too – Varna is the city where this happened. But its OK and its not problem with health – its because the polution!

  4. The cat gets angry when people stop taking its picture so it "Hulks Out". When people start taking it's picture again it calms down and begins to return to its more natural color. Literally, "rinse and repeat".

  5. If her eyes are green? It could be natural, but if the eyes color is different,then it's fake.
    CAT'S eyes,color,always same color,,of their body…Just search for yourself!

  6. How did the cat get the paint on so evenly and on her entire body including perfectly on her face like that? The Bulgarians aren’t fooling this American. No way would it be so evenly all over her entire body for perfectly like that. I’m glad the cat got all the extra food and attention though but that was done on purpose by someone trying to fool everybody.

  7. Young Catty Fenton he was just 14
    When his parents built a very strange machine
    It was designed to view a world unseen
    (He's gonna catch em all cause he's Catty Phantom)
    When it didn't quite work, his folks they just quit
    But then Catty took a look inside of it
    There was a great big flash
    Everything just changed
    His molecules got all rearranged
    (Catty phantom)

  8. IS it girl or boy? I want to know. When it's a female so she can have Green kitties??☺️☺️please adopt the cat!!

  9. It's very similar to "zelyonka", triarylmethane antiseptic dye. It's VERY popular antiseptic (used on skin surface) in Russia and nearby countries, together with potassium permanganate.

  10. It could be a Japanese cat that escaped from it's transport cage at Varna airport. Japanese like to modify their pets, often mimicking various Anime or some sort of amusing theme.
    Or the cat goes to the same salon as Azis? Perhaps the cat will appear soon in an Azis video?

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